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Shane's Techniques [WIP]

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Shane's Techniques [WIP]

Post by Guest on June 27th 2009, 11:15 pm

Name: Gale Mirror

Range: Close

Dice Usage: Defense

Attack Power: N/A

Tsukara Value: 30

Warrior Affinity: Ninja

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Benefit: N/A

Description: Shane holds his sword lengthwise, running two fingers along the outward-facing edge of the blade. The symbols flash blue-white for a moment, before a a half sphere of wind appears in front of Shane. This ability defends against attacks by delivering a blast of wind with the same amount of force as the attack in a different direction, deflecting the attack. Each burst of wind drains the shield's energy and integrity. The shield has the ability to potentially block about 100 points of damage, from either direct or projectile attacks and techniques. If an attack with more than 100 attack power hits the shield, then the shield will block all but what is more than 100 (ex. 130-> deals 30 damage) and will break. However, when it breaks, it creates a slight back burst of wind which throws Shane off balance. Thus, this shield must be used wisely, so that it does not turn on Shane and end up putting him at a disadvantage.

Name: Shattering Divide

Range: Mid-Ranged

Dice Usage: Counterattack

Attack Power: (variable; explained in Description)

Tsukara Value: 50

Warrior Affinity: Swordsman

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Benefit: N/A

Description: Shane plants his sword in the ground and performs seven hand seals over the sword's hilt, causing it to glow blue white. After a moment, a glow appears around Shane, and then rapidly shrinks to conform perfectly to Shane's body shape, then promptly disappears. Shane then retrieves his sword and continues fighting. This ability is a one time thing, but once it has been used, it stays on until its effects are activated. When an attack hits Shane after the technique has been activated, two things happen. Shattering Divide flashes, causing Shane to briefly flash blue. A moment later, a razor sharp blast of wind radiates outwards from Shane in all directions, striking the enemy. The radius of the attack is about three meters in all directions. The attack absorbs half of the damage from whatever attack hits the ability, then pays it back out in a potentially very powerful mid-ranged counterattack.

Name: Sonic Jet

Range: Far

Dice Usage: Evasive

Attack Power: N/A

Tsukara Value: 30

Warrior Affinity: Ninja

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Benefit: N/A

Description: Shane stands briefly, nodding his head as if in prayer. He then makes a hand sign, wind swirling around him in a localized vortex briefly before it blasts outwards, leaving Shane standing with streams of wind encircling his entire body. Once Sonic Jet is activated, Shane can use the wind encircling him to propel himself at high speed in any direction, by causing one of the streams to slam into his body at a certain angle, sending him in a direction at just barely below sonic speeds. The air around him cushions the blow, also protecting him against the friction from such high speeds. When he reaches his destination, the air creates an opposite force, stopping him in his tracks. Per activation, this ability can be used for up to five turns.

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Re: Shane's Techniques [WIP]

Post by Xexame on July 2nd 2009, 10:22 pm

Hey dude, bump when you get finished so that the mods can check it out.
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