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Kagemaru- Zashado

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Kagemaru- Zashado

Post by Jisenki on January 1st 2009, 10:54 pm


Name: Kagemaru
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
Race: Artificial Lifeform
Alliance: Suzaku

Homeland: Kagemaru was created in a space station high above the Earth. It was in this space station where
all of his desires, wishes, and memories begin and revolve. The space
station itself is a large base above the Earth that may be mistaken as
a second moon. It is quite large and has plenty of power to float in
orbit. The exterior itself resembles a large symbol that looks like a
reversed E and an average E combined. The base is gray and very plain.
The inside of the space station is very different. It is very advanced
in terms of technology and has many elevator shafts as well as robot
guards. At the very top of the space station is the control center and
the control center has a hallway leading to bedrooms in which Kagemaru
and those that created him lived in the past. The space station, due to
past events, is now destroyed although not completely. It is still
partially intact.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

is a very mean looking person overall. His unique hair is long and
partially spiked. What makes it the most unique is that it is black and
red. The base color of his hair is black while red streaks stem from
the center of his hair toward the different ends of it. His eyes give
off the feeling of Kagemaru being evil although he truly isn't. His
eyes are red and he has markings in the corner of both eyes that are
dark red. Kagemaru wears a coat that is short in the torso but average
in the sleeves. The coat has its collar turned up to add to the effect
of shadow's personality. Also, the collar has a hood as well as white
hair on the area below the hood near the neck.
The coat is mostly
black with a small portion being white. The white section is a long and
wide tassel that has white stripes on the rim of it. There are two on
each side, giving his coat perfect symmetry. The sleeve also has a
similar design as the tassel on the torso of the coat although the
sleeves' are thinner in width and the stripes go horizontally. The
sleeve has a zipper that allows Kagemaru to unzip the sleeve from the
area near the wrist up to the bend in his arms. Underneath the coat is
a black shirt that is long sleeved and has a button-up turtleneck. Red
strings are strung from his coat to the waist of his pants. Generally,
Kagemaru wears white gloves for no apparent reason. His pants, like
most of his clothing, is all black with no physical belt in his pants
at all. On his feet are devices which Kagemaru was created with. The
devices are shoes known as Propulsion Boots. The boots allow him to
"skate" along the surfaces and most at high speeds. On his wrists, a
single ring is found. There were two rings but after a huge battle, the other was lost.

Ranking: Independent

Kagemaru is a very unique
being. His personality can be described as "The enigmatic presense
given by the Anti-Hero". Kagemaru is very cunning while also extremely
daring. He doesn't hesitate to perform something that he knows is in
his best interest and he usually is seen alone with his average angry
facial expression. Kagemaru is a violent and destructive being that can
often be very narrow-minded and often doesn't see the broader view of
something. He isn't easily persuaded and isn't so gullable but he
sometimes will consider an option if it means accomplishing his goals.
Kagemaru seems like he is always on edge and his means of thought is
directly on the line between complete evil and partial rightousness.
Kagemaru is bold and once he sets himself to a goal, he will do
anything to carry it out regardless of the danger and how much it could
hurt another. Kagemaru hates mankind and humans of all kind whether
they are gifted are not.

Warrior Class: Ninja, Gunner
-Sub-Class: Assassin, Blaster

Elemental Affinity:

History/Background Story:

Kagemaru was created in a
space station high above Earth known as the Space Dominion O.A.R. A
group of 7 scientists were working on an experiment to create the
ultimate forms of life; Life with the ability of living without the
need or food, water, oxygen, and with the ability to never grow old.
They were successful after multiple experiments and from their final
experiment, Kagemaru was created. Kagemaru, being ageless, remained for
about 28 years with the scientists. One of the scientists had a niece
that lived with him. The niece's name was Eva. Eva and Kagemaru were
best friends because they truly had each other. After more time passed,
close to 4 years, the organization from Earth that funded the
scientists' research grew impatient with their experimentations and
also thought of the creations like Kagemaru as an abomination and
disaster to all of humanity. In doing this, the scientists were
imprisoned. Kagemaru and Eva attempted to flee from the space station,
but they arrived at a dead end only to find a single escape pod that
would never allow both of them to escape. The two of them were more
than outnumbered with 2 against 300. Still, Kagemaru wished to fight;
Eva wished to not fight. As a result, she managed to trick Kagemaru
into fleeing in the escape pod against his will and because of that,
she lost her life in an onslaught of gunfire from the organization due
to the fact that they attempted to kill them both. Before being shipped
to Earth, Kagemaru saw her being attack with the flurry of shots. This
enraged and angered him.

