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Jisenki[Head Warrior]

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Jisenki[Head Warrior]

Post by Jisenki on December 7th 2008, 12:01 am

Name: Jisenki Minato
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: Jisenki comes from the land of Corte Pais. A large town that in the past, may have been a remarkable place, is now a place of pain and misery during Jisenki's time. Jisenki grew here for some of his life and never truly experienced the horrors of it although from what he did experience, he would never return ever. He and one of his lifelong friends, Haganeki, left this place before they came to the school. Generally, this land holds many people that are known simply as streetfighters. Some have swords, some have guns, and some have other various tools made for hurting the opponent although very few have the discipline or the sheer willpower to go beyond and become a true swordsman, gunner, or whatever they could possibly be. The air in Corte Pais is thick, making it hard to breathe and causing many children to not even be born. Others that do survive must grow up fighting, trying to defend their lives from the other citizens of this town that wish to cause them harm. Some had reasons to support their families while others had reasons to support themselves and hurt others for their own greedy purposes. Wilted flowers and grass, filthy water, and gray skies. This was the last place anyone would want to live.

Physical Description[Appearance]: Jisenki is fairly average sized standing at about a height of 5 feet and 11 inches. Jisenki has dark blue hair as well as a small and nearly unseen scratch on his forehead from his early childhood. As part of his clothing, Jisenki usually wears all blue or black with the difference being the different shades of the colors that he may wear. Usually, Jisenki is seen with a long-dark blue cape that flows down to knee length. Also, Jisenki sometimes has thick gloves that keep his fingers revealed. The gloves help him when he is fighting but have no special properties or abilities. Jisenki also wears shoes designed specifically for swift swordsman which allow him to run more freely and unrestrained.Like his personality, his appearance has also changed although not so drastically. In the past, Jisenki had worn lighter clothing and was always carrying his sword. He also wore mostly blue and black. Most of that hasn't changed too much. Instead of wearing simply light and baggy clothing, he has begun to wear a vest to store tools, which can hold more than the leg strap he used to wear. He also has a cape that actually weighs 30 lbs. Wearing this everyday, Jisenki still has kept most of his speed from when he was younger. Now, his clothing is mostly black, save for his shoes, his belt, and some parts of his vest. During the 4 months passed, Jisenki's hair has grown slightly longer to reach a little bit below shoulder length. Some scars have also developed from his training with Karilu, although most of these scars are small scars found on his back and his chest. These scars are purple instead of red from bruising because of the psychic techniques used during their fights. Underneath Jisenki's vest is a long black shirt, which is a better looking plain armor that was made for him by one of his creatures in order to personally suit him. Jisenki's once stern face has now become more calm and prepared.

Head Warrior

Personality: -[As Student]: While a student at Sentou Gakuin, Jisenki had quite the mysterious personality. Generally, he didn't really get along with many people because of his low level of trust and his mindset that others around him were only obstacles and hindrances. As he started meeting others that began to attend the school, like a student that went by the name J, he began to open up more and become slightly more friendly although he still had a very low level of trust for few people. He could express himself mostly through his fighting since he wasn't much for talking. This made it difficult for some people to talk to him about things. Jisenki overall was a calm person then, with very few things upsetting him although from his facial expression it would be difficult to tell. One thing that Jisenki never really did back then was smile, only smiling a few times during battle with people like J or those that had power equal or greater than his own. Basically, Jisenki made himself enigmatic to those around him, only letting one person know any information like his true name. At
that time, Jisenki was partially known for lying and deceiving others to get the truth.
-[As Head Warrior]: Much of the enigmatic being that Jisenki once was is now gone since he is the Head Warrior. More people know about him and he opens up more to talk, generally speaking to form a plan of some kind or even to have conversations. Jisenki likes to get straight to the point and doesn't like it when others avoid the main situation by making other excuses about something. In the past, Jisenki was more of a strike first and ask questions later type of person, but now Jisenki likes to plan his moves out more efficiently, learning about his opponents first and then formulating plans to stop them. In the current time, Jisenki often smiles for whatever makes him happy. He also doesn't lie so much like he did in
the past, but instead he simply withholds information from others that they don't need to know. His tradgedies and strengthening have both matured him to who he is today, but he often wonders if he is truly good enough to be the Head Warrior, often doubting himself and trying to avoid physical confrontations. Since the recent events of Suzaku, Jisenki has started to trust himself more and escape from doubt. He trains his body and mind with Karilu in partial secret to learn more skills. Jisenki is starting to return to the way he was before he became Head Warrior, which is the best thing at this point.

