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Akira's Ninja Tools

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Akira's Ninja Tools

Post by Lockheart42 on April 7th 2009, 11:30 pm

Name: Giant Shuriken
Appearance: What can be said about Akira's shuriken besides the fact that it is a large shuriken. This shuriken is by far one of, if not the largest, shuriken in the world, measuring at about 3 and a half feet and being completely equal on all sides in length and width. This shuriken is a dark black color that has a slight taste of red in it to give it that crimson look. Although not noticeable in the morning, the crimson effect is easily seen at night. The way this shuriken is made allows it to fly back to Akira like a boomerang whenever she throws it and when thrown, it appears like a crimson moon with a hole in the center.

~No Disarm: This weapon cannot be unequipped from Akira by any means. This includes by attacks, Special Attacks, other Items, Creature techniques or Abilities, etc.

~Second Strike: This is an ability within this weapon's general strike. When used, Akira throws her trademark Shuriken at her target. This technique is basically an average attack, but if the target uses an Evade Dice and successfully avoids it, the attack of this technique counts as two attacks aimed at the same target with the same dice roll and attack power as the first. Basically, this is two attacks for one dice if the target Evades successfully. Also, increase the Special Dice of this technique by 3 when this is used.

Attack Power:

~Second Strike: 320

Dice Usage:

~Second Strike: Special


~Second Strike: Offensive

Transformation(s): N/A
History: This weapon was created by Akira and made specifically for her in order to completely utilize her special skills that she had with weapons. There isn't much special to this weapon, but it was created with a steel known as Crimson Metallis. This weapon is very precious to Akira and it has even become used to an extent that it has earned her the name Akira the Blade.

Name: Silver Kunai Glove
Appearance: On Akira's hand lies a tight blue glove that has embedded within the wrist section 5 small silver kunai. It is said that the silver kunai grants a person good luck and skill on the battlefield. It is fingerless, which allows Akira to grip things as she normally would. This was a gift given to her by the Ninja Academy that she learned her skills from since she was the highest ranking graduate when she left.
This weapon increases the Dice Roll of all Akira's techniques by 3 and increases her Ninja type techniques by an additional 2.

Attack Power: N/A
Dice Usage: N/A
Benefits: N/A
Transformation(s): N/A
History: This weapon was given to Akira during her graduation day. All of the teachers in the school forged this glove for her because of her high grades and her top ranking in the Ninja Academy when she graduated. Many that have seen Akira the Blade and have identified her weapon believe that it is the glove that allows her to be a great ninja and not her natural skill, but this is false with the evidence being that she needed to be a good ninja to even get the glove. Some believe that she could have stolen it, being as she does hope to be the greatest ninja bandit, but this is also false because it would still mean that she is a good ninja if she could manage to steal it from an academy full of ninja that would potentially overpower and outdo her.
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Re: Akira's Ninja Tools

Post by Kisuke on April 10th 2009, 12:08 am



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