On Earth, Kagemaru was upset by what
had happened to his one and only friend. He sought revenge on that
organization but was clouded in thought. He believed that all humans
were evil instead of seeing the broader view of the situation. He
immediately went off to find something that would help him. About 7
years after his creation, he was told by the scientists of 7 Emeralds
that were on Earth. They told him how these 7 emeralds, destruction
emeralds, would allow Kagemaru to gain incredible power with even one.
They told him that he could be incredibly power beyond anything
imaginable with all 7. Kagemaru decided that he would hunt down at
least one Emerald and with it, get revenge for what has happened to Eva
and his lifestyle.

About a year after that passed and Kagemaru
was able to find a destruction emerald. Unfortunately, he was
immediately captured as soon as he discovered it although the people
the captured him, which incidentally were the same group of people that
killed Eva, had no idea he had anything on him. They decided to not
kill him but instead freeze him in his current state for what they
hoped would be an eternity. This frozen state of Kagemaru's lasted for
about 50 years until a criminal mastermind sought out for Kagemaru and
succeeded in releasing him from his prison. The two of them managed to
Later, the genius was found to be the great grandson of
the scientist who was the uncle to Eva. The genius planned on using
Kagemaru's great powers to conquer the planet and reign surpreme over
it. Kagemaru managed to trick him by telling him that the seven
destruction emeralds would grant him a wish and if he helped Kagemaru
collect them, Kagemaru would grant him eternal life, power, and
complete control of the planet using the emeralds' power. The genius
believed this and helped him search for the remaining 6 emeralds, as
Kagemaru secretly still had the first. Months passed and allies joined
forces with the genius and Kagemaru until one day where the
organization from earlier once again caught up to Kagemaru. They
planned to destroy him once and for all to prevent any more misdeeds
occuring on his behalf. Soldiers and warriors of the organization
immediately struck to pursue Kagemaru. One soldier managed to get close
enough and as he did so, he attempted to finish Kagemaru with a
critical blow to the head with his rifle. He succeeded in wounding him
but he wasn't close to killing him. Instead, he nearly caused Kagemaru
to have amnesia.
Kagemaru managed to still escape but escaped
without any knowledge of the reason. The allies of him, including the
evil genius were all arrested with no further knowledge known about
them. Meanwhile, Kagemaru stumbled along the way searching for his
memories that seemed utterly lost forever. He found others that he
could call a friend. These people were simple hunters, bounty hunters
and nomads with no true home of their own like Kagemaru. These warriors
were Aosonik and Zeek Imori. The three of them managed to form a great
team and he even found that Aosonik was very similar to him, almost
identical in everything including appearance. Yet two more years passed
and the evil genius escaped along with his minions that were captured
years prior. They found the other 6 emeralds and the genius managed to
even produce a counterfeit emeralds that somehow had the exact same
powers as the real thing that Kagemaru still had secretly (even to
The genius learned about the space station in space and
learned that it was also the "ultimate weapon", or at least contained
it. The genius and his minions activated the "ultimate weapon". An
announcement was later made to Earth that it would be destroyed if the
citizens did not obey his instructions. Zeek, Kagemaru, and Aosonik
formed a plan to go into space and fight this ultimate weapon or at
least deactivate it. It was a three part plan that required a battle
plan, a means of transportation, and a small device that contained
plenty of power--the destruction emerald. This first part of the plan
was carried out by all three of them and the plan was to find the real
destruction emerald and use its power to combat the ultimate weapon and
power up their ship to get there. They also had a time limit as the
evil genius continued threats. The second plan was completed by Aosonik
mostly. He used his great speed to find massive amounts for the fuel
while Zeek and Kagemaru searched for the emerald. The found it after it
fell off of Kagemaru as they ran. Neither knew how it got there but
they decided to find that out later. As they returned, Aosonik dashed
towards the control panel of a spaceship and immediately after rushed
to the door, managing to meet with Kagemaru and Zeek inside. The final
plan was about to commence.
They reached the old and partially
destroyed space station O.A.R and boarded in secret, or at least
planned to. As they made their attempt to do so, they were bombarded by
asteroids and meteoroids. One hit the wing of the ship and caused it to
crash into the station. As it hit, Kagemaru rammed his head into the
metal plate of the ship. This caused him to lose him amnesia and
remember the past while retaining the memories he had while he had
amnesia. His old dark personality returned and he had planned on
killing Zeek and Aosonik but he remembered the times they had and
decided not to. Instead, he continued on until they reached the
"ultimate weapon", avoiding all of the obstacles along the way.
"ultimate weapon" they heard about was actually the experiment to
create the ultimate lifeform that was designed directly before
Kagemaru. This lifeform was extremely different from Kagemaru.
him, it took the form of a beast that resembled a dragon complete with
wings. Also, it had no free will and no will to love which was far
different from Kagemaru who was nearly human while more complete.
Controlled by the evil genius, the "ultimate weapon" attacked the three
of them and wounded Zeek badly. Zeek managed to lend Aosonik and
Kagemaru the remainder of his power and they used it to fight off the
ultimate weapon known truly as P-V.8. He retreated for the second and
used the 6 destruction emeralds and the 1 counterfeit to increase his
power and became gigabiomass, whose sole goal now under the order of
the genius, was to destroy half of the Earth by pulling the space
station and making itself a physical and living meteor. Kagemaru and
Aosonik used the destruction emeralds' power (with this being the real
one) in order to become
Super Sonik and Hyper Shadow. They used
their power to go into space and fight the Gigabiomass. After a long
battle with no clear winner, Hyper Shadow and Super Sonik used their
combined efforts to destroy the Gigabiomass for good and save the
planet. Unfortunately, due to the lack of stored power by Hyper
Shadow(Kagemaru), he immediately fell from the sky of space down far
below to Earth. As he fell, one of the rings that he wore on his right
hand were gone leaving him with a single ring on each arm.
Sonik re-entered the space station and met with Zeek. He was now in the
form of Aosonik. He came to Zeek with Kagemaru's ring and with no
words. It was obvious to the two of them that Kagemaru was dead, if
that were truly the case. Actually, Kagemaru still had the destruction
emerald in his possession, and combining the durability it gave him
with his high living capabilities, he managed to survive and land in a
hidden base. He was imprisoned once again by the organization and was
tested to make a defense experiment from him. Kagemaru still has the
intention of ridding the world of humans due to his hate for them but
he now knows that it isn't right to hate all humans. He remembered that
battle and knew that it was humans that helped him. He still searches
for the other 6 destruction emeralds that scattered across the planet
after the second use of them by Kagemaru and Aosonik. He hasn't decided
exactly when he'll initiate his plans. He still has some questiions. Recently, he came across a man that he believes can help him realize his destiny. As of now, he has become a warrior that aids evil and kills those when needed. His mission now is to kill a student at Sentou Gakuin.

