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Skye Vrael [DONE]

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Skye Vrael [DONE]

Post by Guest on January 1st 2009, 3:25 pm


Name: Skye Vrael
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Human/Dragoon Hybrid
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Skye hails from a land by the name of Etheria, positioned very far to the east of the land where Sentou Gakuin lies, the two being an entire ocean away from each other. Before Skye and his friends' "adventures", the land was mainly ruled by a monarchy, each of the races: humans, celestials and dragoons, having their own territory and their own king. Under this rule, there were often wars over territory, and many rulers had to constantly be afraid for their lives. After the High Demon Ghizzeg rose up, with his emissary Alastor, the races were forced to band together behind Skye and his friends, to fight back the demonic forces that Ghizzeg had rallied to himself. After Skye and his friends finally managed to put down the demon and seal him away, the three kings argued for some time over how things should progress from here. Eventually they decided that it was hatred between races that had sparked the rogue celestial Alastor's actions, and while he had surely done the wrong thing, something needed to be fixed. As a result, after several months of arguing, the three kings set aside their differences, banded together and formed a council, uniting Etheria under a sort of republic. While each king still holds authority over his race, laws, verdicts and changes can now be made only when all three kings, or two out of the three, agree. While this has not completely eradicated all the land's problems, things are slowly getting better. As for the land itself, Etheria is a beautiful place. For the most part, the land is covered with plains and high lands, with dottings of large forests all over it. The eastern border is a ridge of mountains known as the Ancients' Wall. Within is the famed Hall of the Ancients, where the two Arc weapons, Sagitterius and Scorpio once sat. Currently the new capital, where the Chamber of Kings, the meeting place for the council is located, is in the center of Etheria, in an geological area known as the Terron Highlands, with a landscape consisting mostly of elevated grassy plateaus and rocky mesas. To the far west lies the Elderwood Forest, which empties out into the Hiren Coasts and the Great Sea, which seperates Etheria and the land on which Sentou Gakuin is located.

Physical Description[Appearance]: Skye stands at a height of about 5'10" and weighs in at about 160 pounds, meaning that he has a medium-sized frame, not small, but not large and bulky either. The majority of his body weight is lean tissue, with sinewy, compact muscle which gives him an athletic build and look to him. Because he is part dragoon, Skye has a few of the more bestial traits of that race mixed in with his predominantly human appearance. First of all, his ears are taller than normal ones, extending up to about the midpoint on his cranium. They are pointed at the tips, and are more beastial in appearance than elegant. His eyes are shaped like a humans and are an entrancing sky blue, but instead of a round pupil, the pupil is slitted and is pitch black, the iris eliptical in shape instead of the usual circular structure. His hair is a dark brown, just a few shades short of a chocolate color, and is very messy by nature, with a feathered style. It is short cut, and closer cut at the back, which extends down to the base of his neck. His nose is normal sized, and just slightly more pointed than rounded at its tip. His cheek bones are high and well defined, and his chin is strong, more rounded at its end, closer to a human's chin. While human canine teeth are sharp by nature, Skye's are even more pointed, and actually suitable for use as weapons. His fingers are slightly longer than a normal human's giving him a good grip, but they are not so long as to look strange. Sprouting from his back are a pair of wings, similar to dragon wings, with the skeleton being black, and the actual wing material being a dark, sapphire blue. Finally, on his right arm is inscribed a series of green and black runes, which wrap around his upper arm in seven rows. These allow him to channel darkness and wind energy with a slightly lower drain on his tsukara. On his upper body, Skye wears a pretty form-fitting sleeveless white shirt, and a pair of black knuckle gloves, the bottoms of which stop just above the wrist. He also wears a silver chain with a silver pendant, a gift from his father, and a sky blue scarf around his neck that matches his eyes, the tassels of which extend down to his lower back. On his lower body he wears a pair of dark blue and slightly baggy cargo style pants, held up with a black leather belt with a bronze buckle. His shoes are sort of a cross between sneakers and boots, raven black and white, with coal gray laces.*

Ranking: Blue**

Personality: First and most importantly, Skye is determined. It is almost the cardinal trait of his personality, and a lot of his actions are based around it. He absolutely refuses to give up on anything, from friends to any goal that he might set. This can be an advantage, but also a hamperment, for a few reasons. First of all, with regards to the positives, it means that once he has set his mind to something, you can have complete faith that he will try and try until he can do no more to fulfill the goal. This makes him an easy person to be friends with, because he is very trustworthy. In addition, it makes him very dedicated to his friends and their safety, so people easily feel safe around Skye. However, this can be a hamperment. First of all, while he does care a lot for his friends, there are very few people for whom he will forsake his goals to keep safe. As a result, Skye often drags his accquaintences into dangerous fights and situations because of his unwillingness to give. Also, it also means that he can be very stubborn at times, which can make for a very annoying trait. Skye is generally very cool and collected in and out of battle, unlike many members of his secondary race. He has an inane ability to remain calm under a great deal of stress, which makes him a useful ally in tight situations. He is usually not very quick to jump to conclusions, preferring to focus on observing and judging a situation or person thoroughly before doing anything rash. While this is useful, it does sometimes make him seem slow to act, which those who do not know him well sometimes find annoying. However, this trait is balanced out healthily by an unpredictable and quite fiery temper, which helps him to ignore his rational thought and just react when the need causes for it. This temper though gives him a quick wit and sometimes an unnecessarily sharp tongue, which can get him in trouble. Skye is very intelligent, but sometimes lacks the wisdom to judge a situation very effectively, which is why he falls in well with older, more experienced people. Because of his ability to judge people pretty well, he does occasionally speak wisely, even if he doesn't mean it. Skye enjoys simpler things, not needing much to make him content usually. He enjoys spending time with people he knows, since he dislikes being alone if he doesn't have to be. He is also an avid reader, though some would not think so. He particularly enjoys reading about history and geography, history because he agrees with the idea that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. He enjoys training, since one of his major goals is to become strong enough that he will never fail a friend in combat again. He also enjoys sparring with other people, since fighting is sometimes a very effective way to judge a person's character. His two major dislikes are cruel people; since he grew up scorned by those of pure bloodlines, and lazy people, since one of the first things his mother taught him was to be hardworking.

