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Ty Schiffer (DONE)

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Ty Schiffer (DONE)

Post by Guest on December 29th 2008, 5:04 pm

jName: Ty Schiffer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Human/Ethereal
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Ty was born in a small
section of the northern part of Arxis, a land far to the northeast of Sentou
Gakuin; a highland region known as the Heron’s Spine. Arxis consists of a large
amount of mostly flatlands and forests,
hemmed in by the Cardinal Walls, four landmasses which dominate the extremities
of the land. It is inhabited by two races, normal humans, and ethereals; a
humanoid race of some rather unique talents and characteristics. To the extreme
east is the Shir Waste, a large and mostly uninhabited desert, consisting of
rolling hills and flatlands of sand, with some sparsely distributed oases,
where most of the Waste’s inhabitants reside. Dominating the extreme south of
Arxis is the Arget River, a huge body of silvery water, from which it gets its
name, which flows from one side of the land to the other, stopping in a small
lake just before the Shir Waste, and bordering the west’s Cardinal Wall, and on
into the sea on the far side of the continent. Along the river’s edge is a
beach like expanse of high dunes, sand and plains. The Arget River
is the most inhabited of the Cardinal Walls. To the extreme north is the Solos
Highreach, a very high and long expanse of snowcapped mountains and deep
valleys. The Highreach is somewhat inhabited, though mostly by Ethereals, since
humans can not thrive in the thin air. Finally, to the far west is the mighty Eldershade
Forest, a huge and largely
inhabited expanse of densely packed and very tall trees. The inhabitants of the
Eldershade live mostly in the tree tops, where they have connected the trees by
large wooden walkways and built the buildings around and even inside the trees.
Arxis is governed by the upper class of the Ethereals known as the High
Imperials. They reside in the Solos Highreach, where they are more or less safe
from any humans who would threaten them. For reasons unknown accept to a
precious few, humans in this region can not perform magic, but Ethereals can.
Long ago, it was outlawed for humans and ethereals to comingle, which has kept
the appearance of hybrids low.

Physical Description[Appearance]:
Ty stands at a height of about 5’101/2” tall,
and weighs in at about 162 lbs, giving him a relatively small, but solid frame. The majority of his weight
is sinewy muscle and lean tissue, meaning that he has more of a compact body
type than the bulky one that some others of his body type might have. Since Ty
spent most of his life in the mountains, he often had to climb, and so his legs
are probably the strongest part of his body, and it is quite apparent, the
muscles of his legs being somewhat more defined than the ones in his arms and
the rest of his body. Being that he is part Ethereal, he has some traits from both
races, which mix to create a much defined appearance. His skin is much paler
than a normal human’s, very fair, and smooth, mostly free from blemishes. He
has a very light dusting of freckles on the skin on both sides of his nose, a
feature from his human mother. His eyes are sharp and intelligent looking, and
are often hooded in appearance, so that it would often seem that Ty is half
asleep. They are a deep, almost royal purple color. His chin is more pointed
than a normal human’s more rounded chin, but his jaw has the firm, strong
structure of a human’s. His nose is human-like, and normal sized, his ear tips
taper to a sort of rounded point that is more obvious than in a human. His hair
is coal black, a well balanced contrast to his fair skin. It is very messy by
nature, feathered in style and short cut, stopping at the base of his neck. The
front bangs of his hair part in the middle, creating a heart shaped space, and
on the left side they are slightly longer, covering his eye. All in all, Ty is
quite handsome, though he refuses to admit it to himself. Ty can almost always
be seen wearing a standard outfit of reasonably comfortable clothes. For his
upper body he wears a white sleeveless shirt with light gray trim, and a pair
of deep blue knuckle gloves which stop about half way up his forearms. On the
lower half of his body he wears a pair of slightly oversized dark blue pants in
cargo style, the waste of which is tight enough to hold the pants up without a
belt, although one would have to be looking for that to notice it. He wears his
urumi weapon around his waste disguised as a belt with the handle hanging at
the back, hidden behind him. On his feet he wears a pair of comfortable black
leather boots with dull bronze buckles.


