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Equipment Information

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Equipment Information

Post by Jisenki on November 1st 2008, 11:49 pm

Equipment, as with any RPG, is a vital point of your character as they can increase your character's stats while decreasing the opponent's stats. Equipment in this RPG does not include weapons or creatures, but instead simply includes Armor and Accessories. Armor is specifically used as resistance against attacks that have elements as well as the effects of an ability. Below is an example of defensive armor.

Anti-Aquos Armor: This armor has a -100 resistance to water type attacks. A suit of armor forged from fire sages. This suit of armor burns with an intensity that allows only fire-type users to equip it to themselves. The shining red suit of armor's burn can evaporate water on contact, rendering it ineffective to opponent's specializing in water techniques and skills.

-From reading the ability above, you can see that the armor will subtract 100 attack power from any water-based attack used against the user [hence the word resistance], meaning that if a person uses an attack with 50 attack power and a water attribute, it will do 0 because of the armor and its -100 resistance. Armor is equipped in the Profile Page *keep this is mind* and does not require a dice to use, but simply verification that it is equipped and taking effect.

Not all armor is meant to be used for simply defending. Some armor will be used to achieve an even greater task, such as self-fusion. An example of this is the once popular combination of Fusion Ring+Plain Armor+Creature to make a self-fusion. Below is an example:

Plain Armor: This armor has the ability to fuse the user with a creature, as long as the user possesses a Fusion Ring as well as a creature. When used in combination, the controller gains all of the abilities of the creature as well as any HP they may have remaining. This ragged and worn out suit of armor may not look it, but it is actually a very treasured and very expensive piece of equipment. It does not provide any resistance in battle unless it the effects of fusion take place, and the resistance effects are only applied based on the creature(s) that were fused with the user.

-Looking at this armor, you can see that it does not provide any resistance against attacks, but in order for its full effects to take place, it needs more ingredients, specifically the Fusion Ring and an additional Creature or Creatures. As you can see, armor is not just for protection, but also for supplementary effects.

Now for accessories: Accessories, unlike armor, are not used for resistance, but instead for increasing the stats of your character. Accessories are generally smaller tools worn on the body or the weapon and accessories can also benefit a weapon as well as a character, like a ring, bracelet, bangle, chain, etc. Accessories don't affect Dice amounts in any way, but instead increase the power of a weapon or even techniques that your characters use. Some rarer accessories can also give artificial benefits, such as artificial elements or warrior types. In many, if not most cases, you will not be able to create these types of accessories (accessories that give you elements or warrior types). Below is an example of a supplementary accessory for a character.

KamiKaze Glove: This is a gray glove with the kanji for divine wind placed on it. This glove has special properties that causes the users that have the wind element to increase their attacks with the wind attribute by 200 Attack Power. This is a hard item to purchase as it is expensive and difficult to make. Only a person with developed wind skills can truly control and contain the power that this glove gives them.

-Even though it has a fairly simple yet helpful ability for wind users, this is a good example of the way an accessory would basically work. As you can see from the above example, the accessory only works for wind attacks and the effects only apply to users that can use the wind attribute. Keep these in mind when making attacks and remember that like armor, accessories are also ALWAYS in effect as long as they are equipped to your character in the Profile Page.

As you saw with the armor, not all armor are for simple protection. Just like the armor, accessories can also be used for non-elemental purposes like the Fusion Rings, which are ingredients used with the Plain Armor and a creature to cause self-fusion. In the end, they all have the effects of helping your character, but some accessories like the Fusion Ring require more tools.

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