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Sara Lacore (Again)

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Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Sara on February 20th 2009, 4:08 pm

Name:Saraharna Lacore. Goes by the name Sara all the time.
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be: 18
Actual age: 174
Race: Demon
Alliance: Suzaku

Homeland: Where the effects
of industry have had no effect yet. Sara comes from the ice demon village on
the mountain by the farming village of Vada. The village itself is lush and
prosperous with rolling fields of produce, but the mountain is treacherous and
no human has ever tried to claim it and returned to tell the tale. The demons
and the Humans used to live peacefully together, and often used to trade and
mingle, which is why after the millennia of intermingling the demons started to
take on a more human appearance. The demons would trade livestock for plants
that grew in abundance on their mountain. It wasn't until one day when one ice
demon and seventeen humans were found dead that they began to hate each other
and for the past five hundred years the demons and humans have had no contact except
for the occasional adventurer who thought to tame the mountain, or the
occasional time a demon would come down to terrorise the village. Having no
contact with anyone outside of their tribe the demons are suspicious of all. They
live at the top of the mountain which is completely covered in ice and is
always snowing.

Physical Description [Appearance]:
All ice demons have two forms, a human form and a demon form. Due to prolonged
exposure to humans their demon form is more human looking than it used to be.
It used to resemble more of an animal, now it looks more personified.

Human Form: In human form Ice demons are very pale and have blue, silver
or grey hair depending on nobility levels (Blue being the highest, grey being
the lowest). Sara has long blue hair and almost white skin, when he is around
other humans and not wanting to be easily noticed she powders it to be a more
natural colour, her lips are almost the same colour as her skin, except they
have a slight blue tint which makes it looks like she is dehydrated. She is fairly
tall for a girl being 5"9 and is thin because she doesn't need to eat like humans
do and uses herbs to sustain her.Her handsand feet are also
tinted blue but the colour dissipates as it goes up her arms
and legs. She has a wispy tattoo like markings that stop at her knees and
elbows that start at her finger tips and wind round her arms and legs. These
are a dark blue, almost black. As for clothing, because she is from the ice
ridden mountains she never gets cold but is prone to overheating and
dehydrating. Because of this she doesn't wear that much clothing underneath the
cloak she almost always wears. She is not proud of her demonic routes and so
covers up the marks of this by wearing long gloves and boots to stop people noticing.
She very rarely takes down her hood as well, because her ears are pointed (like
an elfís) and her eyes would give her away because they have pale blue pupils
with royal blue irises, unlike the usual black.

In both human and demon forms she has a ring on a chain round her neck which
was given to her as status of her noble birth.

Demon Form: Her demon form is taller and broader than her human form,
which makes her slower but stronger. The lines on her arms and legs extend to
go all over her body stopping at her hair line. Her hair goes a darker shade of
blue and becomes more erratic than in her human form, it retains the length.
Her skin goes a shade of blue and glows slightly because of the energy given
off, her eyes glow white and ears become longer and more pointed. Her
fingernails grow to become more claw like and her fingers themselves grow in
length to give a better motion. Her canine teeth grow and sharpen in length.
Because of the energy given off in her transformation, her clothing becomes
tattered and she needs to replace it after each transformation, which is why
she doesn't do so lightly or often. To add to all this she grows a pair of
large black wings that allows her to take flight, thought not for very long, as
they are rather weak and are mostly used for aerobatics and balance as well as
stopping at high speeds and jumping from heights.

Suzaku Hunter,
if Kisuke even wants me back XD

Some would consider her evil because of her alliance, but she has many positive
qualities. Something that makes her evil would be her anger. Despite this some
aspects of her would be considered good: If she can save comrades in battle she
will endeavour too, especially if they are demons but she is not naive and if there
is no hope for them she won't waste her time on a lost cause. She is
indifferent about fighting, and it depends on her mood how willing she will be
to fight. Sometimes it will be her last resort, other times she will jump straight
into the fray. Because of her upbringing she mostly dislikes humans unless they
prove themselves, but she hasn't met many humans who are more than what she
thinks they all seem to be (greedy and selfish). She has a great sense of
honour and respects those who respect her or who earn her respect. If you do something
to help her, she will repay the favour in any way she can, unless it
compromises other, perhaps stronger commitments. (e.g., helping her and then
asking her to quit Suzaku. she wouldn't do it because she made a commitment.)
She seems things out to the end and when she decides on one side or makes an alliance
then that group has her loyalty without question. When dealing with those who
insult her or who disregard her she is merciless. She dislikes those who are
arrogant and brash and who show their emotions too much, as she sees it as
being a sign of weakness. She doesn't really have a goal. If she did have one
it would be to find a deeper meaning to her existence.

