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Kisuke Sunosuke

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Kisuke Sunosuke

Post by Kisuke on December 20th 2008, 9:59 pm


Name: Kisuke Sunosuke
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Demon
Alliance: Suzaku

Homeland: Kisuke comes from a hidden land that up until recently was discovered. The land that Kisuke comes from is known as Xenszly(zenz-lie). This land was once home to many of the Sunosuke clan until Kisuke attacked and destroyed all of them except for his own family. The land of Xenszly is an industrial land that has many automatic buildings and modernized technology. Even with the buildings and modernized industry, there is still some forests and areas that flourish in plant life and wild life. Also living here are demons that attacks the humans and the humans themselves. Other than Kisuke secretly assassinating every member of his clan except his family, this is a peaceful land. After abandoning his homeland, Kisuke traveled to cities and areas scouting out people to join a group of warriors that could take over the world. No plans, no allies, he soon formed a group known as Suzaku in a desolate area that was war-torn. In this land, he built a fortress using his powers and skills which he knew would house some of the most evil yet powerful warriors.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

A tall man of 6 feet and 5 inches with no look of content and happiness on his face but a look of anger and anticipation, Kisuke is fairly different from many demons being as though he looks more like a human. His spiky red hair and deep gray eyes portray the look of a murderous killer, however, Kisuke can surprise others with another identity that he tends to use. Kisuke wears a dark cloak that reaches down and ends a little bit below his knees. The sleeves on this cloak slightly extend pass the general reach of a cloak, seemingly, it would be too long for a warrior to effectively fight in battle, but Kisuke uses these sleeves to his advantage by concealing weapons. Also, Kisuke is used to the sleeves so they don't hinder his fighting skills at all. A black headband can be seen on Kisuke's forehead that looks like any black headband. This headband conceals a mark though, a tattoo-like mark on his forehead that has the Sunosuke clan symbol upon it. Kisuke, having abandoned his clan and disowned his family, uses the headband to hide it from others. Also, the headband contains a hidden eye on it that can only be seen whenever a secret artifact is discovered and activated by a Sunosuke wearer. One of the most noticeable traits of Kisuke and all Sunosuke demons are the black lines that encircle their eyes which represent an approximate indicator of their ages. The thinner the line, the older they are. The lines around Kisuke's eyes are fairly thick, indicating that he is fairly young for a Sunosuke. Beneath his black cloak is a sleeveless red shirt and long black pants that each have ninja tools on them that Kisuke never really uses. On his shirt does lie a slot for his capsules that is used at different, needed, moments. The sandals on his feet are ninja sandals and on his neck is a demon-tooth necklace made by Kisuke's mother. It is unknown why Kisuke would despise his family so much yet continue to wear a necklace made by his mother.

Unlike some people, Kisuke has somewhat of an alternate identity that he uses outside of Suzaku and amongst common people of the more average world. Dressed in form-fitting black and red clothing, he refers to himself and is known by others as Eisukke, with the earned title "Angry Earth, which he received from his temper and his use of the Earth element to defeat his enemies. While like this, although his eyes and headband remain, recognizing him would still be difficult since he wears his hair in a style that keeps his eyes from being so easily noticed, and the spikey part are now more combed down to conceal his identity to those that know Kisuke more. There is one thing about Kisuke that is hard to notice because of his clothing, but exists and acts like a stigma. On his left shoulder was a large hole that formed due to Kisuke attempting to capture Eterna Beast Zero alone. Before having a true confrontation with the beast, the sheer power of the Eterna Beast caused it to pierce him in his shoulder straight through. The wound has healed, but in its place is a stigma of sorts that represent the kanji for Zero. Kisuke has taken this stigma not as a mark to curse him, but as a prophetic omen that he needs to capture and control Zero.


