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Terraform Gloves

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Terraform Gloves

Post by Black_Cat on December 3rd 2008, 11:08 pm

Name: Terraform Gloves

Appearance: The terraform gloves are simple in appearance. They are two nearly skin tight gloves, worn on either hand. The gloves are crafted out of comfortable, supple black leather and are open at the first joint of each finger and completely open at the thumbs. They stop just above the bones of his wrist. All is not as it seems though, as the terraformer gloves are, like Ethan's sword, powerful alchemaic catalysts. On the palm of each glove is a golden yellow symbol, identical on both, featuring a circle, inside of which is a triangle turned on its point, with a circle centered above the flat of the triangle. All around the outside of the circle is script written in runic with two triangles, one at the top of the circle over the script, and one at the bottom of the circle below the script.

Effects: Like Ethan's sword Tempus, the Terraform Gloves act as a catalyst for alchemy, in this case earth type alchemy. They allow Ethan to practice alchemy on the earth and stone around him without having to draw a transmutation circle, cutting down on the time that it takes for him to attack and defend, thus making him faster in and more effective while in battle. In addition, any earth alchemy done while the terraform gloves are on has its attack power increased by 20. In addition, they grant him increased protection against earth type elemental attacks by transmuting the earth or stone used into smaller particles upon impact with the body, decreasing their attack power by 20.

History: After being kidnapped and spirited away from his home country of Mystea, Ethan was forced to spend about three years travelling around with the rogues from city to city. During this time, Ethan fell into the company of a man by the name of Sirius, who was a member of the rogues himself. Soon after meeting Ethan, Sirius suspected that Ethan might have the gift of alchemy, since many of the members of the royal house had had it long before Mystea had proclaimed itself neutral. After several tests it became apparent that Ethan excelled in two areas of alchemy: lightning and earth alchemy. While Sirius knew nothing about lightning alchemy, he himself practiced earth alchemy, and agreed to train Ethan in its use. The very first thing that he did was to give Ethan the Terraform gloves, because they allowed him to train him faster (since he could skip right over teaching him how to draw transmutation circles) and also allowed Ethan to practice alchemy more safely, without the danger of drawing a circle and using alchemy that he could not control, since the gloves limited his alchemy to the script and symbols inscribed on them. After Sirius died, Ethan decided to keep and use them, in memory of his old friend.

Quantity: One Pair
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Re: Terraform Gloves

Post by Jisenki on December 4th 2008, 3:50 pm

Very well done. Approved.

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