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Status & Conditions[Brief]

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Status & Conditions[Brief]

Post by Jisenki on November 4th 2008, 4:49 pm

There are some status ailments that can overall affect your character and strike different parts of them such as their dice roll, their HP, or even the elements or items equipped by them. Status ailment can be inflicted to your character using anything from weapons to Special techniques that a character may possess. Below are a list of some Status Ailments that can occur and their affects:

Sleep- Can't use dice for 3 turns (including both you and your opponent's turns)

- Affected character loses a certain amount of Health Points or Skill Points each turn

- Doubles the amount of damage that each technique or attack you use deals and doubles the amount of damage that you take from your opponent's techniques or attacks.

Guard- Halves the amount of damage that each technique or attack you use deals and halves the amount of damage that you take from your opponent's
techniques or attacks.

Protect- Keeps techniques or attacks that target you from affecting you for a set amount of turns.

Confusion- If you roll an odd number, the attack you used is inflicted on yourself and cannot be dodged. If you rolled an even, it will target opponent(s) as it normally would with the the possibility of being blocked, dodged, etc.

Assistance Lock
- Cannot use equipment, weapons, or creatures, which includes any abilities or effects that they may have. This also means that any creatures in use are locked, weapons, and equipment effects are also locked. Fusion's are also negated and the character in the fusion is instantly returned to their original form (with the fusion's effects removed).

Self Pierce- Attacks that hurt your character does triple instead of the normal amount.

- Your character may use one additional dice but their health must be at 100 or less and the effects wear off immediately once they reach any HP amount above 100.

Unlucky- All of your Dice Roll amounts are halved

Discharge- Any element you possess is nullified for 10 turns and all techniques that have elemental affinities cannot be used.

Invisible- Cannot attack or be attacked. Once an action is performed using a dice, the effects of this wears off.

Repel- Attacks that successfully hit the user of this condition inflicts half of the damage back to the attacker automatically. The attacker can still defend, evade, or counter the attack. No dice are required for the return attack to the attacker.

Curse- Deals a set amount of damage whenever the affected person uses a basic attack or defense dice. Inflicts damage per dice.

Stop- Keeps creatures that have a turn count from performing any actions like attacking, defending, evading, etc, (effects still apply). Their turn count also stops in place until the stop status wears off.

Regen- Character affected by this condition gains a certain amount of HP each turn automatically.

Revive- A status that allows the character to remain on the field in a revitalized state after their health reaches 0.

Petrification- A type of death in which the person affected becomes a stone-like state. Other conditions don't affect him but the affected cannot use any dice or control creatures. equipment, or weapon. This is similar to death.

Death- This condition is the result of a character's HP reaching 0. When applied, the affected cannot be revived by anything and can no longer activate or control anything they own.

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