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Epsilon [Post Time Skip]--Incomplete

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Epsilon [Post Time Skip]--Incomplete

Post by Ixion7 on March 18th 2011, 12:50 pm

Name: Epsilon Sarqx
~Nickname: The Dual Minds//The Dark Light
Age: 50
Gender: [M]ale
Breed: Human
Alliance: Neither
Ranking: Independent
Warrior Class: Puppeteer/Spellcaster
~Sub-Class: Marionetter/Sage
Elemental Affinity: Ice/Fire

Homeland: N/A
Physical Description:


Epsilon does his best to remain antisocial and although he uses little effort, he maintains a lack of contact with the people of the world as best as he can. He is very decisive, especially in battle, and does what he can to get the upper hand. Strategic thinking is in his nature, and having a very secluded life away from materialistic things allows him to keep his mind clear and focused. Part of his great thinking skills comes from the two minds that share one body and cooperate with his being in order to enhance his abilities. As the years progressed and Epsilon grew older, he began to understand the world and realize that he was missing out on the important and precious aspects of it. He understood that one needed to be surrounded by others he cared about in some way in order to truly enjoy what was around him. Although he joined a group to unknowingly fill the hole that remained within himself, he allowed himself to find a place to belong.

Within the body of the aloof Epsilon is a passionate yet heartless person. The two traits coexist but are seen individually. Each trait comes from the two separate minds within the body of Epsilon that help give him his Ice and Fire elements, his "cold" side and his "hot side". Both sides are remarkable in their own way and they both influence the decision of Epsilon, making him more unpredictable than most. His Passionate side allows him to take pity while the other side is not active, allowing him to save and rescue people on occasion when he sees it fitting. The Heartless side of him is the exact opposite. When this side is active, he doesn't hesitate to kill anyone at all whether they are good or evil or even innocent. None of that matters.

Epsilon's manner of speech is very different from the average person. Because of his two minds within one body, his minds don't necessarily always think within his head. Instead, they sometimes speak out loud with one another as though they are having a conversation. One voice, the more aggressive and dark mind, Armageddon, speaks with a deep whisper that sounds more adultlike while the other voice, Peace, speaks in a more syllabic manner and sounds like a child. Even though the two minds speak to one another on a decision, the choice is always Epsilon's although the two voices do their best to persuade Epsilon, using any piece of information in their arsenal. After many years of understanding the two spirits within him, Epsilon has been able to have great control over the spirits and as such, is able to control the speech and how they are able to persuade him although they do seldom gain more control than him.

The minds, or the spirits that have become minds within Epsilon, once created the majority of his person. Having lost nearly all of his memory, save for his ability to use magic and the skill to create puppets even though he can't see them, he is not officially counted as having a mind of his own. In the past Epsilon was more of a vessel for the two spirits to coexist and take over. Epsilon has enough will to speak and decide things, but the two spirits, Armageddon and Peace, use whatever means possible to influence him. These methods, though still causing him to consider actions and effects, do not completely work anymore as he now has the ability to just negate the spirits influence in every way. By doing so, he can basically mute them within his own mind, allowing him the freedom to rationalize and make his own choices without any external persuasion. The first time one of the spirits controlling Epsilon is seen is when Armageddon convinces Epsilon to kill Sigma during his childhood. From this, Epsilon acted in the most violent and harsh manner possible, not simply killing Sigma but destroying his body entirely with simultaneously destroying multiple house in the path, possibly killing others. The vessel Epsilon acts as a "tiebreaker" so to speak because he physically performs what the spirit had requested, or demanded depending on the situation. Though unexplained but thought to be a side effect of the merging between Epsilon, Armageddon, and Peace, Epsilon's voice will change either when the two argue, or when Epsilon makes the choice (if choosing to listen to Peace, Epsilon will speak in the same manner as the spirit and his voice may even sound different).

Epsilon now has his own voice and personality, meaning a third mind, completely separate from the other two in which he can freely do things to his own liking that may completely be against what the two choose. At this point, Epsilon's personality is that of a very loyal and faithful person as he does things to help his allies and those that he is willing to protect.


