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Secondary Character Template and Rules

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Secondary Character Template and Rules

Post by Jisenki on August 24th 2009, 12:57 pm

This template is for Secondary Characters of the Sentou Gakuin world. Secondary characters are characters that do not use dice or their own battlefields. Basically speaking, Secondary characters are characters that use the traditional method of RPing by using detailed descriptions of their actions in order to create their own storyline as they interact with other characters, whether they are Main or Secondary. Secondary characters, though they do not use dice, are still allowed to do battle with main characters using the traditional way of Role-Playing. If you wish to have a battle against a main character and fight to the death by some chance, you will need to ask permission of whoever you are fighting.

As for what the characters can do and how they can influence the other main characters, they are unable to do a lot that main characters can do. For example, Secondary characters cannot compete in tournaments that allow Main characters, they cannot teach techniques, elements, or give weapons or equipment to main characters. The same goes for main characters trying to teach or give things to Secondary characters. Another limitation of Secondary characters, is that they cannot become the ranking of Head Warrior, Suzaku Leader, or any Guild or group leader.

Below is the actual template. Keep in mind that this template is different than the Main character template when it comes to what needs to be approved. Only the first section needs to be approved, but the entire character can still be denied if the mods see fit.

Ranking: [Can choose from any ranking]
Elemental Affinity: [May choose 2 from any list]
Warrior Class: [Choose 2]

Personality: [6 lines total]
Appearance: [6 lines total]
History/Background: [15 lines total]

[u][b]Elemental Affinity[/b][/u]:
[u][b]Warrior Class[/b][/u]:


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