Warrior Class: Swordsman, Ninja
-Sub-Class: Samurai, Assassin

Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Psychic

History/Background Story:

(This story is slightly different than the originalin order to fit different aspects of the forum in)

Jisenki was born into a long line of warriors, all of which new Kenjutsu as a primary martial art. As a young child at the age of 8, Jisenki's father was killed in a fight and his mother was kidnapped. So much trauma placed on him caused him to become stronger. He trained endlessly, hiding his strength from others. He was initially a genius of sorts although he lacked the natural talent in a fight. He continued training until he was finally accepted into Sentou Gakuin. During his physical, he received the 3rd highest score although he failed the written examination completely. His fighting skill was so great that the previous head warrior, Yuudai, decided to accept him personally. As an elite at Sentou Gakuin, he was chosen by the number one warrior to join his team along with the 7th best Elite. Jisenki himself was the 4th. The three of them never failed a mission together as a team, which helped the other warriors see the dominance and power. This also impressed the teachers of the shcool. During one mission, Jisenki was told to go back to Corte Pais to find a convict that had escaped from Akamori's Hidden Asylum. During this mission, Jisenki captured the convict and soon discovered that his mom's fate was death at the hands of this convict. Jisenki personally is not smart when it comes to tests but proves himself physically in a battle and strategies. He relies
on his now superb Kenjutsu skills in battle. While at the academy, he met a student known only as J who passed and made the Elite ranking. The two of them have been through a lot because of their similarities. During J's leave to fight Suzaku alone, Jisenki went out with a group of warriors to defeat members of Suzaku and retrieve J only to be defeated by a warrior known as Raion. After the years, Jisenki trained and eventually became the Head warrior. He now helps the other incoming members of Sentou Gakuin. here have been some situations in which Jisenki personally had to fight while he was the Head Warrior. One of these times was when a student of Sentou Gakuin abandoned and fled the school on a search for Suzaku. Jisenki, along with a few others searched for the warrior, but unfortunately they were unable to recover the warrior and bring him back.

RPing Sample:
Jisenki activated his secret technique: Soshi No Manako. He was now able to see the elemental energy of anyone that had passed that area or was hidden, just as long as they have an element. He walked deeper into the forest a little while after his teammates left to find J. He slowly looked around, scanning the surrounding area for any trace of J in case he hadn't left the forest but was somewhere nearby. On the trees was a yellow and static-like trail that moved up the trees. Jisenki soon realized that someone was nearby.he quickly followed the trail up into a large tree until a fist shot out at him. The fist came from a gargantuan beast that resembled a Lion. The Lion-like beast continued punching at Jisenki swiftly like lightning. Jisenki managed to avoid the full power of the attacks but
still took a slight amount of damage from the attacks. The Lion beast smiled and threw a swift punch at Jisenki, aiming for his head. Jisenki quickly bent backwards and landed on his hands. He countered by going into a spin while on his hands, his feet were ready to kick the beast. The beast was hit in his chin by the kick but the beast dashed into the tree above and managed to take only a small portion of the attack. "So, you're not so weak afterall. I was hoping for a good battle. I'm Raion. The leader of the 7 Cursed Beasts." Jisenki jumped back onto his hands and looked at the beast--Raion. "..." Jisenki didn't answer back. He instead made a long hand sign and pointed his index finger and his middle finger at Raion while they were placed together. A blue spark of electricity began to form from the tips of his fingers. The electricity created a light blue glow and it made crackling sounds. Jisenki looked concentrated as he closed his eyes for only a moment and then opened them while at the same time pointing his finger to Raion, immediately unleashing a massive shock of blue lightning in his direction. Raion grinned and placed his palm out, absorbing the lightning easily, or so it seemed. He immediately afterwards jumped off of the tree and lightning surged throughout the tree, causing the branch he was standing on to crumble as Raion darted off to Jisenki. Jisenki's eyes widened a bit as Raion charged off towards him. The two clashed and lightning surged high into the sky like a reverse lightning storm.

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

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Re: Jisenki[Head Warrior]

Post by Dagomis on December 7th 2008, 1:32 am


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