[The Beginning]
A midsummer morning like any other. The sun rose in its usual fashion, waking up the sleepy people in the small town. A cry was set off the tiny hospital down the way near the edge of the city that was adjacent to Tenmei Town. At this moment, a child had been born to the loving mother and father Ro Marqx and Al Marqx. The two of them were great warriors, soldiers in the battle that was currently happening. The battle itself was small and didn't concern too much of the country. No one really believed that such a battle, something that couldn't even be considered a war, would harm anyone. "Its time that we send out our ace". A plan from the opposing forces had just been made to wipe out the town near Tenmei. A Faina creature had been manufactered in the lab that is hidden in Tenmei. This beast was believed to be the apocaplyse beast that would bring ruin to the town without a name. The young Epsilon had just been taken home after 5 hours in the hospital and all was well for the moment. The boys shining green eyes and the youthful smile of happiness brought a tear to his mother's eye and warmth to his father's heart. Ring ring. Ring ring. The sound of the telephone blaring from the next room immediately brought tears to young Epsilon's eyes and with the deafening sound making him upset, he closed his eyes and cried like any baby would.

"Excuse me. Is this Al Marqx?"
"Why, yes it is. Who may I ask is speaking?"
"Its me. Zemmy. We have an urgent request to ask of you and Ro. Please...Here me out, its important."
"Just spit it out and tell me what's going! I'm trying to spend time with my newborn son!"
"Well, y'see. Project Apocalypse-Omega has just been confirmed to have gone active. The Faina creature is on its way here from the Tenmei Town Volcano. There has been an estimated time of 7 minutes until its arrival."
"WHAT!! 7 MINUTES!! That leaves us with no time at all! I assume that you want Ro and I to prepare for battle?"
"Actually, yes. We do. You don't much time either. This is the highest level of priority emergency and we need every soldier that we can get out hands on. That means that you cannot deny this request. You or Ro. I'll be seeing you at the interception point in a few minutes."
Ro came running out of the room to the area where the telephone was. In her arms was a cradled Epsilon who had quickly fallen asleep even in the midst of his father arguing over the telephone. His eyes shut tight in his newborn slumber. "What was that about?" Ro whispered to Al about the situation and urgency of the telephone call. Within a few seconds, Al explained what had happened and the two immediately prepared for a battle. Rushing from their house, Al and Ro grabbed Epsilon and a sheet of paper folded up. A bag of clothes, some food, and a small folded up cradle was in the hands of Al. Meanwhile, Ro held Epsilon and stuffed two notes into the shirt pocket of Epsilon. They passed a house on the way that gave off a bad presence. Three knocks on the door. Only three knocks and Epsilon was left in front of the door. He must have been dreaming a great dream of his future because he had a large cute smile on his face.

[The Start of a Horrible Life]
Al and Ro rushed away from the house and their only son. Al whispered to Ro, "it'll be okay", but she seemed to have ignored him. Her head turned around to get a final look at her sleeping son. A tear ran down her cheek. They managed to get to the interception point in under two minutes and stared up high as the gargantuan Apocalypse-Omega beast stood before them walking towards the town at a very slow pace. Al and Ro saw Zemmy but said nothing. Instead, they attacked the beast without hesitation. Within seconds, they were joined by what seemed to be hundreds of other soldiers, all of which were attacking fearlessly and relentlessly. The beast was actually being pushed back but they knew the battle had yet have been completed. They fought hard until the beast appeared to be weakening. A special technique developed by Al and Ro would need to be the finishing blow in order to seal the powerful monster for good. Using Ice and Flame elements, the two soldiers leaped to the head of the monster and used a spell. They managed to destroy the beast from the inside and release from it two spirits that were believed to be the spiritual manifestation of Armageddon and Peace. The beast gave out a tremendous roar that shook the very ground that everyone stood on. Immediately, Epsilon's eyes opened although he didn't cry. He simply stared into the blue sky that seemed to be clear of all trouble. A man stepped out of the house that Epsilon was in front of, not responding to the knocks from earlier, but from the roar that alarmed him. He pulled the baby inside and left the house soon after, rushing in the direction of Al and Ro. A mischievous grin appeared on his face that could only foreshadow bad. Back at the battle, the beast had been stopped but unknown to everyone else, it had not yet been killed. The spirits flew away and had been captured in the sky by the man that had taken Epsilon in his home. "You two will do nicely." He snuck back home
and looked at Epsilon who had fallen back to sleep. He chuckled lightly. "Just a few years and all my dreams will come true". The beast Apocalypse-Omega suddenly began to shake and the soldiers began to retreat. A quiet roar was given off by the beast that almost gave the message: I'm sorry. It suddenly self-destructed killing off a few of the soldiers; killing off Al and Ro.

