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Hitomi Rosutozui

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Hitomi Rosutozui

Post by Hitomi on December 7th 2008, 9:58 pm

Name: Hitomi Rosutozui
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Hitomi Rosutozui comes from a land known as Shimanagashi. This land was once known for the flourishing plants and the many crops that were produced here. Shimanagashi was also known for the many powerful soldiers that came from there and as such, it was a powerful land when it came to the strength of the military. Throughout the surroundings are green mountains and beautiful fields that could make anyone happy. This place is generally peaceful and calm.

Physical Description[Appearance]:

Hitomi is five feet and six inches and carries a long sword. She wears her
family's traditional outfit which contains black and white: the colors of her family. On the back of her outfit is the Rosutozui symbol, which is the red sun of courage. Hitomi usually keeps her pink hair in a ponytail when she expects a battle but she often wears it long. Hitomi has ripped clothing, which represents her flee from her past. On her feet, Hitomi wears average sandals which she is very well trained in when it comes to movement and speed. Hitomi also has a symbol tattoed on her face. The symbol is the red sun symbol of her family, but only half of it has been tatooed. This shows that she only has a partial allegiance to her family and more importantly, her homeland. On her face is a large scratch that she received as a younger child.


Personality: Hitomi had a low level of trust for anyone due to the events that occured in her past. Because of this, she sometimes came off as a cold and unloving person although she deeply cares about her friends and the few allies that she has left. She is one that puts training above other things and takes it extremely seriously. She is good on the inside and kind but nearly never shows it and often takes a leading role in things and may be demanding. Now, however, she has changed a bit and enjoys life even more. She values her friends and doesn't seclude herself from others. At times she can take things seriously, but her friends have taught her to relax more and to be less uptight. Being able to open up allows others to see that she is different than what people would expect. At times, she can be extremely absent-minded, while at other times her seriousness may make her seem completely different.

Warrior Class: Swordsman, Gunner
-Sub-Class: Samurai, Sharpshooter

Elemental Affinity: Lightning, Earth

History/Background Story: Hitomi Rosutozui was born in the land of Shimanagashi. She was born to the Rosutozui clan and was the third and final child of her family. From birth to the age of seven, Hitomi had an average life, no different from anyone elses. She went to the school to learn and spent time with her friends. It wasn't until her eighth birthday when things changed. During her birthday, she received no gifts and none of her friends came to the small party that she did have. Hitomi began to grow more sad as the day passed, and during that night she overheard her parents talking to each other. They were talking about the execution of the third child born in the family. Hitomi became scared when it became clearly obvious that they was talking about her and that they planned on killing her. They mentioned that the third child would be the one sacrificed if the child couldn't fight. After hearing this Hitomi went off on her own to learn how to fight and hopefully save her own life, but she was unsuccessful. She trained in secret for 4 years and met new people along the way including a boy that eventually became her best friend that went by the name of Akaari Masataka. Once she turned 13, the time had come for her execution. Her parents went to tell her that they must have her
sacrificed for a family ritual, but she tried to save herself by showing them her swordsman and gun skills that she spent many years to learn. She had hoped that this would be enough to spare her life. Unimpressed, her parents still planned on going through with the execution and called out an executioner. The executioner was revealed to be Hitomi's best friend Akaari. Hitomi was slightly relieved and slightly upset. She had figured Akaari would spare her life but then was saddened to see her knew he would have to kill her. Just as she thought she would die on the spot, a blur shot past her eyes. The blur was her oldest brother who defended her against Akaari's attack. He fought off Akaari for the second and freed her from her imprisonment. He had disagreed with the Rosutozui tradition and told her to flee. She did as he said and escaped from her home with a few items for the road. She left immediately, but before she got far Akaari dashed towards her with a shuriken. Her threw a single shuriken at her. The surprise attack caused her to move slowly and she was unable to dodge. The shuriken slashed her in her eye causing her to become blind in one eye and to bear a large slash across the eye. Her brother immediately
attacked Akaari and fought him off. She left quickly and escaped from her homeland. Moments later she heard an explosion and saw how the entire land of Shimanagashi went up in flames. She figured that he brother used some explosion to destroy everyone, but she knew of a secret skill that Akaari had that allowed him to regenerate. She knew he wasn't dead and hoped that her brother wasn't either. Because he brother helped her, she decided that her entire family wasn't bad and kept a partial alliance with her family and more specifically, her brother. A tattoo soon appeared on her forehead although she wasn't sure why. She thought the symbol forever marked her as a cursed person that managed to escape the grasp of death. At the age of 17, she had been wandering and traveling and eventually found a letter that told her to go to a school called Sentou Gakuin. It was written in her brother's handwriting. She soon departed for Sentou Gakuin and joined the school in hopes of becoming stronger and in hopes of finding her brother. She also wishes to destroy Akaari before he destroys her.
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Re: Hitomi Rosutozui

Post by Nejisuke on December 8th 2008, 7:54 am

approved, good job!

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