Warrior Class: Swordsman, Spellcaster***
-Sub-Class: Samurai, Sage

Elemental Affinity: Fire, Wind

History/Background Story: 19 years ago at the beginning of a war between the celestials and the other two races, Skye was born in a small village to a dragoon father and a human mother. What memories he has of his father, Shion Vrael are few, but he remembers him as being a strong man, wholly dedicated to his mother, and a true warrior, without any visible fear or doubt. Skye though, never got to truly know his father, because only a few months, the war escalated, and Shion was called to military duty with the human and draconian armies. Shion though, wanted his son to grow up a powerful warrior, and able to protect his mother and others if need be. When Skye was only four months old, and just before his father left, he and a powerful magician in the village, inscribed the runes that Skye carries on his arm to this day, and had them enchanted by magic, so that his son would carry a truly powerful gift from his father the rest of his days. Just a few days after this, Shion left, and neither Skye nor his mother, Elyssa ever saw him again. Skye, therefore, grew up with his mother, a strong, independant woman, who taught him most of the lessons that he carries with him to this day. Ten years later, the war was over and Shion was returning home, when a group of rogue celestial soldiers ambushed and murdered him. Upon hearing the news, Skye and his mother grieved greatly, but it was only a short time later that another tragedy befell him. Only a year later, the same patrol of rogue soldier found Skye and his mother. While Skye managed to escape into a nearby wood, his mother was murdered, and so Skye was left alone. He wandered this way for some time until he ended up in a small city called Zac'Eroth. Here he encountered a woman with a son close to his age who heard his plight and agreed to let him live with them as long as he needed to. Thus a lifelong friendship was struck between Skye and a young man named Lucas. Little did Skye know that their destinies were intertwined, and that destiny had big plans for the two of them. Still, he was determined to protect his new friend, and so he began to train in the warrior's art. He stole a farmer's scythe from a nearby plot, and began to train to fight with it, aspiring to be his friend's bodygaurd when they were older. And so he lived for another eight years in relative peace with his new family.

Eight years later, when Skye was 18, Lucas 16, the land was in tension. Relations between celestials and the other races were deteriorating, and there was talk of war. Things were going along normally for them, until one day, something happened that would start them down the path to destiny. A strange celestial by the name of Gael appeared in the town, and warned them of a coming attack by the celestials on their city. They ignored it, but the attack did come, and most of the town was destroyed. It was then that Gael revealed himself as a agent of the Mystic Tower Guild, a group of powerful mages who worked for the good of all. They had begun to notice the appearance of demons in the mainland, and believed that an infamous summoner named Alastor was at the heart of it. They warned that soon a powerful high demon named Ghizzeg would be summoned, and that, unbeknownst to Alastor, he would cleanse the world of all life, allowing him to rebuild it as a demonic center. Lucas and Skye learned that they were in fact the descendants of a pair of warriors known as the Keys, masters of the untamed elements of light and darkness. They alone could seal closed the chaos gate that would be opened by Ghizzeg, and thus prevent him from drawing power from the demonic realm. Thus, Skye and Lucas set off with Gael and a man named Rorak, a member of the human king's guard, in an effort to find two weapons that they could use to fight the high demon and his emissary if need be. Along the way they trained in preperation for the battles ahead, becoming stronger, Skye more proficient in magic. When they reached the Hall of the Ancients they had their first encounter with Alastor, and it became clear that he wanted Ghizzeg to cleanse the world, thus eliminating the huge amounts of hatred and spite between the races. It was also then, that Lucas realized that for the gate to be closed, one of them would have to sacrifice himself, and go through the gate to balance the two worlds. Skye remained unaware though, and so they continued in their quest. When the time finally came for the final battle, Skye and Lucas slayed Alastor, who became possessed by Ghizzeg, and managed to seal shut the chaos gate. But, as Lucas had known, one of them had to go through to the other side. Lucas allowed himself to be pulled in, and Skye was forced to watch helplessly. Though the conflict was now over, Skye blamed himself for the death of his friend, and could no longer go on living in Etheria. The group disbanded, and so, hearing tell that Rorak had headed across the ocean to an acadamy on the far away continent, Skye followed, and enrolled as a warrior. A year has passed now, and Skye is now a blue ranked warrior, the strongest of the three student classes. Still, he wishes to grow stronger, so that he will never fail a friend again, and also to help put an end to an evil organization known as Suzaku, which threatens the Acadamy.

*Just so everyone knows, I don't entirely remember how I had him looking on the original site, so to those of you who have seen Skye and rped with him before, he may look quite different this time around, since I have made some changes to his character since then besides.

**With reference to the blue ranking and I believe the darkness element, I have permission from Jisenki, having sent him a 9+ line rp at his request to obtain permission.

***Also, I picked Swordsman class because, even though Skye uses a scythe and not a sword, the only other class that might use it is a ninja class, and Skye doesn't fight that way. I hope that's alright.

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Re: Skye Vrael [DONE]

Post by Dagomis on January 1st 2009, 8:26 pm

You didn't really need to explain. If he gave you the permission, then he would gladly defend your right to whatever he allows you.

Approved. ^^

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