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

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Re: Kagemaru- Zashado

Post by Jisenki on January 1st 2009, 10:56 pm

RPing Sample:

Kagemaru and Aosonik reached their hands out as they stood within the replicated shrine of the emeralds. About a few moments had passed since the use of the emeralds by P-V.8 so they still had some power in them. Combined with the power
and strength they received from Zeek, they felt confident that they could save the world. They closed their eyes in unison and concentrated on their power. The emeralds focused on them and combined with the real seventh emerald that Kagemaru had in his possession. The emeralds began to shoot off but for some strange reason, the seventh emerald returned to Kagemaru. The other six shot off towards Earth. After the emeralds shot away in the distance Aosonik and Kagemaru became Super Sonik and
Hyper Shadow, two powerful warriors that used the power of the emeralds to fuel their power. They immediately teleported outside to face the newly enhanced P-V.8 who was now a Gigabiomass and was called as such. They charged up their limited powers and began to attack. Before they did, they floated in space, glowing brightly and filled with strength. Outside in space they stared eye to eye at the massive monster before them. The sound around them was almost shattered as they flew off towards the monster. Kagemaru kicked outwards at the monster, extending his foot and focusing his power on the kick. Nothing happened. Meanwhile, Aosonik attempted to punch the beast and without surprise, that also did nothing. The fight continued as they dodged the monster's attacks and watched as their attacks did nothing to it. As time went on, the monster was continuing to pull the large space station, hoping that it would make contact with the Earth and destroy it completely, along with alll of its inhabitants of course. A red light was glowing in front of the monster as it, head-first, went diving towards Earth for the final impact that would destroy everything. Kagemaru and Aosonik looked at each other and figured that there was only one hope. They flew in front of the monster and used a Chaos Control technique to attempt to send it to a faraway place where no harm could come to the Earth. However, the beast was large and their power, the way they were, wouldn't be enough to stop it. With their technique failing, Kagemaru decided to break all limits of himself and enhance the power of the Chaos Control to tremendous levels, which could mean his own destruction for the safety of the planet. The Chaos Control succeeded and Kagemaru's power shorted, causing him to go crashing down to Earth at amazing speeds. One of the rings from his hand flew off and was carried away by Aosonik. Kagemaru was believed to be dead from the crashing onto Earth from space, but somehow....he survived.

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Head Warrior

Number of posts : 1722
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Occupation : The guy with the sword
Interests : Martial Arts, Kung-fu, Swordsmanship

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Re: Kagemaru- Zashado

Post by Dagomis on January 1st 2009, 11:15 pm


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Re: Kagemaru- Zashado

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