Warrior Class: Ninja;Spellcaster
-Sub-Class: Assassin; Sage

Elemental Affinity: Fire and Ice

History/Background Story:
Sara was born into the revered main family of Ice demons, the Lacore's, they
alone had access to all of the secrets the ice demons could offer and the
elders retained the knowledge jealously. They feared an uprising in the
inferior clans if they let the lesser demons know all of the tricks of the
trade. Sara was the only child of the main clan chief, but as a girl she could
never inherit the throne in the ice halls of her fathers. The title would pass
onto her cousin and her duty would be to protect him and the secrets of her
family. She was resigned to this as it was all she knew she could achieve in
her current status. Her father had died when she was very young and her mother
never showed her any motherly attention because that was not how ice demon
mothers focused with their children. All ice demon children were treated with
disregard by their parents in order to build character, despite this, her
Grandfather, the current clan chief was fond of her, because she was strong and
serious and what the clan leader should be. Unlike her cousin, Tobias, who was
headstrong and arrogant. When her grandfather began falling ill and was unable
to see her was when she really detached herself off from all others. It wasn't
the faithful day when her cousin insulted her that she had ever disobeyed
family orders. She had killed her kin and knew her punishment would be an execution.
No just execution though, because she had killed the next clan chief, she would
be subjected to horrible pain which would be only intensified because Tobias
was the only male left in the line of succession. It was with this on her mind
that made Sara leave her house, her clan, he land and her country to go out on
her own with the family sword that Tobias had prematurely wielded and tried to
find meaning to it all on her own.

It was after she left the sleepy are she had grown up in and entered the real
word for the first time. The new age technology and the horrid nature she could
see in humans drove her into a state of misanthropy what now dictates her life,
this and the stories she had been told as a child about the wicked and emotional
natures of humans. It was with this in mind that she wanted to detach herself
from the entire world, seeing nothing in it worth her while. For over ten years
she roamed from city to city, minding her business and killing those who tried
to stop her or who insulted her. It was a pointless existence in her mind and
it was at this point that she came across tell of a military school that was
supposedly full of excellent and virtuous people that were strong and capable.
With this in mind she set out in search of the school to find out more about it
and something in the world worth her time and her attention. Before getting to
the school she heard talk that the head of it was a human and her hope was
shattered, wandering between the want for life and the hope of death she found
something that could make her life worthwhile and a place where someone with such
a disregard could operate; Suzaku.

RPing Sample:

Sara, who looked 10 years younger (1 year in body years), walked into the Grand
Hall of her Ice mountain home. In there was her Cousin, Tobias Lacore. He
smirked at her from the rafters on the ceiling and jumped down.

"Hello Cousin" He drawled and began walking up to her. He was about
six inches taller than her and liked to make it obvious. Sara just nodded and
continued on through the hall, intent on finding her Grandfather. That was a
mistake. "Don't walk away from me you little brat!" He cried and
grabbed her arm very hard. Sara pulled away from him. "You had better
start respecting your elders!" He continued and flung and arm out at her.

Sara ducked under the punch and moved back, using her fast reflexes to her
advantage. She moved back further to assess the situation and stood there still
in a fighting stance.

Tobias advanced again, unperturbed, and let lose another swing at Sara's head
again. This time her anticipated her and her watchful nature and sent a kick
out at the same time as his Punch to try to knock her off guard. "Try
blocking this!"

The punch came directly at Sara's head and, naturally she moved back to get
herself out of harmís way What she wasn't expecting was the kick that landed
firmly on her stomach. Winding her slightly and sending her flying back into
the wall by the throne of her parents and into the light. "B*stard"
She hissed as she picked herself up of the floor where she had landed and
righted herself.

The older man grinned at the pained expression on his younger cousinís unmasked
face and moved forward to take advantage of her downfall. As he approached his
hand began to glow red and a fire whip appeared from the tips of his fingers,
illuminating his own face from the shadows the two had previously been in.

