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Riko Mashii

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Riko Mashii

Post by Riko on December 14th 2008, 11:21 am


Name: Riko Mashii
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Sentou Gakuin
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Riko comes from a village known as Song Village. This village is a peaceful place even to this day. The village is generally known for its happy people and how much everyone here is able to dance and sing with one another. Because of the village's peacefulness, they are allied with many other places. Some of the activities of the Song Village include dancing, singing, marching, chanting, and other things along those lines. With their dancing come forms of fighting and self-defense, each of which are known as Dance of Death, Dance of Healing, Dance of Support, and Dance of Strength. Most of the villagers know some moves from these four Dance styles.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

Although it may not be clothing that others around the world commonly wear, the type of clothing that Riko wears is common within her village. Her looks are fitting with her personality and even more fitting with her
fighting style. She has purple and blue hair which is common in her village. She also wears clothing designed from plants which is the reason why it is green and purple. These colors are symbolic of freedom and joy in her village and are the customary clothing for those in the village, especially female dancers.

Blue Ranking

Riko's attitude is one of joy although she bears some cockiness in her attitude too. She often tries to challenge others to competitions which are usually competitions of dancing. For the most part, she is fun loving and enjoys anything. She's not hard to get along with but she has slight rebellious side to her which usually comes during times when she can't have fun.

Warrior Class: Alchemist, Spellcaster
-Sub-Class: Conversionist, Songstress

Elemental Affinity:

History/Background Story:

Riko's history is simple and not filled with any tragedy or sadness like many other stories. Riko was born in the Song Village, which is a happy village although very simple, with their own traditions and customs. The people of the Song Village spend their lives living them the way they choose to with the help of the dances. They usually spend the days dancing and enjoying themselves with the occasional attack on their villages by thieves or spies. The Sonians (people of the Song Village) have also learned to fight using their dances. The Dance of Death, Dance of Healing, Dance of Support, and the Dance of Strength were four individual styles of dance that were used in the Sonians fighting style. Each style had their own specific function. The Dance of Death was the main dance style, which is used in order to defeat the opponent with dance steps and reflexes. The Dance of Healing is used to heal a person physically or mentally and boost their stamina or morale and energy. The Dance of Support is used generally to lighten the mood but more commonly for supporting oneself by forcing the enemy to lower their guard. Finally, the Dance of Strength is used to strengthen a person and make them physically strong for a limited amount of time. Riko had no problems with her village and loved it, but after learning different dances, she asked her parents if she could see the world and learn about the other types of people. They joyfully accepted this and the village saw her off with a dance. She traveled to Sentou Gakuin to meet new people and go into her own adventures. During the 4 months that she has been there, nothing much has changed about her other than the fact that she is happy from meeting new people and is much happier than before.
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Experience Points :
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Re: Riko Mashii

Post by Dagomis on December 14th 2008, 1:42 pm


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