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    Sonnet Carrion

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    Sonnet Carrion

    Post by Dagomis on June 20th 2009, 7:23 pm


    Name: Sonnet Carrion
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 (Age at Death) -- 16 (With Added Years)
    Race: Human -- Spirit
    Alliance: Neither

    Homeland:Sonnet is from the same village as Grim. Though, she enjoys the remembrance of the village before the destruction at the hands of Grim. To her, the village was a beautiful place filled with happy people and surrounded by a serene nature. It was a fairly busy village, known for its farming which attracted many interesting people. It was filled with everything that would make life livable by everyone and bring serenity and harmony between all who brought themselves to look upon it.

    Physical Description[Appearance]:Sonnet is a young looking girl befitting of her age (16, not 10). As a celestial being, she also has beauty that surpasses anybody on the planet. She is a very slender person, with sleek black hair and skin with the color of life. Being a spirit, she never changes anything, so she always has on a black sun dress that goes down past her knees. Her feet are bare when seen due to the fact that she was bare foot when she was killed.
    -Human Form -Animal Form

    Ranking: Civilian

    Personality:Before death, Sonnet was a lively girl with passion for everything she found herself doing. She lived her life openly, embracing anyone that comes into it. Her life was lived without a care in the world, except in the area pertaining to Grim. Having known Grim before his insanity set in, Sonnet fell in love with him. As such she is incapable as seeing him as evil or insane, which is helped by the aura she emits. Due to her love of Grim when around him, she emits an aura of calmness which quiets Grimís insanity; whenever she is near he cannot become insane or out-of-control unless the level grows to something she canít handle. With her around, he just becomes distant to everyone but her or someone he respects or works under.

    Warrior Class: N/A
    -Sub-Class: N/A

    Elemental Affinity: N/A

    History/Background Story:Sonnet was born in the same location as Grim. She was the daughter of a farmer, living a peaceful life. She generally helped on the farm: feeding the animals, cooking, and cleaning the house though she always found her way out to go to town and bask in the glory of it. Every day she spent there brought her more happiness which surmounted the day she spotted a boy her own age in town. That boy was a member of the Lee house, in training to be either a doctor or a shaman. His calm temperament and somewhat open attitude attracted her love, as she declared it. This brought her to wish to see more of him, finding him every day and watching his training. Eventually, he noticed her and began to talk, though very briefly with him, right before the fateful night of destruction. She was one of the very first killed, killed very fast and painlessly unlike some other members of the village. But she still found herself still in love with Grim to the point where she became his partner spirit for his shaman studies. This love brought to the point of having the ability to change between human form and animal form to better help him. Now, she travels with Grim as his partner in order to keep him calm and to be with her love.

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    Re: Sonnet Carrion

    Post by Jisenki on June 21st 2009, 2:54 pm


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    Head Warrior

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