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The 4th Form-Black Aura Blade

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The 4th Form-Black Aura Blade

Post by Jisenki on December 21st 2008, 3:53 pm

Name: Black Aura Blade


The Black Aura Blade is a sword forged from the combined powers of Jisenki's new-learned aura powers and his Shift Blade. The pommel is, for the most part, average enough with a brown spiral. The average handguard for usual a usual katana is missing, but instead it was replaced with a spiked guard that slightly resembles a falcon. Black aura surrounds the blade of the sword and merges itself with the blade. The blade also has various grooves towards its center that the aura moves through in order to further power up the sword. Towards the front edge of the sword, is aura that has taken a shape, also similar to the beak of a falcon. The blade has two pointed edges in order to help it stab. Around the sword itself is a dark bluish-black aura made from Jisenki himself. This blade is the result of his training with Karilu.

Aura Release- The main ability of this sword, which is in effect from the moment the blade is transformed to this, is the power of Aura Release. While this is in effect, Jisenki's Black Aura Blade is covered in bluish-black aura and any of Jisenki's techniques with the word "Aura" in its name will increase in a dice value of 4. This ability is always in effect once the Shift Blade is transformed into this.

Falcon's Wing Slash- During the build-up of this technique, pitch black aura builds up around the blade. The blade's Aura begins to encircle Jisenki and from there, Jisenki will slash the blade at his opponent, making a massive attack propel towards the opponent. The attack is aura that has taken the shape of a falcon's beak. It has special properties that lets it pierce through defenses or counterattacks, making the opponent's only means for protection, evading. The name comes from the stance Jisenki takes before using this, in which the blade held out to his side resembles the wing of a falcon. This technique nullifies the dice value of a defense and/or counterattack used in response to chain to this attack.

Attack Power:
-Aura Release: N/A
-Falcon's Wing Slash: 520

Dice Usage:
-Aura Release: N/A
-Falcon's Wing Slash: Special Dice

-Falcon's Wing Slash: Offensive

Being as this form is a transformation of the Shift Blade, the cost to get this form from the Shift Blade is 600 Tsukara Points.


This sword, is actually Jisenki's Shift Blade as a new form. This form was achieved through Jisenki's determination to protect those around him. Overall, this is a combination of the Shift Blade with the aura Jisenki now knows. Jisenki first unlocked this sword by accident by saying: "Unleash the power of the Aura". At that moment, his sword reacted and his Aura drastically increased, causing his Shift Blade to transform into this form. This is the 4th form that until now was never thought to have existed. Jisenki originally though that only 3 forms existed and that all of the forms were achieved while he was 15 and at the academy. After seeing this form, Jisenki wonders if there are more forms remaining that he didn't know about. Apparently, the sword itself had no idea of its hidden potential.

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Re: The 4th Form-Black Aura Blade

Post by Hei on December 21st 2008, 9:40 pm


Lol just kidding. Approved bro. (COUGHLsucksCOUGH)

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