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April 4th 2011, 8:46 pm by Jisenki

» Keyblade- X Blade
April 4th 2011, 8:43 pm by Jisenki


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6. Descriptive Writing
This site, as all RPing sites, is heavily based off of how well you can word your RPs and how you can describe whats going on or how something works. Since that is the case, I advise all users to be as descriptive as they can before posting something, whether it be a roleplay post, a character profile, a spell, a skill, a transformation,a creature summoning, a weapon, or anything at all. The more descriptive you are, the more respect, and the more progress you will receive here.

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You are permitted to have multiple characters on this forum, but you must meet certain criteria in order to do so. In order for you to have 2 or more characters, you must have at least100 posts. This is because people may come on here and make 5 characters and have only 20 or so posts. This rule excludes any moderators that have a high title status (Suzaku Leader and one of the 6 teaching Masters) to some degree. You do not need to meet the post requirements,and the first character that you make will be enabled as long as they are approved. Afterwards, you must follow the same rules that are set for everyone else. In order to make a second character, you must have 100 posts but another 100 is needed to make a third, fourth, fifth, etc. character. When using another character, you mustuse a different color when you post as them so that others know who you are speaking or RPing as. Finally, you are allowed unlimited characters per account.

10. Signature Size
This isn't a big rule do to the fact that I like large signatures.It gives a character more style and personality. Make sure that you don't have signatures though that, alone, take up nearly a page worth.Not everyone has fast internet and this may cause their computer to go very slowly. Although pictures don't tend to slow computers too much,single large ones might. If possible, try to reduce the size of the picture(s) that you use if they are huge.

11. Adding Moves During Tournament
During tournaments, you may add new attacks, but only when it is NOT your match. There are a few reasons for this. If a person continues to add more attacks during their match, then both competitors will continue to get the upper hand on one another leading to a never ending match. Because of this, you MUST hold all new attacks, abilities,weapons, etc. until after and/or before your match. This rule also applies to battles. Any skills approved during a battle cannot be used until the battle is over.

12. Word Limit
To keep game play fun, a new rule has been added. This rule asks that all users write a minimum of 35 words during a post. This is because using very few words makes the RP very hard to understand at times, and that may lower the fun. Remember to keep the minimum posts to 35. If users continue to post things that are below 35 words, then they will initially receive a warning. They will most likely be banned for a short period of time. This only applies to in-battleposts. Also, moderators and anyone in a higher position MUST post over 4 lines.

13. Changing Attacks, Elements, etc.
In order to keep things fair, every user must leave moves the same as they were when they were approved. You may update an old move by adding more descriptive words, but the initial effect must remain the same. If you add a new attack, weapon, etc. you must first seek approval from a mod. This can be done by making a reply post saying you updated or re-edited.

14. Switching Character/ Re-making Characters
When making your character, make sure to have a good idea down initially. Once you make a character and it is approved, you may not delete your old character. You may, however, add new things to the character or make a new one after you meet the requirements.

15. Single Character in One Place/Timeskip
The rule is to only allow people to post a single character in a single place at a time and not timeskip. For the single character per place rule, this is to prevent confusion and so that characters on the forum can actually enjoy a more sensible way of RPing. As a bottom line, it can become way too confusing and annoying if you have a character that is in 5 different places at once. That would make absolutely no sense, and it hinders the RPing topics of others especially if they are following this rule on their own.