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Hakumaru- Aura Piercing Blade

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Hakumaru- Aura Piercing Blade

Post by Jisenki on November 21st 2009, 11:25 pm

Name: Hakumaru

The blade forged from unnamed crystal and the willpower of Jisenki. Hakumaru is a pure silver color. Appearing very much like the average samurai sword that is known to all, Hakumaru is actually part of a soul. This is the other part of the Form Changer, Jisenki's original sword. Nothing much is to be said about physical appearance. The blade's pommel is normal but contains a large round jewel known as the Aura Jewel. The Aura Jewel is a shiny stone that is believed by many to be the source of fortune and good luck. Jisenki doesn't believe this, but as a charm and slightly for decoration, Karilu has given this to Jisenki. With a 6 and a half foot reach, the blade can easily reach an opponent. One unusual trait is that Hakumaru changes colors based on Jisenki's emotional and aura level. The more purple the blade, the more powerful Jisenki's aura. At his highest and most powerful, the blade becomes pitch black.


If this weapon is unequipped as a result of a technique or ability, control of this weapon immediately shifts back to Jisenki during his turn after the technique was used. While equipped, all of the user's techniques with "Aura" in the name has its dice value increased by 4. Also, whenever this weapon inflicts damage to the opponent (not through a separate technique but by means of weapon attack), increase the user's tsukara by an amount equal to the damage that the opponent took. Furthermore, decrease the inflicted opponent's tsukara by the same amount of damage that was taken.

Attack Power: 150
Dice Usage: Attack Dice
Benefits: N/A
Transformation(s): N/A

Jisenki and Karilu forged this sword under the guidance and direction of Form Changer, Jisenki's original sword. Possessing a mind of its own and half a soul. Form Changer has allowed Jisenki to find the ingredients to forge and synthesize Hakumaru. Ultimately, the Form Changer and Hakumaru have multiple forms, but through some unknown reason in their past, the one soul was separated and Form Changer recently remembered that he was not yet whole. Each form is usually unlocked through something that occurs in the wielder's life. In order for Form Changer to remember his past, he needed to feed on Jisenki's fear of death. One more form remains until Hakumaru may become whole. Jisenki hopes at some point, that he may finally be able to turn Hakumaru (the true name of the Form Changer) to normal and reveal its true form.

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Re: Hakumaru- Aura Piercing Blade

Post by Hei on November 22nd 2009, 9:24 am



As if time came flooding around me, I was caught in its suffocating mist. Never forget me as I face this dreaded path alone. Stars, sing proudly of this fateful night, bathing my face in your blinding light; your never fading voice revives my might and fuels the rage of this final fight.

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