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Krato's Skills and Technqiues

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Krato's Skills and Technqiues

Post by Guest on September 4th 2008, 1:10 pm

Name: Shade Slash
Range: Close-Midrange
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 300
Warrior affinity: Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: Shadow
Description: Kratos infuses his sword with his energy and then does a slash to the opponent. After the slash has been done, the energy from the blade goes into the ground taking the form of a shadow and goes below the opponent and rises up from below, slashing the opponent. If it is used in a dark area, Kratos can make the energy slash appear from anywhere else besides the opponent's shadow.

Name: Half-shift
Range: N/A
Dice Usage: Special Dice
Attack Power: N/A
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Benefits: Supplementary
Description: Ever since Kratos
became part of Contract, he has been infused with special energy that allows him to half-shift. Kratos charges energy within him and then releases allowing his laguz blood to activate, changing him to half dragon. This increases his strength and energy and allows him to fly but it decreases his speed. In RP battles, all of his attacks increase by 15 times the dice roll and he loses 5 evade dice but gains 2 defense dice.

Name: Bane
Range: Close
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 600
Warrior affinity: Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: Kratos dashes in front of his opponent and does several slashes and when he is done attacking, he appears right behind them. All of the slashes Kratos does when he uses this technique do not hit any vital spots so even if the opponent has 300 health left and this technique hits, it will always leave 1 health left.

Name: Target Hunt
Range: Close-Far
Dice Usage: N/A
Attack Power: N/A
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: Kratos uses his Contract ability which is to find his desired target by focusing psychic energy into his left eye. He can only find his target if he has seen the person before and knows the personís name. He can only find living organisms so if the target that he is looking is not a living being like a dead body or an object, he will be unable to find it. This is not used in RP battles.

Name: Dimensional Blade
Range: Close-Far
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 300 times dice roll
Warrior affinity: Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: Kratos focuses most of his energy into his eye and his blade, allowing him to make a temporary dimension that only him and his target is in. He then charges forward and he warps through his target with the blade, attacking his opponentís insides. When Kratos is finished attacking the dimension disappears and they are sent back to where the two of them originally were. Since this technique causes Kratos to use up most of his energy, Kratos must have more than 2000 health left and it can only be used two times in each battle.

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Re: Krato's Skills and Technqiues

Post by Hitomi on September 4th 2008, 1:40 pm

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