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Pre-Time Skip 35 Year Advance Points

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Pre-Time Skip 35 Year Advance Points

Post by Jisenki on March 18th 2011, 7:11 pm

Due to the timeskip, as many have either mentioned to me or have probably thought about already, it would make sense that characters would be much more powerful than they were during the past. Due to this, I have come up with a method of allowing your characters to become more powerful while letting you decide which ways your characters will become more powerful.

Every character that was around and approved Pre-Timeskip will be granted an automatic 3000 Health Point increase as well as an automatic 3500 Tsukara Point increase.

Furthermore, for each character in a user's possession that has been successfully approved (Character Approved at least), that character (Not user) will be given a budget of 135,000 S.G Points. Along with these points will be a list of Items that can be purchased. The character is free to spend up to, but not over, the amount given. Any remaining amount will simply be disregarded and will NOT be added to the user's total accumulation of SG Points.

In order to gain the Items, Health Points, Tsukara Points, and have them officially added to your character, you MUST PM me and provide a list of Items your character will have as well as how many of each item your character wants. YOU MUST DO THIS PER CHARACTER. Doing this for multiple characters in a single PM is permissible as long as each character's list is divided in some manner so that the separate lists are extremely obvious. All of this, however can only be done AFTER your Post-time skip updated character is successfully approved (excluding Techniques, Profile, Weapons, Etc).

Below is the List of Items that are available for Purchase as well as their Prices

[Item List]

-Ability Slot: 12,000 SG
-Item Slot: 6,000 SG
-Creature Slot: 8,000 SG
-Equipment Slot: 6,000 SG
-Technique Slot: 5,000 SG
-Elemental Tome Lv.1: 2,000 SG
-Elemental Tome Lv.2: 2,500 SG
-Elemental Time Lv.3: 2,750 SG

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