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Hinata Hyuuga

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Hinata Hyuuga

Post by Riko on March 16th 2009, 4:04 pm


Name: Hinata Hyuuga
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: Human
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: The Hidden Leaf Village, Konohagakure, is one of the most powerful ninja villages in the world. Over the years Konoha has gone to war with many of its neighboring countries, but new ties of alliance have been forged in recent years. This village, which is named for its vast forests and trees, is one of the most powerful villages of the ninja world and is known for having a very diverse group of ninja with original and amazing traits as well as having the "Will of fire" which is known by others as the passion that villagers of Konoha have.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

Hinata has changed in appearance over the years from when she was a starting ninja. She has grown more like her idol and has developed a personality and style to match. She has mid-length dark hair and wears a panda bear hat with thick long tassles that end a little below her shoulders. Her eyes are a light lavender color, which are eyes that symbolize her Hyuuga heritage. All Hyuugas have those eyes. On her neck is her headband that she received when she first became a true ninja and on the headband is the symbol of her village, showing that she still holds some ties to it. She wears a top and a skirt that is striped black and white, and her the majority of her torso is covered with a type of fishnet that is fairly common to ninja. She wears a white jacket that extends just beyond her waist and it has various designs and markings that are black. Also, at the very bottom of the jacket is black fur-like material to help keep her warm.

Ranking: Yellow

Personality: Hinata was once a very shy girl, but thanks to a boy that she used to like and see as an idol, she has opened up more, even to the point where she acts nearly the same as him. She isn't as goofy as he was, but she is more outgoing than she used to be and she has a better sense of determination and drive than she used to. She still has some of her old useful qualities though, not rushing into anything without thinking, and not being the first to be overly impulsive and bad-mouthing someone. Often times, she still manages to be quiet, and every so often she still becomes quiet when she can't make up her mind about a decision.

Warrior Class: Ninja, Swordsman
-Sub-Class: Martial Artist, Samurai

Elemental Affinity: Wind

History/Background Story:

(Of course most of you know Hinata's personality and background since most, if not everyone, on the forum has seen Naruto and probably still follows it. This background will take place directly after Naruto leaves, which means that any thoughts of Hinata in Shippuuden shouldn't cross your mind in this.)

After the boy who she liked left the village, Hinata decided that she, too, would leave in order to pursue her dreams and becoming a better ninja. She saw that boy as a source of inspiration to her and as time went on as she was alone, she became more and more like him. Of course, the old things that she did hadn't changed too much, although her traits became better since she started to become less shy and more outgoing. She also picked up a few techniques and skills while improving her old ones. She eventually heard of a school known as Sentou Gakuin, and she figured that there couldn't be a better way of training and pushing herself than going to a school where fighting was the object of the school.
Rank Blue Warrior

Number of posts : 356
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Location : Dancing through the storms of destiny
Occupation : I don't know, what's yours?
Interests : Do I look like I have interests?

The BattleField
Health Points:
2200/3000  (2200/3000)
Tsukara-Skill Points:
1700/2500  (1700/2500)
Experience Points :
100/100  (100/100)

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Re: Hinata Hyuuga

Post by Dagomis on March 16th 2009, 6:26 pm


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Re: Hinata Hyuuga

Post by Jisenki on January 24th 2010, 1:19 am

The Swordsman Main Warrior Class and the Samurai Sub Warrior Class has been added to Hinata and pre-approved by myself.

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

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Occupation : The guy with the sword
Interests : Martial Arts, Kung-fu, Swordsmanship

The BattleField
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Tsukara-Skill Points:
4400/4400  (4400/4400)
Experience Points :
63/100  (63/100)

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Re: Hinata Hyuuga

Post by Sponsored content

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