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Marcus Graybel (WIP)

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Marcus Graybel (WIP)

Post by Guest on February 22nd 2009, 12:06 am


Name: Marcus Graybel
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Marcus originates from a rather large area to the northwest of the continent where Sentou Gakuin is located. The area is known as Rem, and consists of two continents. The eastern continent, Spero, is definately the more prosperous of the two. Spero is the largest of the two continents, with a much larger population, the majority of which is human. There are two races that exist in Rem, the first being humans, and the latter being a humanoid race which possesses beast-like physical traits, called Bestia (beh-sti-ah) by the human population. Humans are conversely known as Sapia (say-pi-ah) by the Bestia. Spero's landscape is made mostly of lower mountains, forests and rolling grassland. It is the more agriculturally based continent, blessed with fertile soil and environmental conditions suitable for growing. As a result, there are only a few very large major cities, and more smaller villages, and enormous farms, stretching across large areas. Marcus originates from a small village called Solos, a small hillside town a few miles from the Great Geode, home of one of Spero's most famous cities: Lustra, the Crystalline Metropolis. The continent's capital is essentially a enormous castle with about 15 levels, which make up the city, each connected by lifts. The 14th is a level specifically reserved for the living quarters, training areas, etc for the knights and the 15th is the royal sector where the current ruler resides along with the nobility. The current king is his highness Ralitz Ellistrae Spero (a title added to the last name of all rulers of the land). The Knights of Rem serve as guardians to the king, as well as smaller time protectors of the nobility and commoners, although the nobility is often given precident. The knights are a group of well trained warriors, usually pulled from the nobility but accessible by commoners, who are sworn to protect the king and all of the people of Rem, Spero and its sister continent included. The eastern continent is known as Bellus by the people of Spero, a name which means "warring land" in the common tongue; it is a fitting title. Bellus is a much more ancient continent than Spero, or rather it was inhabited long before Spero was. As a result, Bellus contains many ruins, leftover from a society that we to this day do not fully understand. For the most part, Bellus is high plateaus, mountainous territory and desert-like arid plains. It has no true central government, due in full to its inhabitants. Bellus is populated almost entirely by Bestia. Their government consists of smaller groups, simply called clans. Several of these will be gathered under the banner as one large group known as a tribe. The four largest tribes hold dominion over Bellus, splitting it up into four seperate regions, each controlled by one of these so called "Cardinal Tribes". As a result, there is constantly war going on in Bellus over control of land. Because of its mountainous terrain, most of the metal and manufactured goods are made in Bellus, and thus a balance of trade is maintained between the two: food, items and some clothing from Spero to Bellus, and weapons, armor and other manufactured goods from Bellus back to Spero.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

Ranking: Yellow

(Describe your character's personality. How do they act? What are their
likes or dislikes? Do they have a secret crush? Are they more evil,
more good? Any goals that they have in their life? Describe all of this
about your character here. Must be at least 4 lines.)

Warrior Class: Swordsman, Spellcaster
-Sub-Class: Samurai, Shaman

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Fire

History/Background Story:
(Give the story of your character's life so far. Allow the reader to
know why they do what they do and how they got to the point that they
are in now. Be very descriptive and try to include other people in your
character's life including characters already existing, locations, and
even creatures if your character possesses them. Must be at least 5

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