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Sora's Abilities

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Sora's Abilities

Post by Xexame on January 28th 2009, 11:42 pm

Name: Lucky Strike
Effect: The Keyblade is enchanted in a magical power that gives Sora a little bit of luck in battles, especially when it comes to items. This magic allows Sora's keyblade forms to trigger a response to the items of his opponent. When activated after the conditions are met, Sora can take an item or armor of his opponent as long as he has the available slots, and equip them to himself during the battle. If its an item, he can choose when to activate it, if armor, he automatically equips it.
Activation Requirement: The effect takes place whenever Sora rolls a 6 or higher when using an Offensive Special technique or an Attack technique.
Cost: N/A

Name: Cheer
Effect: An ability that Sora uses to keep his summoned creatures on the field, clapping and cheering on his creature(s), he can give them the willpower to balance their energy for enough time to remain on the field a little longer. Some magic is also being used, although no one really knows how or why magic is being used. Even Sora doesn't realize that magic is being used and he has a little bit of fun using this ability. When used, for every 50 Tsukara paid, the targeted creature can remain on the field for an additional 3 turns. This can be used on multiple creatures in one turn.
Activation Requirement: Special Dice
Cost: 50 Tsukara

Name: Drive
Effect: One of Sora's more recently developed and mastered skills. This ability is a bit complicated, but when used, Sora can transform into one of five forms, each giving him a boost to his already great powers. When activated, Sora can turn into his Valor Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, or Final Form. In Valor Form, Sora Attack Dice increase by 4 and his Evade Dice increase by 3. In Wisdom Form, Sora's Spellcaster techniques increase by 5 dice. While in Master form, the attack power of any techniques with an element increase by a dice roll of 3 and all of Sora's dice increase by 2. Final form is Sora's most powerful form. In this form, all of Sora's dice increase by 3 and all of the opponent's dice increase by 4. Also, all of the base attacks for Sora's techniques are doubled. Each form lasts for a decent duration of time, making Sora's choices require thought. Valor form and Wisdom form lasts for 6 turns, Master Form lasts for 4 forms, and Final Form lasts for only 2 turns.
Activation Requirement:
Sora must have lost at least half of his total HP and he must roll a Special Dice.

Valor: 150 Tsukara
Wisdom: 300 Tsukara
Master: 600 Tsukara
Final: 1000 Tsukara
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Re: Sora's Abilities

Post by Jisenki on January 29th 2009, 12:57 pm


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