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Aiselne Drossel

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Aiselne Drossel

Post by Riko on December 14th 2008, 11:45 am

Name: Aiselne Drossel

Riko's bladed ring known as the Aiselne Drossel is a beautiful and large ring
that was created from purified steel. The metal is well kept and shines in the sun to reflect different colors of light, making it look like a rainbow. The ring itself has small curved spikes protruding from it that allows it to slash things as she spins that blade. It was also made for Riko's water element, as it allows her to use some techniques because of the grooves in the steel itself, which can hold a thin lining of water within it. Special designs are made that represent the bonds and joy that many people from her homeland have for each other.

-Blade of Clearance: This is an ability of the blade itself. By using the glare of Aiselne Drossel to her advantage and making use of its lightweight, it allows Riko to increase her escape dice by 4 when she attempts to roll an escape dice. This is automatically activated when the escape dice is rolled when Riko needs to escape from battle. Whatever the result of her escape dice is will be increased by 4.

-Mizu Shibuki: A skill of Drossel that Riko learned as a Blue Ranked warrior. This effects her water attribute techniques and increases the dice roll of her Water-attribute techniques by 5 whenever she uses one in battle. This helps her tremendously in battle by improving her skills and strengthening the power of her techniques.

Attack Power: N/A
Dice Usage: N/A
Benefits: N/A
Transformation(s): N/A
Riko's bladed ring known as Aiselne Drossel was created for the original purpose of reflex dancing, which is a dance style that involves dangerous weapons used against a single person while the person dances around and through them, avoiding them with graceful steps flawlessly. Thanks to the dancing combat styles that Riko learned, this ring has been adapted into a weapon that she uses along with her dances to perform the Dance of Death, Support, etc. The ring does not have that much of a history. It was simply a tool used for the purpose of skillful dancing and later made for fighting.
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Re: Aiselne Drossel

Post by Nejisuke on December 14th 2008, 2:44 pm

increase by 5 is way too much on Mizu Shibuki

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