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Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

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Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

Post by Guest on January 2nd 2009, 11:02 am

dName: Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper

Appearance: Since Scorpio is an ancient weapon of a primarily gothic-styled design, it is quite ornate, and also deadly effective in its structure. The haft is slightly longer than an average scythe's, giving the weapon extra range without using any of its abilities, and is slightly heavier that a normal one, which balances out its length and gives it more 'oomph'. It is made of a lustrous silver metal that seems to absorb the light, and is bound in the center with a comfortable but tough scarlet material, and in the center of the wrapping is inlaid a night black stone that seems to burn with an inner fire. Save the areas wrapped with the scarlet cloth, the entire haft is tightly wrapped with a wine red material that is about two fingers wide and inscribed with black symbols, making any point on the weapon's haft suitable for gripping while attacking. At the bottom of the haft, twin prongs of wine red metal about seven inches long extend, meant for stabbing, as well as trapping and breaking sword blades. The blade of the scythe, like the haft, is slightly longer than an average one, about four inches, giving it slightly more range. The blade is made of a crimson red metal, and in the center is inscribed a black symbol that covers most of the center of the blade. Going from the right side of the symbol is black blood channel which stops at the tip of the blade.

1) Shadow Chain- Scorpio's blade can be detached from the haft of the scythe with a simple flick of the wrist. When this is done, at the word 'connect' from the user of the weapon, the weapon itself actually forms a chain of black energy which allows the scythe to be used. It increases the weapon's range and, in addition, its potential power because the chain itself is made from energy, and so can also cut through whatever it hits. What is more, the chain does not have to be attached immediately after the blade is detached, meaning that rather unique attacks can be created through changing the angle at which the chain connects and lag times between detachment and attachment. Since the increase in range does increase the chance of hitting, each time the shadow chain ability is used, Skye's attack roll increases by 1.

2) Invigorating Aura- The gem in Scorpio's center actually has a purpose beyond decoration. The reason that the gem seems to burn with an inner fire is actually because at some point in the ancient past, the gem, which is actually an energy storage implement, was filled almost to the brim with a large amount of shadow energy. This energy can be channeled by the weapon, and it is then directed the symbols that are inscribed on the corded material wrapped around the haft. Upon the use of invigorating aura, the energy flows out from the haft and into Skye, surrounding his body with a purple-black glow. This energy powers Skye's body for a time in place of energy from his muscles, making him almost a self-controlled puppet. It allows him to expend more energy at a time than he normally would be able to, increasing his agility, evade, and attack rolls by 2 for a time at a price. Upon the release of the ability, the weapon takes an amount of physical energy from him (not tsukara) which is proportional to the length of time that he has used the ability. Therefore, if he uses it for too long, it will tire him out.

Attack Power: 60

Dice Usage: Special

Benefits: Supplementary


History: After training for several months and having crossed a long stretch of Etheria, Skye's group, consisting of the time of Gael, Sara, Skye, Lucas and Rorak at last reached the Ancients' Wall, a huge and ancient stretch of mountains bordering Etheria's far East region. They travelled inside the mountains, making their way from a cavernous entrance at the mountain's west end to the center of the mountains, where there sat a large temple, known as the Hall of the Ancients, crafted by an ancient and powerful race, and the rumored resting place of the powerful Arc Weapons: Scorpio, The Reaper and Sagitterius, The Slayer. After making their way through the treacherous ruins, they reached the cloister of the arcane, where sat the weapons. After a battle with a Gaia Golem, the defender of the Arc Weapons. They took them, and Gael on their way out of the ruins, Gael taught them the legend of the arc weapons. Long ago, before man had even arrived in Etheria, the Dragoons and Celestials were locked in a truly horrible war; the losses were terrible and both races were approaching danger of extinction. At last, two men rose forth, Arteth, a celestial and Reoa (pronounced Ro-wah), a dragoon. Seeking a way to end the war, the two travelled to the Ancients' Wall, where they too discovered the Hall of the Ancients. Here they reportedly encountered a member of the ancient race that had created the temple. They explained their plight, and were granted the Arc Weapons, which they used to end the war. In the last battle though, they were killed. In memorial, the two were intombed somewhere within the mountains, and after years of searching, the Hall was found, and the weapons sealed away.

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Re: Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

Post by Hitomi on January 5th 2009, 9:14 pm

When you use Shadow Chain, is it increased by only 1 each time or are you adding the amount of times its increased by 1 to make 1,2,3 etc?
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Re: Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

Post by Guest on January 6th 2009, 4:35 pm

One each time it's used, not consecutive

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Re: Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

Post by purpleregiment7 on January 8th 2009, 11:31 am

Approved. Nice work Skye!!

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Re: Scorpio, The Arcane Reaper [Skye]

Post by Sponsored content

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