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Custom Equipment/Item Template

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Custom Equipment/Item Template

Post by Jisenki on August 26th 2009, 1:17 pm

This is the template for using Equipment and Items in battle and out of battle(more relevant to Items). Your Equipment requires no dice or cost unless it is special and the mods think it should require some cost, although generally it won't. Items, however, do require the use of the Item Dice in order to activate. The Item Dice does not count towards the Two Dice per Turn rule, so it can be used even if you attacked twice or performed some action like that, but remember that Items fall in with your Equipment slots, meaning that you can only carry as many Items as your slots will allow, so you must choose which items you are going to bring carefully. Also, remember that only equipped Items and Equipment are only valid, and "equipping the items and equipment" requires them to be equipped on your Profile Page. Follow the template below and use your creativity to its fullest.

-Self Explanatory. You should know what to do here by now.

-Provide 4 lines of descriptive text about your Item, Armor, or accessory. In order to achieve 4 lines, you'll need to be fairly descriptive and provide adequate details.

-What does your armor, Item, or accessory do? Armor and accessories can have resistances or increases to the Attack Power of the user or the enemy. Resistance can mean that your character only takes a certain amount of damage or it can mean that your opponent's attack will lose a certain amount of power before it actually hurts you based on what element it is. The same applies for equipment if they have a power increase. It is possible for a powerful accessory or armor to have both resistances and increases. Also, Items can range and do a lot of things. Items can even have their own separate HP if you are creative enough. Just remember, Be Creative and Use Imagination!

-How did your character come about finding this equipment or item? Minimum of 5 lines.

-How many or how much of this item or equipment does your character have. A slot is required per item, so 3 of the same item means your character will need 3 slots to equip all 3 of them.


--For Secondary Characters--


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