Sara's eyes flared dangerously as she surveyed the sight in front on her.
"You threaten me with that? Then I have no choice but to retaliate!"
She said in her calm and quiet voice. Despite her voice being quiet and the
hall large her words echoed loudly, the hint of power that wasn't usually there
crackled as she spoke. She started to bring up energy in her mind and
concentrated on focusing it.

Tobias saw his cousins eyes start to go lighter, meaning she was preparing something.
He wasn't worried his meek little cousin wouldn't be able to do very much. He
launched the whip in her directional and stood there in a smug pose with a
smirk riddled on his face.

Sara saw the whip coming and still had the sense of mind at this point to be
able to dodge it easily. Tobias had always been weak with the whip, which was
amusing since it was also his best attack. She moved out of the way with a fast
paced run as the whip continued to follow her round. Sometimes being far away
sometimes being very close. She could sense her cousinís confusion from where
she was half way across the room.

Tobias growled as Sara continually dodged his attacks. He didn't think she
would be this fast, apparently he was wrong. "How can you be this fast? Brat?"
he asked voice riddled with venom. He almost spat the words at her but he
didn't want to give her the satisfaction.

Sara could feel the energy she needed and forced it out of her. "Arctic
pressure" she said in her calm voice and ice encased her cousin. It was
see through and she looked in on what he was doing. The hard part of the
technique was over and Tobias was encased in the ice she had created. She saw
him scrabble at the sides but they were smooth and
rounded and he could get any grip. He slid limply to the bottom of his frozen

"Okay, Sara, you win, I give up. Let me go." he looked into her eyes
and saw she had no intention of letting him go or even letting up. "Stop
joking around! Let me out of here!" her eyes were unmoving and unwavering.
The eyes that were usually blank and expressionless had been replaced with eyes
full of a cold malice he had never seen before.

"I don't think so" She said, voice little more that a whisper and
suddenly she pushed at the energy behind the attack and blood hit her face in
small dots. It lightly coated small bits of her cheeks and forehead, lucky
staying away from her eyes. She kept looking, there was nothing left of her
cousin but a large pile of blood and the sword he always had on him. The sword
their great grandfather had left him in his will. Her eyes narrowed slightly
and she walked though the blood towards it. She picked up and whipped the
excess blood off of it and onto the material on her thigh.

As Sara was walking away realisation of what she did dawned. She slumped
against the wooden brackets on the door and had to hold herself up. She had
just murdered her own cousin. She looked at the sword in her hand and then the
blood that drenched the other one...what had she done? She threw the sword onto
the ground away from her. It wasn't what she had done that had upset her... it
was how she felt... or how she didn't feel. Despite that person being her
cousin... she felt nothing about his death. She re-caught her breath and walked
over to her sword. 'Life is about to get interesting' She thought with a cold
smirk before taking off at a fast run towards the walls of her families land.

Last edited by Sara on October 28th 2009, 8:15 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : 1) I forgot my height and weight ^_^ 2) I changed my ranking from elite ot hunter before initial approval.)
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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Riko on February 21st 2009, 12:28 am

So we finally have some Suzaku members returning? That's good. Maybe we can get some more of the plot start to unfold.
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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Sara on February 21st 2009, 10:17 am

This is about the second edit.

I have been looking through some of the information again and noticed the other suzaku rank and noticed Vivian wanted to be it.

After looking at the information about the hunters and noticing it says that they should be able to work well together I looked at Vivians profile and it seems as if they would work well together as they seem to be polar opposites and those make the best teams because of the variation of opinion and how we could opperate.

I made the change before initial approval, as you can see, but if you would rather me stay as aspiring for elite, I understand.
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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Dagomis on February 21st 2009, 10:48 am

Approved, but I'm not truly sure about rank because we have already approved two Hunters. But because the guy has not been on, I am sure it is okay to give you his position. As long as Kisuke says it is okay.

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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Sara on February 21st 2009, 11:05 am

Thank you. If someone has beaten me to it, I will gladly relinquish any claim.

Thanks again.
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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Kisuke on February 21st 2009, 7:33 pm

I don't know who the other Hunter is because I don't recall him ever giving me any PM or request, so as far as I know the position is over if you want it. You are fine and welcome to have it if you please.


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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Sara on February 21st 2009, 8:00 pm

Awesome! Thanks! I'll do my proper suzaku application as soon as I redo all my stuff and get it approved!
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Re: Sara Lacore (Again)

Post by Sponsored content

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