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Ranking Rise Competition Info

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Ranking Rise Competition Info

Post by Jisenki on July 11th 2008, 11:09 pm

The Ranking Rise Tournament will begin on July 14. The Ranking Rise tournament requires no sign-up at all but instead, everyone is competing in one way or another. The basic rules of this tournament are very simple: You must defeat as many other people within Sentou Gakuin as possible in order to acquire points. At the end of the tournament, whoever has acquired a lot of points will possibly go up a ranking based on those points. This competition will most likely have multiple winners and whether you achieve first place or not is based only on your own perception of it. Of course, each warrior has a different point value on them based on their ranking and skill. You may notice that obtaining points may mean losing points as well. For example, you have 10 points and you fight against another person while both of you wager ten points. If you were to lose, all of your points would be gone, but you are not disqualified. You could always find a person that may give you points or simply battle another person for some points. Overall, the end result is what's important.

As for combatants and prizes, combatants may be anyone within the school as well as Wanderers and Ryoushi who PM me. Because the tournament takes place in real time, you can join the tournament at anytime before the tournament is over. Prizes include a warrior gaining a rank (although it is possible to lose a rank). Other prizes are 400 Points and a boost to the combatant with the most point's Dice Inventory. Some experience points will also be awarded to others based on how many points they obtain. For rankings, most rankings will be easier to reach than others. If you are a Yellow ranked warrior, you have nothing to lose but much to gain since you could go to become a Red, Blue, or even Elite ranked warrior. If you are Elite, you have almost nothing to gain since you are already at the highest student rank. However, it is possible to become a trainer or a master if you gain enough points. Unfortunately, Suzaku members are not eligible but some may be able to enter if they provide a good reason why via PM. Also, anyone battling within the grounds cannot die if their HP reaches 0, but if they choose to battle, Suzaku can interfere and they may be able to die based on the circumstances. Below are the starting point values for each ranking as well as values needed to advance:

Wanderer= Starts w/ 5
Yellow Ranking= Starts w/ 5
Red Ranking= Starts w/ 5
Blue Ranking= Starts w/ 10
Elite Ranking= Starts w/ 15
Tsurabi= Starts w/ 25
Ryoushi= Starts w/ 20
Head Warrior= Starts w/ 30

To Advance to:

-Red: 10
-Blue: 15
-Elite: 25
-Trainer/Master: 35
//If you are Ryoushi or a wanderer, you cannot go up or down in rank. If you have anything less than what you started with at the end of the competition, you will be demoted a rank unless you were Yellow Ranked \\

*Just as a warning, the higher the rank you are, the more likely you are to be targeted. Also, you can always be attacked more than one person*

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Head Warrior

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