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    Shigure Kintoki

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    Shigure Kintoki

    Post by Zura on September 6th 2008, 11:08 pm

    Name: Shigure Kintoki

    Appearance: When it is in its original form, Shigure Kintoki looks like an ordinary bamboo sword, that is three feet and 6 inches long. The color of the bamboo sword and tannish brown and the handle and the tip of the bamboo sword is white. When Shigure Kintoki transforms into its katana form, the kantana is made out of refined steel that is black and the actual blade of the kanata is white. The hilt of the kanata is brown and circular with a unique design on it and the grip is wrapped around with a thin black rope that crosses over again and again that makes it look like there are diamond shaped spaces on the middle of the grip.

    Rain flame- Shigure Kintoki has the ability to emit the rain flame out off the blade in its tranformed form. The rain flame's property is tranquility meaning that it has the ability to decrease the power of other flames or nullify the opponent's attack that has energy involved in it. The flame also increases the sword's endurance and strength, but the flame does not actually burn. Yamazaki can also swing Shigure Kintoki around while continuously emitting the flames to provide cover for him. Lambo taught Yamazaki about the rain flame but Yamazaki was able to figure out how to combine it with his weapon. The added power to Shigure Kintoki is 10 times the dice roll.

    Attack Power: Rain flame- N/A

    Dice usage: Rain flame- Special

    Benefits: Rain flame- Supplementary

    History: Yamazaki received Shigure Kintoki from his parents after he left home for five years. The way he earned it from his parents was telling them what he has been doing the past couple of years and telling them that he had learned the Shigure Souen Style. Yamazaki also proved to his parents that he could do Shigure Souen Style's techniques by using the techniques to cut down several dummies in the kendo dojo. When his father gave it to him, he was told that this sword had been pasted down the family for generations and since he had learned the Shigure Souen Style it was his turn to take the sword, use it, and then past it on to the next generation.

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    Re: Shigure Kintoki

    Post by Hitomi on September 7th 2008, 6:04 pm

    That seems like a good weapon to have in battle and pretty powerful.
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