Coming from a
mundane family, Ty stands out quite a bit. He can be lively when the time calls
for it, but is also at an age where he is able to tell when the time is
appropriate for such behavior. Though, hardly ever will one find him without a
smile on his lips. Even if he may be in the deepest of depression, he has found
it useless to spread his unhappiness to those around him. And still, those who
know him will rarely find him melancholy. He gains his happiness through the
jubilance of others, and usually seeks to make others content before even
considering himself. This is, unfortunately, also his greatest weakness.
Through his years of being the charitable one, Ty is unwilling to recognize
than even he needs to look out for his own self at times. This makes it
difficult for him to refuse people, even if it may put him in precarious
circumstances. What he lacks in general vision, he makes up for in his ability
to perceive, whether it be situations or people, with a keen accuracy. And
despite his easy generosity, it is very difficult to fool Ty. He’ll treat even
the worst of criminals with magnanimity, because he believes there is a chance
that even the most cold-hearted of people can learn from it. This is also
because he sees the world through rose-colored glasses, so to speak. And, in Sentou
Gakuin, he has come to learn that this kind of belief can quickly get one into
trouble. Regardless, Ty is just as unrelenting as he is benevolent, and refuses
to lower himself to the callous ways of those around him. He is not proud, but
Ty does have a very strong sense of self, and so he sometimes seems to be
raising himself above others, when in reality he is just being him.

Warrior Class:
Swordsman, Ninja
-Sub-Class: Assassin, Martial Artist

Elemental Affinity: Wind, Fire

History/Background Story: A little over 52 years ago now, there was a horrible civil
war in the making in the land
of Arxis. It had begun
many, many years even before that with the birth of a new race, known as the
Partialis; Partials for short, meaning “Those Who Are Not Whole”. At the time,
humans and ethereals were breeding unchecked, resulting in the birth of a
powerful cross between the two races; capable of using magic, and possessing
the best qualities of both races. However because they were not truly human,
nor were they truly ethereal, they were scorned and treated badly by both
races, and over time, the whole of the race began to become enraged, disgusted
by the two races treatment of them. After almost 200 years of oppression, they
snapped. 42 years ago, the most influential of the race rose up, and called
their brothers to arms. A very short but terrible war ensued. The High Imperials, together with humans for
the first time in centuries, fought back the poorly trained attacking Partials,
massacring nearly all of them, and finally putting down the rebellion after several
months of fighting. Immediately after this, the High Imperials proclaimed the
breeding of humans and ethereals illegal, and the horrible event genocide
passed into history. But love will always find a way through bars and chains,
and destiny it seemed, was not quite done with the hybrid race yet.

We will skip ahead now, twenty seven years. While contempt
for Partials was still rampant, for the most part, the civil war was gone from
people’s minds, and things had quieted to a degree. However, this did not last.
An ethereal by the name of Tyrios, began to see the way that the High Imperials
treated humans, and all ethereals not of the ruling class. He began to see the
seeds of hatred and tension that they had sown between the two races, and he
became disgusted. After several years of contesting various issues with the
High Imperials, he left the capital city in the Solos Highreach against their
will, and fled south through Arxis, hoping to reach and cross the Arget River
into the lands beyond. Things did not go as planned however, and he became very
ill, almost to the point of death. Still he trudged on, determined to leave
Arxis. As he approached the Arget
River, his sickness took
a turn for the worst, and he was found collapsed outside of a small village by
the name of Riven by a young woman named Sylvia. She nursed him back to health,
and over the next year they became very close. Tyrios soon found himself in love
with Sylvia, and she with him. After only four months of courting, they decided
to be married, whatever the risks might be. Soon though, they bore a son. A Partial.
They knew that he would be scorned and possibly even killed by the people of
the city, so they decided to entrust him to a young couple in the city, unable
to have children. His father placed spells about him to hide his appearance
from all, even the child himself, and they left him on the doorstep of the
couple, leaving only a note with his name on it. He would be called Ty, after
his father. They left Arxis by the Arget
River, and were never
heard from again.

