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Ethan Sirius [Finished]

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Ethan Sirius [Finished]

Post by Black_Cat on December 3rd 2008, 8:26 pm

Name: Ethan Sirius

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Homeland: After a long and bloody war with several surrounding nations, Mystea, a small independant land far to the west of Sentou Gakuin, seemed to disappear from existance. In reality, it's greatest spellcasters combined their powers, and together they had raised a range of mountains, high and strong, enclosing Mystea like a valley within their boarders. It was here that Ethan Sirius was born. Mystea's lands are prosperous, consisting mostly of wide open plains and large patches of forest. Because of this, the small nation has a very strong agricultural economy within itself, much of the land being used for farming and the raising of cattle. In addition, some brave souls venture into the mountains surrounding the land, to mine ore and work metal, though the making of weapons has been outlawed. The land has named itself completely netral. It refuses to take sides in any war, or to involve itself in the troubles of the rest of the world. For the last 50 years there has been great civil unrest in Mystea, with the people divided into two factions: the myste, those who side with the government, preferring to remain neutral, and the rogues, those who disagree, and feel that Mystea should aid the land however they can. The rogues have discovered a way through the mountains, though no one suspects thus, and their members frequently make trips outside the mountains and into the world.

Physical Description[Appearance]: Ethan stands at a height of about 5'10" tall, and weighs in at about 156 lbs; a pretty normal size for a person of his age. He has about a medium build, most of his body mass being comprised of lean tissue and sinewy muscle. His features are sharper, somewhat, more clearly defined than a person from the westlands, across the ocean. His chin is very slightly angled, coming to more of a sort of rounded point than would be considered the usual in the westlands. His ears are of average size, his eyes are large and somewhat wider than is usual, almost innocent looking if not for the determined flame that is constantly reflected in his gaze. He has a smaller nose, and somewhat thin lips, though not so thin as to seem odd. He has slightly higher than usual cheekbones, with pronunciation that is about the usual amount. His hair is long, reaching down to about his waistline. It is a bluish-black color, and naturally messy, giving it an unruly, but acceptable appearance that fits him well. He is actually quite handsome, and his distinguished features definately give him a foreign appearance. Ethan wears a battle ready, yet reasonabley comforatble outfit most of the time. His usual clothing consits of a pair of dark, almost black blue cargo pants with strips of black material along the lower portion of the legs. The pants are held by a black leather belt with a silver buckle. On his feet he wears a pair of dark brown leather travelling boots with dark gray iron buckles. On his upper body he wears a sleeveless white shirt with black straps crisscrossing it to hold his sword which is strapped to his back. He also wears a pair of black leather gloves. On the palms of both are identical golden yellow symbols.

Ranking: Yellow

Personality: Despite his intellictual style of dealing with things and his sometime sharp wit and tongue, he is actually a pretty normal guy. When he's not studying or reading he spends a lot of time around others; hanging with his friends and messing around. He is sometimes a bit reclusive, particularly when focusing on his studies or is pursuing a lead on some new information. Most of the time Ethan can be found in his room studying, reading a book, or browsing through information in search of new knowledge. He doesn't talk much accept for with the people that he knows, more or less keeping his silence if he doesn't know the person. He is, however, eager to meet new people, and he has quite a large group of friends at the high school now, so he spends a lot of time with them when he's not in the library at school; he's definately your classic intellectual a lot of the time. He is a bit hard headed about academics and being right, and, if he is sure he is right, will sometimes even argue with a teacher or one of his elders if it'll prove his point. He has a powerful desire to help others, which sometimes puts him, and others in danger.

When it comes to his attitude; that's where he differentiates from most intellectuals. Where your stereotypical intellectual is a pretty shy, reluctant kind of person, Ethan is drastically different. When talking to people he knows, Ethan is very confident. He speaks his mind easily and firmly, and is not afraid to make a point by any means necessary; that includes going toe to toe with others. At times, Ethan has a very quick wit and and even faster tongue, and so he sometimes says things without thinking them through enough which sometimes gets him in trouble. He deals with problems though like a intellectual. When faced with a crisis, he is much less rash, thinking his ideas and potential actions through before actually putting them into practice. He completely and totally focuses himself on any goals that he sets, which gives him great determination. While this can be a strength, it is coupled with a strong sense of curiosity, and can also mean that he sometimes pries into things that he should not. Ethan's problem is that he is very emotional when he's around others. He is not very good at controlling his emotions around the people that he knows and in general really, which means that sometimes he acts in a manner that some people consider unpredictable.

