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Ranshin'en "Light of the Abyss" [Ty's Urumi] WIP

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Ranshin'en "Light of the Abyss" [Ty's Urumi] WIP

Post by Guest on December 30th 2008, 3:30 pm

Name: Ranshin'en


As pictured above, Ty uses a special kind of weapon, known as an Urumi. An urumi is a weapon that takes both skill and focus to master, and is in reality quite dangerous to use if one is not skilled. Ty is good enough to use such a weapon without fear of injuring himself, but he is still far from a master. An urumi is in fact a sword, and not a whip. It consits, as shown above, of a handle with a cover, a crossguard, and a sort of sheath, from which the blades of the sword extend. The blades of an urumi are metal that has been hammered to very thin proportions, and, through a secret known not even to Ty completely, shaped into bands of metal that are sharp enough to slice flesh, even to stab, but are flexable enough to be flailed about and rolled up like a whip. Depending on one's style of fighting, an urumi can have from one up to eight blades. Like the one above, Ty's has four blades, each about four feet long when fully extended without the use of the sword's ability. The handle of Ty's urumi is single handed, and made of durable blued steel. It is wrapped with snow white silken cloth, and the crossguard, cover and "sheath" are all made of the same material as the hilt. The blades are made of white mithril, a very durable yet light metal, and are very keen, so while stabbing is an option, the weapon is more suited to slashing and cutting. By flicking the wrists at various angles, the four blades can be made to strike different points, or all at one time across one area, making the urumi a very dangerous and versatile, yet amazingly elegant weapon.

1) Striking Cobra- Ranshin'en's blade is infused with magic bestowed upon it by the shaman of the village where Ty recieved his weapon.

Attack Power: 55

Dice Usage:
Benefits: (If the Dice Usage is Special, is the effect Supplementary, Offensive, or Defensive)
Transformation(s): (List the name and effects of your transformation as well as the Tsukara value)
History: (How did this weapon fall into your character's possession?)

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