Suzaku Leader


With a lack of temper control and a very low rate of patience, Kisuke seems to always appear as an angry person. Anyone saying that this describes him wouldn't be completely wrong. Not at all. However, there is more to Kisuke than what meets the eye. He can be a good ally in difficult situations, teaming up with his partners in order to help them if they are in trouble. Almost contrary to this, he can be a non-caring person and simply hate even his own allies, sometimes threatening to kill them himself. He has a low tolerance level and wishes nothing more than to complete his goals. He is manipulative, attempting to control and persuade others through his words or by force,whichever he sees fit. He also takes pity on no one, having killed small children and the elderly in order to accomplish his own goals. He isn't stupid and he takes the initiative, especially in battle. Kisuke is a man who attempts to think at least 10 steps ahead of the opponent making sure that his plans don't backfire on him. He is also conservative in a fighting sense, using only necessary techniques and not showing skills that his opponent might be able to use against them, a trait that both he and his father share. Like anyone, Kisuke hates to lose, and hates to admit when he's wrong or when a plan has failed. Even though this is so, he won't let his ego get the best of him, and if he needs to retreat, he will as long as it means that he can "Live today to fight for tomorrow". Kisuke's one main goal is to take over the world, a cliche goal that many is his position would seek and do seek. What he would do while controlling the world is unknown to anyone although it could be assumed that he simply wants ultimate power and domination.

Warrior Class: Spellcaster, Ninja
-Sub-Class: Sage, Assassin

Elemental Affinity:
Shadow, Earth, Water, Fire, Lightning, Wind

History/Background Story:
Kisuke was born into a clan known as the Sunosuke clan. In this land, the Sunosuke clan were protectors of the citizens that lived nearby and around them. Like Kisuke, the entirety of the Sunosuke clan were demons, which made many people of their power and skill. They wondered if the Sunosuke clan would ever turn on them and if so, how would the people fare. Fortunately, this question was never answered as the Sunosuke clan were always loyal to the humans that lived nearby. The Sunosuke protected the citizens nearby from lesser demons that attempted to hurt the humans for food or for other needs. Kisuke, like the rest of the Sunosuke clan, carried long and gigantic scythes for combat. These scythes had special powers that could only be used in combination with pure Sunosuke blood.

When Kisuke turned 8 years old, he fought a demon that wasn't as weak as ones previously faced. When Kisuke attempted to fight this demon, a member of his clan was killed because of his carelessness and he was badly wounded. A moment before Kisuke would have normally been killed by this demon, someone stepped in and saved his life. The one that destroyed the demon and saved his life was none other than Kisuke's own father. After seeing his father, Kisuke immediately passed out. He awoke to see who he thought was a little girl with a hood over her head. He was in a hospital within the land he resided in. After a moment of staring at her and trying to figure out who she was, his parents entered the room and she immediately vanished. His parents wondered if he was okay and Kisuke explained to them if he was fine. In a way, he grew angry at the situation. He understood that he was too weak and he was determined to be stronger.

As his parents left the room, the little girl reappeared again. She approached Kisuke very slowly. She spoke to him and told him about fulfilling the goal that he wanted. She promised him that he would become more powerful but only if Kisuke wished it desperately. She knew Kisuke's answer and didn't let him respond at all. She touched his forehead and Kisuke fell asleep. He dreamed of a shrine that was at the hills of a mountain. This mountain was right outside his homeland. For 3 years Kisuke remembered this location and was determined to find out what was up there. At the age of 11, Kisuke made his way to this shrine. He fought many demons along the way which he didn't plan on, but he still made it. At the top of the peak lie a boulder that stood in his path. This boulder was no average boulder. Using all of his strength, Kisuke crushed the boulder with his Earth element. Behind the boulder was a room that was dark, damp, and dank. Within, Kisuke found a tablet that had a specific shape carved into it. The shape resembled the scythes that the Sunosuke clan carried. Kisuke placed his scythe into the groove that was carved in it and he immediately felt himself being overcome with an excess of power.

He soon returned home with this new power. His greed began to make him
evil. As a test of his strength, Kisuke decided to try and kill everyone in his clan. He knew that it was too early though so he waited until he was 17 years of age. Two days after his birthday, Kisuke started the Sunosuke Massacre in which he slaughtered many of the Sunosuke clan members. In total, there were 500 members of the clan. Kisuke managed to destroy 495 of them. The remaining 5 members included himself and his four family members: his mother, father, brother, and sister. They were never found. By this age Kisuke had tremendous power but he was too powerful. He found no challenge in wiping out nearly all of the Sunosuke clan members and he craved more. He left his homeland and set out for a better, more powerful place.

