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Tiffany Holland

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Tiffany Holland

Post by Riko on February 19th 2009, 11:41 pm


Name: Tiffany Holland
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: Human
Alliance: Neither

Homeland: Tiffany was born in the town known as Nemes, where she enjoyed eating at the various restaurants there. Life was great for her there, and she enjoyed every minute of it. She often went into the forests during her sparetime to play with the small creatures there, but she eventually moved to Nyukyoto because of a job that her parents had there. Although she likes Nyukyoto and has no regrets about moving, she prefers Nemes better.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

Long brown hair and big blue eyes, Tiffany is one of the girls that people think are always happy and have everything. She's usually happy, but to say that she has everything wouldn't be true. Beneath her sometimes absent-minded face lies a girl that isn't very bright and sometimes pushy. She usually wears skirts and she loves blue and red, which leads to her leaving her school uniform on after classes are done. Other than this, the other feature of her are the two small pigtails near the very top of her hair.

Ranking: Civilian

Personality: Tiffany is a very absent-minded and kind of slow person. She doesn't understand some jokes very well, but she can stay happy through almost any misfortune that may occur. To many, she is known as an "air head". She can be pushy and demanding at times, trying to correct people and offering her never ending advice to others whether its correct or not. Although she may she ditzy and stupid, she can be very smart at times and outsmart others.

Warrior Class: N/A
-Sub-Class: N/A

Elemental Affinity: N/A

History/Background Story:

Tiffany was born into an average family within Nemes. She has one younger brother, a father, and a mother. Nothing strange at all. As a child, she always ventured out into the forests nearby to play with the small creatures that dwelled there. Life was peaceful. Although this may not seem like the cliche' anime story that people would expect, Tiffany is extremely average when compared to others. She's not a fighter, she doesn't know a thing about Sentou Gakuin or Suzaku, she's never been attacked, and has hardly seen any dangerous creatures. She doesn't even know that people can use elements or pull off amazing feats that they can. Demons? As far as she knows, they don't exist. She lives a happy life, even after moving from Nemes to Nyukyoto due to an office exchange that was required by her father's job. Although she is satisfied with her life so far, she longs for something different. She enjoys new foods, new people, and new experiences.
Rank Blue Warrior

Number of posts : 356
Age : 26
Location : Dancing through the storms of destiny
Occupation : I don't know, what's yours?
Interests : Do I look like I have interests?

The BattleField
Health Points:
2200/3000  (2200/3000)
Tsukara-Skill Points:
1700/2500  (1700/2500)
Experience Points :
100/100  (100/100)

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Re: Tiffany Holland

Post by Jisenki on February 20th 2009, 2:42 pm

Approved. We now have our first Civilian

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

Number of posts : 1722
Age : 25
Location : Down the path of life
Occupation : The guy with the sword
Interests : Martial Arts, Kung-fu, Swordsmanship

The BattleField
Health Points:
6400/6400  (6400/6400)
Tsukara-Skill Points:
4400/4400  (4400/4400)
Experience Points :
63/100  (63/100)

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