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Alastair Shion [WIP]

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Alastair Shion [WIP]

Post by Guest on January 14th 2009, 12:38 pm


Name: Alastair Shion
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Alastair's home, is a land that was finally returning to normal, after almost 600 years of turmoil. When his world began, there were five elemental magicks in existance: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Light. The human beings were granted the ability to control mana, the life energy of the world, by the god's to benefit themselves. As human beings inevitabley do, the residents of this land became obsessed with the power, and began a series of horrible wars over territory and power, which resulted in many deaths. The violent and evil way that the mana was being used, resulted in part of it becoming tainted, which created a new element, that of darkness. Unknown even to the gods, a conciousness emerged from the element of darkness, and named itself Daemon. Daemon raised armies of darkness, and launched an assault on the already weakened humans, forcing them into hiding. It was at this that the gods decided that enough was enough. They removed the ability to control mana from all but six chosen humans, who were named Gardios, or Keepers. Each had complete control over mana of his element, making each one of them very powerful. But out of all of them, two stood out among the rest. Biron, Keeper of Darkness, and Artur, Keeper of Light. Both were outstanding warriors in their own right, and the strongest of the six. Unfortunately, this led to the Keepers' downfall. Biron, while using his power during one of the Keepers' great battles, came into contact with Daemon, and was turned to his side. He brought the Keepers to Ruin's Gate, where the final battle was to take place. He surprised all of the other five, and with Daemon, slaughtered all but Artur. Daemon inhabited the body of Biron, and the two fought in a battle, the energy from which was felt by people for hundreds of miles around. In one last clash, light mana and darkness mana collided. The light prevailed, and Biron's body was destroyed, Daemon thrown into the Gate. With the last of his strength, he removed the energies from his fallen comrades, and, at the cost of his life, created five seals over the gate, to hold Daemon inside. The gods completely cut humanity off from the mana, and all was quiet for a time. However, that final clash of light and darkness had birthed a new power. Not an element, for it did not control mana, but an ability to gain dominance over oneself; over one's own spirit. This became known as Esper, and slowly began its spread throughout the world. For a reason unknown to the human race, even to the gods themselves, control of this energy was granted only to a select few. These banded together under the fallen banner of Keepers, and, in the land's capital, built a great golden tower, which they called the Gardium Sanctus, or the Keeper's Sanctum. For the next six hundred years the people began to rebuild, with the kings, backed by the Keepers assistance and direction. This system, the king making laws and the Keepers enforcing them, has continued down to this day.

Physical Description[Appearance]: (Describe what your character looks like. Give descriptive information, including hair color, style, clothing, any scars or marks, etc. You may use a picture, but you still need a description. Must be 4 lines.)

Ranking: (Do you want your character to be a Yellow, Red, Blue, Suzaku Grunt, Wanderer, or Civilian? Your decision will affect the strength your character will have as well as his/her slots)

Personality: (Describe your character's personality. How do they act? What are their likes or dislikes? Do they have a secret crush? Are they more evil, more good? Any goals that they have in their life? Describe all of this about your character here. Must be at least 4 lines.)

Warrior Class: May pick two from the Primary Warrior Class list
-Sub-Class: Choose one sub-class from each Primary Warrior Class you chose

Elemental Affinity: May pick two from the Basic Element list (you'll later be able to use more)

History/Background Story: (Give the story of your character's life so far. Allow the reader to know why they do what they do and how they got to the point that they are in now. Be very descriptive and try to include other people in your character's life including characters already existing, locations, and even creatures if your character possesses them. Must be at least 5 lines.)

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