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Sara Lacore's techniques. (unfinished)

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Sara Lacore's techniques. (unfinished)

Post by Sara on February 21st 2009, 9:02 pm

Name: Raging fire
Range: Mid-range
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 100
Tsuraka Value: 50 (per post she has it out)
Warrior affinity: Spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Benefits: N/A
Description: Fire escapes from Sara's fingers and attempts to burn the opponent. This fire can bee moved around, like a whip or a
veil at the users discretion. This is basically like solidified fire, if you can have such a thing and can be changed to what the user wants. Therefore it can theoretically be used for blocking larger attacks. The sire is very hot and if Sara has it out for more than five posts then the fire burns through and burn Sara herself. If that happens she is no longer able to use that attack for the entire fight from that point on.

Name: Stalagmites
Range: Mid-range to close.
Dice Usage: Special Escape
Attack Power: 50, it is more to severely slow people down (The more stalagmites the more it costs)
Tsukara Value: A minimum of 200 (goes up by 100 for each 50 attack power used)
Warrior affinity: Spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Benefits: Defence
Description: User can freeze the water in the air to create stalagmites and stalactites on the floors and on the ceilings of the
surrounding area, if in the open only on the ground. It creates a field of large ice spikes that the opponent has to manoeuvre through to get to the user, giving the user plenty of time to escape. Also, they are very sharp, so opponents have to be careful not to touch them. These are very slippery, but with the good ballance that sara has she can usually stand on them to perch or to rest for a while if she needs to climb. This is not often used though as she can teleport most of the distance she wants to go.

Name: Ice Dome
Range: Mid-far range
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 200
Tsukara Value: 150 for the dome 100 for half of room temperature 100 more for completely freezing.
Warrior affinity: spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Benefits: N/A
Description: User freezes the air around an opponent and traps them inside a dome made of ice. The user then decreases the temperature slowly until the user loses consciousness. If Sara is annoyed the temperature would be decreased faster, because her emotions will be higher. (Because of Sara's ineptitude in this so far, the ice can be broken if hit VERY hard or melted at a very high
temperature.) This technique takes soem time, and so sara would usually only use it if alone in a battle or in hiding or with allies who can look out for her whilst she performs it. Whilst she doesn't need to keep exact concentration, the temperature will only decrease if she wills it to. The ice does not break if she moves on, the occupant either needs to break out or have someone break them out.

Name: Slow Death
Range: Any
Dice Usage: Special
Attack Power: If it is completed it kinda kills them... But let's face it... that'll never happen... so I'll say 230 because it will prolly be very effective freezing the water molecules in the body.
Tsukara Value:
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Benefits: Offensive
Description: User can
slowly start the freeze the water
molecules in the body, this is very painful for the user because off all the sheer
concentration it takes and the
opponent, because the technique requires maximum concentration and if the user
touched little more than a glance on the arm the technique breaks. Anything
that might cause a distraction definitely will work.

Name: Arctic Pressure
Range: Any, but not
normally used close combat
Dice Usage: Escape / attack
Attack Power: 150
Tsukara Value:
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Benefits: N/A
Description: User
the opponent in ice and it compacts until they begin to get squished.
This attack can be used to compress more than one opponent at once,
but, because of Sara's ineptitude at solid ice, it can be broken from
the outside by another if hit very hard. Once encased in the ice, the opponent
is not necessarily going to be compressed, if Sara is not faring too well in a
fight, she can use this to stop/slow down her enemies whilst she escapes.

Name: Teleportation
Range: N/A
Dice Usage: Esacpe...
Attack Power:
N/A but it doesn't cost much energy to do.
Tsukara Value:
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Benefits: N/A
Description: The user is
engulfed in fire and transported to anywhere of her choice. This is
done instantaneously. She can do it at anytime but it does not give her
any cover and she can only transport to an about area... so she could
pop up in the middle of the entire Sentou Gakuin elites instead of the
the side in the shadows if she were unfortunate.

Name: Heal
Range: N/A
Dice Usage: Special
Attack Power: N/A
Tsukara Value:
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Benefits: Supplementary
Description: Allows Sara to heal herself and others slightly after a battle, this cannot be used in
a battle but after it. It does not take much energy but takes a while
to begin taking effect, hence why it cannot be used in battle.
cannot heal deep wounds or broken bones, only light wounds and sprains.

Black Ice shield
Range: Close
Dice Usage: Defence
Attack Power: N/A
Tsukara Value:
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Ice
Benefits: N/A
Description: The user can
create a block of solid ice that can prevent almost any attack. It is
infused with fire to make the ice unmeltable. It can be any size and
any width and any shape... Again, because of her ineptitude, it can be
broken, but it takes a very strong hit and one punch cannot go all the
way through.

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