[A Life of Misery from the Age of 6]
At the age of 6, Epsilon was able to walk, talk, run, and had even taught himself how to make small puppets known as Khronicles. They were small, but intricate and complex nonetheless. He had been living in a home with his Uncle name Stigma. The two of them had never had a close relationship, and during his sixth birthday, Epsilon was officially a sad child. Every year, his bright youthful eyes had started to fade from happiness. It was his present on his very own birthday to get his own room. His room was the dungeon that his Uncle had down in the basement. The smell of blood and the rotting scene of corpses was all there was too it. No bed, windows for sunlight, and hard stone ground. Epsilon tried his best to not let it bother him. Instead, he continued to build Khronicles. He would spend hours or even days at a time on a single Khronicle. He had nothing else better to do; nothing else he could do. He was fed once a day, making him very slim. Everyday was different for him. Stigma was a man that liked to experiment on people. Ordinarily, he would use prisoners from the battle that occurred around 6 years ago, but with the battle now over after Apocaplyse-Epsilon had been destroyed, he couldn't find any other specimens. As years went on, more wounds appeared on Epsilon's back. They were usually stab wounds or needle wounds from drugs that Stigma would force on him that he believed would enhance the power of Epsilon. At some point, one drug had stripped away Epsilon's ability to talk. So many things were taken and given to Epsilon and he could do nothing but accept it. As Epsilon grew older, the torture became worse.

A 7 year old Epsilon made his way to the kitchen to sneak a snack. He was forced to read advanced spellbooks for powerful sorcerors and was required to memorize at least 2 a day or else he would be burned, stabbed, or beat up. Bruises were on the arms and back of Epsilon, but none on his face. He was actually very good at using puppets and spells now seeing as how he had time to practice. Believing that he could sneak a meal, since he was punished a week earlier and told that he couldn't eat for a month, he crept along the walls and used small puppets to scope out the surroundings. He had been caught though and his uncle believed that he would have to punish him with no mercy because of this. For a week straight, Epsilon was tossed in the dungeon, his room, where he could only await his punishment that he believed was worse than any he had previously experienced. As promised, his uncle appeared to him a week later.
"I'm going to tell you a story about your parents and what happened to them." Chains from the walls suddenly surrounded Epsilon and bound him to the wall by his legs, arms, chest, and neck. "A year or so before you were born, I worked as a scientist in Tenmei Town. Our job was to create a superbeing greater than any we had seen before. We wanted to use this being to destroy Sentou Gakuin and from there control the world, but the dream of it existed only as that. We thought for months until we discovered that there were two spirits on this planet that were perfect for what we wanted. These two spirits were the spirits of Armageddon and Peace. Only in unison could these two spirits be utilized. Only in harmony could they exist. I realized that your parents were powerful soldiers that did whatever they could to ruin our plans and I knew that I needed them out of the way. It was then that I realized that a creature could serve as a vessel for the spirits. I placed the spirits in them and sent out rumors that a powerful Faina creature known as Apocalypse-Omega would be attacking this town to wipe it off the map. The plan worked and every soldier took the bait. It just so happens that you were born on the same day that my plan would come to fruition. I had the monster attack and the soldiers defeated it. Somehow, though fortunate for me, your parents knew how to expel the spirits from the creature and that allowed me to re-capture them. It was then that I realized that the spirits wouldn't work well in any creature no matter how powerful it was, but it would instead have to work with a human since humans can, in theory, be more powerful than any individual creature."
"So what happened to my parents?"
"I'm getting to that. Y'see, the creature that the soldiers destroyed had a special ability that we gave it. A mechanism that was attached to the spirits within the body of the creature would set off a reaction that would cause it to self-destruct when the spirits were expelled, whether forcefully, or by nature when the creature was killed. So, as you can probably understand, it was me that killed your parents with my creature."
Epsilon was shaking. He was now blinded by his tears and the only thing on his mind now was pulling himself away from the chains so that he could kill Stigma.
"And now, since you are a disobedient child, I will punish you like I said I would. Your parents wrote some letter about how much they loved you and how much they wanted to me to take care of you. They wrote that they wanted me to make sure that you were protected and that nothing would happen to those perfect eyes of yours. I think that the best punishment for you would be to get rid of those eyes of yours. Then, I want to recreate the experiment that I did with Omega and fuse you with the two spirits."

