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Rankings of Each Group & Their Functions

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Rankings of Each Group & Their Functions

Post by Jisenki on November 16th 2008, 12:34 am

This topic will contain information on the different Rankings of Sentou Gakuin, Suzaku, and the neutral warriors. Some rankings are better than others, and the strongest ranking will be placed first on the list of Groups and the list will consist of rankings from strongest to weakest. At the end of each group will be organizations within each group and some information about what they do. If you have any questions on these groups, feel free to PM me. Don't hesitate to ask if positions are open.
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Sentou Gakuin

Head Warrior: The Head Warrior is designated as the most powerful warrior and the most responsible warrior of the school, and as such, acts as the leader of the school. He is in charge of making sure the school runs smoothly and desides how offensive and defensive matters on the school itself should progress. He makes decisions on which missions the school will accept and whether or not certain warriors can go up in rank or which warriors take which positions in the school. The Head Warrior chooses a successor in case he dies. In the event that someone is not chosen before the Head Warrior dies, a tournament must take place between only the Tsurabi and whoever wins becomes the next Head Warrior.

The Tsurabi act as the teachers of the different classes and also as substitute Trainers for teams/parties that do not have their own Trainer. The Tsurabi are generally the rank directly below the Head Warrior that, alongside him, make decisions concerning the school and what's important. They are highly skilled and have power rivaling that of the Head Warrior. Tsurabi usually have techniques that help them in assassination, survival, and interrogation.

Master: Masters are similar to Trainers and Tsurabi. Although not as strong as Tsurabi, they also hold a great deal of power and focus on the school itself, making sure the general perimeter is safe from intruders. Most Masters specialize in defense as they guard the school gates, the halls of the school, and other sections of the school like the Power Core. Masters are important parts of the school.

Trainer: Trainers, as their name implies, focus on training the less experienced students so that they can become strong warriors on their own. A Trainer is assigned a team, or a party, in which they teach them new skills and techniques that will benefit them. Trainers also conduct some missions with their party, but that is left to their discretion.

Elite: Elites are the strongest students in the school, with powers and skills that may either be less than, equal to, or greater than some Masters or even Tsurabi. Elites are warriors that are more mature and have better skills than the standard Blue, Red, or Yellow Ranked Warriors. Their skills are so acknowledgable that they can be allowed to take high ranked missions without the rest of their Party/Team.

Blue Rank: The top ranking of the minor three ranks. Blue Ranked Warriors have proven themselves in battle and are a little more advanced than Red and Yellow Ranked warriors to the points where they may or may not be able to take on Elites. Although strong, they don't always have the skill or knowledge to take on all warriors or face as many challenges as an Elite or higher ranked warrior could.

Red Rank: But a small step on the staircase to powerful warriorship. Red Rank warriors should consider themselves warriors as they are learning and developing their skills so that they can be prepared to take on new challenges. Red Ranked warriors usually have some experience of missions and battles but a lack thereof, meaning that they don't have what it takes to face the threats of the real world. In nearly all missions, their party members will be with them.

Yellow Rank: These are inexperienced fighters with no true skill of battling tough opponents. They may have faced novice warriors in their villages or nearby lands, but the powerful warriors that lay far out have yet to have been experienced by these trainee warriors.

--Uramichi--: The Uramichi are the secret force of Sentou Gakuin. They are extremely secret to everyone in Sentou Gakuin and only the members themself and the Head Warrior truly know about them. The Uramichi's main task is to conduct secret missions in which the silence any threats that take place inside the school or outside that could create a massive alert. The Uramichi work in secret, being unnamed and withholding their identity altogether. The strongest warrior's of Sentou Gakuin are meant to be apart of this group and they can be part of Tsurabi, Master, etc. as long as they are capable enough and keep their information completely secret from even non-Uramichi friends. They are the primary defense of the school if it is breached and they are supposed to defend without leaving any trace of the breaching ever occurring.


Suzaku Leader: The Suzaku Leader is, of course, the leader of the Organization Suzaku. He manages the teams of Suzaku and controls which actions the members, as a whole, takes. He or she is supposed to be the strongest warrior within Suzaku. Generally the Suzaku Leader conducts the group's affairs, which may vary depending on the Leader him/herself.

Suzaku Elite: The Suzaku Elites are the main force of Suzaku as they conduct the main missions. They have the creatures, equipment, and skills necessary to strike on their targets and they receive their orders directly from the Suzaku Leaders through face-to-face meetings and gatherings. Each Suzaku Elite has their own codename and possesses a mask in order to conceal their identity. With the mask and codename comes a chain and a capsule that allows them to summon a powerful creature to their side after specific conditions are met. Suzaku Elites are usually paired either in a two man group or individually based on complementing skills. Each pairing or individual Suzaku member has Suzaku Grunts beneath them, usually.

Suzaku Grunt: Suzaku Grunts are the weak warriors of the Organization and act as minions to Suzaku Elites. Most Grunts don't know the Suzaku Leader by face or even codename and some may possibly not know of his existence. They usually handle tasks that support the Suzaku Elite they work under and may perform any job fitting for their skill. Grunts have no codenames but instead use their actual names or any nickname they have had.

: Hunters are a secret group of Suzaku that consists of only two members. They are warriors that spy on their targets, allowing Suzaku to learn information quickly and with less risk of being discovered. Usually, Suzaku Hunters are trained in resisting interrogation and are among powerful and stealthy warriors, being able to hold their own against Suzaku Elite and very possibly defeating them. They usually know how to use their skills and can defend themselves even against a Tsurabi. They are highly capable warriors, and the two warriors are supposed to be great as a team, working off of each other's attack and supporting each other.

Neutral Warriors

Civilians: Civilians are the common people in the world that have no powers or fighting potential beyond that of an average human being. They don't usually possess any special traits or techniques and because of their lack of potential, they usually perform tasks like run shops, homes, and make things. Although they may not be special like a warrior, they can still support warriors by making them weapons, equipment, or even giving them places to stay during missions or trips. Without the common civilians, the world wouldn't be the same.

Wanderer: Wanderers are similar to Civilians with a few differences. Wanderers are people that have the potential to become warriors but have lived their lives as Civilians. They may possess a slight skill or know some techniques, or may even be skilled in the martial arts. They generally start with low stats but, unlike Civilians, those stats can be raised.

Ryoushi: Ryoushi warriors are bounty hunters or mercenaries that spend their lives and power using whatever knowledge they know for the sake of themselves. They are usually powerful and they perform their actions for their own intentions. Whatever the reasons, they do what they do and do it well.

Independent: An independent warrior is a warrior who is simply that. They have no allegiance to anyone in particular although they could be persuaded to go to one side or the other. Whichever side has them could possibly have a powerfull asset on their side because Independent warriors tend to be powerful. Unlike a Ryoushi, they aren't really bounty hunters but simply a warrior. They could be anything.
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