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Lack of Creativity--Spaced Out? *Gasp* Can it be true?

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Lack of Creativity--Spaced Out? *Gasp* Can it be true?

Post by Kisuke on April 8th 2008, 7:28 pm

Alright guys, I've been doing some research on different things and I've learned a few things that I think will improve the forum more. Foremost, we need more people on at the same time!! A lot of times when I come on the forum, there is NO PEOPLE ONLINE!! We need to think of ways to involve people because......(Drumroll) Active members makes an active forum. I've learned this from personal experience. Even if two people are always on and posting away, I think that it is a start and people will see that.

Also, we need to increase the quality of our RPing by posting more and starting topics--this includes responding to topics that we posted in the first place because we should finish what we started, right?

So to you all I have something important to say: If you aren't in an active thread, find one or start your own and invite people to be in it. If you registered, make a character and make a good one that all will enjoy. The mods should also be online a lot--something that I've noticed personally too. i got invited to a Naruto forum the other day and many people come online often because other people are online often and they can RP with them.

Take my advice people!!! IT IS WORTH IT!!!
--As a good mod once said to me: "In whatever you do, have fun"--
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Re: Lack of Creativity--Spaced Out? *Gasp* Can it be true?

Post by Jisenki on April 8th 2008, 7:53 pm

I agree with you on that.

(I'm a little upset because I wrote more and the page refreshed itself and deleted it)

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