[Eternal Darkness]
Stigma ran up to Epsilon and his bear hands, nails sharp as a tiger's, he literally ripped Epsilon's eyes out of his sockets. A loud scream sounded through the air that sounded almost as loud as Omega's yell from those many years ago. Stigma grinned at sat on the floor. He slowly closed his eyes and made a chant that couldn't be heard over the sound of Epsilon yelling from the pain. When the chant was complete, Stigma's left hand became blue and the right hand became red. He placed his hands on the arms of Epsilon, causing him to yell even louder and then he placed his hands on his back, which increased the volume of the pain-filled screams tenfold. He then cut him down from the chains and gripped his neck, slamming him against the wall. His left hand began to glow black and he touched Epsilon's forehard. "With this spell, all of your memories will be gone. You will only remember your name and nothing else. You will be my pawn and the new vessel of Armadgeddon and Peace." He let go and Epsilon fell to the floor in complete silence. Without any prior knowledge known to him about life itself, he assumed that pain was something that always existed so he was no longer able to yell from from the pain. The darkness was something that he also now believed to be common.

He stood up and remained still. "Where are my puppets?" Stigma was shocked that Epsilon still knew that much. "Where are they?" Epsilon then heard a voice. Actually, there were two voices within his head. "Kill that man now! He took your life from you and took all that you once knew. You can't allow him to get away with that." The other voice argued with the first. "Don't listen. Spare him. Forgive him. Killing this man won't change anything for you. You've already been stripped of your sight and your memories as well as everything that was already taken from you. Killing this man, your uncle might I add, won't change anything at all." "That's enough, I've made my decision", said Epsilon aloud, head facing the direction of Stigma. "I've decided to kill you for everything that you've done. If its true that you killed my parents and took everything away from me....well, I don't think you deserve to live after that. Actually, I think the best thing for you is to die unless you would like to be tortured by my Khronicles or by my magic." Epsilon held out his left hand. First his hand began to glow red and then a circle of fire appeared. Within the circle appeared the roman numeral for 6 and soon after, the circle of fire took the appearance of a skull. "The fiery inferno is called from the depths of hell to cause havoc and demise on the souls of all who are known as wicked. Set thy soul aflame. Death Spell Arcanus number 6: Hell's Eternity." the skull of flame slowly zigzagged towards Stigma. "WAIT!! This can't be right! HOW COULD YOU LEARN SUCH AN ADVANCED SPELL!!!" The flame grew 50 times its original size and completely discinegrated Stigma as well as the rest of the house that Epsilon's hand was facing and 3 more homes that were in that direction. Strangely enough, a small splash of Stigma's blood managed to escape the full blast and land on Epsilon's cheek, creating a cross shape. Epsilon placed his hand down, realizing that he had destroyed the house and other homes. "I guess I should leave now. There's no need to stick around here. I shall walk the path of darkness and find my destiny...someway."

[On the pathway]
Since that time long ago, Epsilon has actually been looking for a way to control the spirits. In the meantime, he develops complicated puppets and has made a name for himself of being the Dual Minds; a powerful magician that is merely a legend. Few have seen him. Even fewer tell the tale.

[Anti-Suzaku Unit; Strike Against the Eterna Beasts]

[35 Years Later...]

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