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Mayumi Nori

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Mayumi Nori

Post by Toshi on March 31st 2011, 2:18 pm

Name Mayumi Nori
--Age 21
Gender Female
Breed Dark Elf - mostly known for there magical arts and skilled at two handed blades they also resistent against fire and can raise and a spirt from the grave to help serve their purposes
East Sentou Gakuin .

Warrior Class Gunner-Yeo Archer; Alchemy-Morpher

Ability Crooked Bow-After dodging the character recieves an increase of speed making hits less possible. Sub Morphing-When morphing if the character's body is creating a weapon on itself becomes abnormally sharper and accurate, but this can only used once per turn

Elemental Affinity
Sound and Shadow/Darkness

Physical Description Mayumi has jet black hair in a ponytail down to her knees. In her hair she carries two chopsticks from her family. She is about 5'11'' and is slim with saphire blue skin. Her eyes are crimson red and half tatoos of black shadow markings on them. Her ears come to a high point and she has a soft looking face except her eyes. Her nails are black and she wears a ring with a symbol on it. Her body is in great shape she can run at least six miles without stopping and she wears a carribou hide tanktop kinda thing and she wears short shorts made from rabbit hides.

Personality; She is determined and not affraid to say what is on her mind. She likes to me serious and get strait to the point. Even if she a bit rough around the edges she is a softy inside a person just needs to get to know her and she'll open up

Mayumi was five when her villiage was burnt to the ground and her parents were murdered right infront of her. She ran deep into the forest where she lived and blended into the shadows so she could hide from the murders. After two days of hiding she went back and there was nothing. The glourious villige thriving in forest by the mountains was now an ash barren plain that has the gray mountains in the background. She cried and stayed there for a day more till she went to a nabioring villiage to stay at, but her body gave out when she reached the inn where she was going to be staying at. Seven years later she is twelve and her village that she was raised in still doesnt except her for the color of her skin. She leaves unannouced into the forest and into the deep montains. Her survival skills are amazing but at the same time she is wise and considerate of others around. Finally she goes to advance her skills and such but she is unsure how excepted she'll be in this new world that she is visting.

RP example
Mayumi walked gracefully through the wind whipped brush leaving little distrubence behind her. She had walked these forest many times before and nothing was new. She was always at "aw" with the life the forests in her land thrived with and she always new what animal to trust. The coyote was a cunning animal that was looked down apond. The wolf a loner that either lived with its family or cryed out to the moon when it was lonesome. Many other animals gave her frequent signs about what was going on in the forest. She stopped walking and looked at the hundred and fifty year old white pine growing slowly and sighlently like a wisper in the wind. Mayumi gained speed and ran up the tree about four feet then climed the to the middle of the tree resting where she stopped.

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Re: Mayumi Nori

Post by Jisenki on April 4th 2011, 8:36 pm

Abilities must go in the section of the forum for techniques and abilities. Also, your personality description is far too short for me to approve if you are trying to get into the Elite ranking. The same goes for the RP example. At a glance, your RP sample may contain more than 300 words, but it doesn't have the required amount of dialogue, which is 7 lines.

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