During one night, Kisuke met up with the young girl from the past. She
looked exactly as she did back then so there was no mistaking her. She
again approached Kisuke. "You have started your path of power, but unfortunately there is no turning back until you die or until you complete your goal. I shall help you achieve this power you desire but you must first do something for me."

"What is it?" Kisuke wondered.

"Sign this contract that will ensure your added power."

Kisuke signed the contract mostly because his heart was tainted
with evil and he was beginning to crave power more and more. The moment he finished signing the contract, the shadows reached from the ground and ensnared him. They reached into his body until the shadow element was embedded within him. "Seek the school Sentou Gakuin." These were the words of the little girl to Kisuke as she vanished and left no trace of her presence behind. After feeling this new power, Kisuke did
as instructed and sought Sentou Gakuin.

Kisuke formed and created Suzaku, hoping to use its power as a means to destroy his enemies, one being Sentou Gakuin, and take over the world. He needs Sentou Gakuin's military power to wage war on the rest of the world, but he also needs to defeat the school in order to claim siege over it. He discovered the legend of the Eterna Beasts, 7 beasts that are claimed to be the most destructive creatures on the planet. Kisuke studied the beasts and created methods of containing them and using their skills. He also, after creating Suzaku, used his Dark Arts to create masks, chains, and special capsules that could conceal the identities of his most powerful allies and allow them to control and contain the powers of the Eterna beast captured. He has built a fairly powerful force and continues to seek new recruits, but he has yet to grasp power enough to wage war on the school. For months, he has been training until he mastered all of the basic elements and his skills. He is nearly ready to fight.

RPing Sample:

Kisuke was walking through the dark ruins known as Xais Myuteno. He slowly moved and as he did so, he took in the surroundings and how dark the ruins had become. He could sense the pure evil in the air as he caught a glimpse of the monsters gazing down at him from above through the holes in the canyon. Kisuke watched them for a moment and continued on his way. "This place...this place is different. It's changed, but for the better." Kisuke was a bit happy at the condition of this place although he didn't show it. Alone, he stood there in front of a large shrine. His body was hidden almost completely in his pitch black cloak. His feet were seen, but only barely because of the cloak's length. Kisuke reached for his black headband and placed it face up on a stone in front of the shrine. Shining brightly from the headband was an insignia that looked like a single eye. The symbol was the Sunosuke insignia and the shrine was The Hidden Suno-Shrine. Kisuke was on a mission to find his hidden family
and defeat them once and for all. He needed the shrine as it was able
to locate the different members of the Sunosuke shrine individually. Finally inside, Kisuke looked for the secret device known as the Ke-Suus Finder. With this, he would be able to find his hidden family and exterminate them. "Now, where is it?" Kisuke searched for a moment looking for the Finder until he stumbled upon it in a false brick against the wall. He picked up the rectangular mechanism and activated it. After a moment of scanning, Kisuke was angered to find out that he couldn't find them on the device. For a reason unknown to him, his family couldn't be picked up on the device at all. "Damn..." Kisuke wasn't too happy. He had prepared himself for a great battle but unfortunately that battle had to be postponed for a moment. "No problem, I'll catch up to them one day and when I do, I will become the final Sunosuke in my clan and then I can start a new, evil clan of Sunosuke that will rule and dominate this planet." With those words, Kisuke with a new goal in mind, had set out for Suzaku again. He decided that with the failed detour he took to kill his family, he could use his still full stamina to find another Eterna Beast. Perhaps he could capture one with a new capsule he created in order to defeat his foes. There was one in particular the he wished to capture. This beast was known to be the most powerful beast of all, the strongest in the planet: Eterna Beast Zero. "If I were to capture such a beast....would it be proper to call me the ultimate warrior?" Kisuke grinned as he walked away, disappearing into the dusk.
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Re: Kisuke Sunosuke

Post by Hei on December 21st 2008, 8:57 am

Approved. Very well done!

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