Ty grew up under the assumption that these two humans, an
industrious couple of people by the names of Taylor and Marylyn, were his
parents, and as far as he knew, they were. He looked like a human, did not
appear to be able to use magic (although he could feel the presence of mana
from a very young age), and so he grew up as a human would. His family was very
poor, and his parents, though loving, were selfish. They cared really only for themselves,
and soon it became apparent that he was….different from his parents. He
developed a charitable, giving attitude, unlike his parents. He became bold and
adventurous in spirit, once again unlike his parents. Still, he appeared to be
normal, and so he grew to the age of 11 with no unusual occurrences. When he
reached the age of 11 though, things became complicated. Soon after turning
that age, he began to feel something growing within him. A power, energy that
it seemed more and more hard to control. One day while dealing with a bully,
who was making him very angry, he could no longer hold it. The power burst out
of him in a rage. This caused two things to happen. 1) He killed the other
young man. 2) It shattered the enchantments that hid his appearance. His
parents now knew for a certainty. He was a Partial. While loyal to the High
Imperials, they loved Ty more than anything else, and decided that they would
leave, and find a safer place to raise him. They did not tell him what he was,
but only took him and moved to a very small village some distance away. The
damage though was already done…their fates, sealed. Word of a magic working
Partial made its way eventually into the Solos Highreach, and the High
Imperials, fearing another civil war, dispatched assassins into the south to
kill he and those who hid him. Still the trail was cold, and they did not find
him until two years later, when he had reached the age of 13. He now knew what
he was, and finally was able to control the magic that had nearly consumed him
before. Still, he remained hidden except when absolutely necessary, and stayed
away from others, as did his parents. Rumors though, as they do, began to grow,
and it became common talk of a Partial living in the village. When Ty was 13,
the assassins made their way into the village, the citizens of which readily
told of the Partial in the city, and that very night, the assassins entered his
home. Ty was woken in the middle of the night to the sounds of his “parents”
dying screams. Quickly he escaped through the window of his bedroom, and fled
into the surrounding country. He had become a fugitive.

For the next four
years he travelled shadily from place to place, practicing his magic whenever
he could so he could defend himself if need be and becoming a practitioner of
Orojutsu, or the Snake Art, a fighting style using a unique weapon known as an
urumi. Through the reading of several books, he began to understand that this
land would not accept him, and why his parents had been killed by the hands of
the unmerciful High Imperials. He became enraged, and disgusted with them for
what they had done to him and his kind. He decided that he could no longer go
on living in a world controlled by such corrupt government, but knew that he
was not strong enough to fight them yet. Over the river came news of a school,
far to the southeast that trained warriors, and so at the age of 17 he crossed
the river, and travelled to the school, six months journey, where he enrolled
as a student, determined to become stronger, and one day return to overturn the
government that had wronged him so.

*Just as a side point, I'm not entirely sure why it ended up formatted like this and I hope it's not a big deal.

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Re: Ty Schiffer (DONE)

Post by Hei on December 29th 2008, 10:14 pm

Fill out the history and background and you'll be approved.

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Re: Ty Schiffer (DONE)

Post by Dagomis on December 29th 2008, 10:41 pm

That is untrue, we are not sure how the history/ background will come out. Until the final product nothing is guaranteed.

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Re: Ty Schiffer (DONE)

Post by Hei on December 30th 2008, 9:08 am

I'm saying that the rest of what he has written is good so far and if it continues, the history/background will probably be good.

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Re: Ty Schiffer (DONE)

Post by Nejisuke on December 30th 2008, 2:45 pm


and by the way, it does that to anything that was copy and pasted.

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Re: Ty Schiffer (DONE)

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