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The Keyblade

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The Keyblade

Post by Xexame on September 6th 2008, 7:05 pm

Name: The Kingdom Key Keyblade

Appearance: The general form the keyblade is in, is known as the Kingdom Key, and is the default appearance for Sora's keyblade. The Kingdom Key looks like a classic skeleton key. The blade and teeth are silver, while the guard is gold. The keychain is a mouse's symbol. The teeth of the Kingdom Key form the silhouette of a crown. Interestingly enough, the silhouette formed from the teeth seems to match the crown charm on the necklace that Sora wears. The keyblade also changes form with each keychain attached to it, which Sora uses to his advantage. (His abilities reflect on the keychains and will be named as such so a little more info on its appearance will appear in the keychain abilities.)


Oathkeeper: The Oathkeeper is the name of the keyblade after a specific keychain is attached it. Once attached, the keyblade changes form, but even more is the strength that it grants the user, namely Sora. When this keychain is attached, Sora's forms increase in power and increase the length that Sora can use the forms. Usually, the forms last their own amount of time, but with the Oathkeeper in use, each form can be used for 1 extra turn.

Diamond Dust: The Diamond Dust is another keychain that Sora uses in battle. When activated, the reach of the keyblade is increase slightly, but a skill now comes along with the keychain, which increase the damage done by attacks using an element by 50. The Diamond Dust is one of the stronger keychains that Sora has and was created from his memories against an Ice Beast that he faced and defeated in the past. Whenever Sora strikes while holding this Keyblade, the basic strikes resemble ice.

Spellbinder: This keyblade reflects Sora's knowledge of spells. With this keychain attached, Sora is able to control his spells better and enhance their powers. In battle, this keyblade's ability allows all of Sora's Spellcaster techniques to increase by 1 dice in battle. When Sora strikes with the keyblade, the attacks resemble silver lightning bolts. Usually, Sora doesn't use physical attacks with this, but instead uses spells. He has enough keychains and experience to swap them out with great speed.

Ultima: Sora's strongest keychain, respectively turning into the strongest keyblade. The Ultima keyblade allow all of Sora's attacks that use attack dice to be increase by 2. For each unsuccessful attack that Sora uses while wielding Ultima, he loses 50 HP. Whenever he strikes while wielding Ultima, the blade shines a little at the exact moment of impact. This was overall, the hardest keychain for Sora to find since he needed to recover certain items and take them to a group of creatures that were able to merge them in order to form the keyblade. This is one of the most treasured keyblades.

Attack Power: (Varies based on the techniques used)

Dice usage: N/A
Benefits: N/A

History: The Keyblade was given to Sora in place of his wooden sword when the darkness came to consume his lands and his friend. One of his best friends were taken by the darkness and just as Sora was too, the keyblade appeared, giving him the power to fight against the creatures around his land. Using the keyblade, he and his newfound friends set out to find the light. He has used the keyblade on many occasions, successfully defeating his foes and finally being reunited with his friends.
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Re: The Keyblade

Post by Hitomi on September 7th 2008, 6:01 pm

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