Being that Ethan is more of an intellectual type, many of his interests involve academic or knowledge-related activities. He loves to read, particularly being interested in mystery novels; he loves to try and guess who the perpetrator is before the story can. While this is not something that he actually enjoys persay, he does a lot of studying, since he hates failing, particularly failing at something that he could have succeeded if he had put forth more effort. He spends a lot of time seeking out new knowledge that he has not yet attained. For example, if someone were to ask him a question about something and he did not have the answer, he might spend the next two or three days on the computer or the library trying to find the answer to the question for his own good. He enjoys reading about history; his philosophy is that 'those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it'. Besides all of these hobbies, Ethan is interested in more average teenager things. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and spending time at the mall, as he likes to observe people, going about their daily lives. Being that Ethan grew up in a tumulted household, Ethan really dislikes people who are overly aggressive or violent, and yet at the same time, he has that tendency. He dislikes people who treat others badly, having seen a good deal of misreatment in his house while he was growing up and still seeing it today makes him angry. He also absolutely refuses to drink alcohol because of what he has learned about it. He absolutely hates having to do nothing, stay unnecessarily still or just sit around.

Warrior Class: Swordsman/Alchemist
-Sub-Class: Samurai/Conversionist

Elemental Affinity: Earth/Lightning

History/Background Story: Nineteen years ago, a young man named Ethan was born to th royal house in the land of Mystea with the surname Solenae (so-lun-ay). As a noble, from birth, Ethan was expected to carry on the family's loyalties to the country, and to Mystea's proclamation of seperation from the rest of the world. The first six years of Ethan's life were relatively normal. He was taught in the best of schools from age four, and enjoyed the many advantages that nobles were provided by the government. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Ethan, the rogues in the city had been scheming. They thought to strike a blow to the government, and plotted to kidnap the heir to the throne. When Ethan was at the age of seven, the rogue's launched an assault on the manor where he and his family stayed. Many of the rogues were killed by the family's guards, but a small group of them knocked him unconcious and spirited him out of the city. The original plan was that th heir be executed, and thus the royal family would be denied an heir. However, one of the rogue's members, a warrior by the name of Sirius, persuaded them to allow him to keep an eye on Ethan. He would travel outside of the valley for a time, and if at the end of it he had not changed his feelings towards the situation in Mystea, he would be executed then. For the next three years he was forced to travel with the rogues. He found Sirus to be a good man; he taught him to fight and how to use alchemy, a powerful ability that was passed down through is family, though long forgotten due to the military neutrality of the nation. As he travelled though, he began to notice a trend. Every city that they passed through, he noticed suffering. He saw beggars in the streets, homeless, penniless, pushed to crime to survive. He saw battle; men fighting each other over all manner of things, from land to money to power. He began to see the sore straits that the world was really in; and he began to despise the government of Mystea for refusing to help these people any way they could. He developed a philosophy that if indeed he was a noble, he should like what he was: noble. Certainly it was not noble to cower in the valley when so many innocent people were suffering...dying? At the age of 13, Ethan cut all ties to the Mystean empire and joined the rogues, hoping to help people any way he could. He discarded his surname, becoming simply Ethan, and resumed travelling the world with his newfound companions. Four years later, things changed again for Ethan. He was seventeen now, and while he agreed with the rogue's points of view, he could not help feeling like a puppet, jerked around on a string. Since he was a noble, they had been using his influence to further their own ends, and he did not like it. He decided to escape; to live his own life. The rogues did not agree with this course of action, and tried to stop him. Sirius though, had grown close to Ethan. He did not want him to die, and so he gave him a chance to run, holding off the men who had come after him. In the battle, Sirus died, right before Ethan's eyes, who was forced to hide only a short distance away. He escaped, but, once again, things had changed. He felt weak. How could he truly help the world if he was not strong enough even to save his friend's life? He decided to leave the entire continent behind, and seek strength elsewhere, on the mysterious continent to the west. He arrived in a small city just outside of Sentou Gakuin, where he stayed for two years, practicing his swordsmanship and alchemy in secret. By the end of the second year, Ethan had heard much from the citizens about an acadamy nearby, that trained the strongest of warriors to help the people. His interest peaked, Ethan, taking the surname Sirius now in honor of his dead friend, travelled to the acadamy in search of instruction. He became a warrior of the lowest class, yellow, and has been there ever since, hoping to one day become strong enough to return to Mystea and overturn the corrupt government there, bringing his country back into the world once more.
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Re: Ethan Sirius [Finished]

Post by Jisenki on December 4th 2008, 12:10 am

Very Nice Character you have here. The first two people to make their character have the most descriptive characters that the forum's probably seen so far. I hope the other members and any returning members can continue the trend.


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