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Ferrus Arden Mundael "Raven"

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Ferrus Arden Mundael "Raven"

Post by Guest on August 27th 2008, 5:44 pm

Name: Ferrus Arden Mundael “Raven”

Gender: Male

Race: Magus

Alliance: Sentou Gakuin

Age: 18

Homeland: Ferrus, better known as Raven, hails from a land quite a bit north from the academy of Sentou Gakuin. While no one outside of its boundaries is even aware of its existence, its inhabitants have given it the name of Mystique, meaning, quite obviously, mysterious or unknown. The land is mostly plains and dense forests with a huge mountain range or two creating an effective wall around its boundaries. All together it is a reasonably peaceful and beautiful place, and its inhabitants live in relative happiness. All but for two things: 1) The Shadows. They are dangerous creatures spawned from the darkness itself which prowl the lands outside of the cities, which have become known as the Shadowlands. While the shadows rarely enter the cities, they are quite a nuisance to the people of Mystique, constantly launching raids and such on small villages and outposts. 2) Mystique is isolated by the mountains surrounding it from the rest of the world. The people are very curious about the outside world, but are unable to explore due to the boundaries that the mountains create.


Despite his very young age, Raven is indeed a powerful magician, and as a graduate of the Magus Academy he appears as such at all times. He keeps himself well groomed, his long forest green hair always brushed well and tied back behind his head in order to keep it out of his way during movement and battle. He possesses the crimson red eyes which are the trademark of his race; in addition his pupils are not circles, but rather small symbols which grant him increased range of site and aim; these are also trademarks of the magus. His skin is somewhat pale, but not to the point that he looks weak or frail, but instead giving him a somewhat distinguished appearance. Similarly, his build is slim and athletic, allowing him quite a bit of speed and agility for a primarily non-melee fighter. This allows him to cast magic while being able to effectively counterattack with martial arts and dodge with a reasonable amount of speed and grace. His green hair is held back by twin golden bands which give him almost a long pigtail look, however, the majority of his hair falls straight, giving his a hair a unique style. On his forehead is permanently painted a red symbol, the crest of his family. The outermost layer of his clothing is a long, dark olive green cloak which reaches down to where his ankles start. The cloak has a large hood in additin, making him capable of hiding his appearance as he pleases. Underneath this cloak is a high collared robe made of a durable but silky material which is primarily black with gold trim as well as at the ends of the sleeves, the hem, and the top of the neck. In addition he wears white handwraps around his hands, as well as a blue garter belt and a brown leather one with a green emerald buckle. On his feet he wears a pair of roman-esque leather sandles over white foot wraps. He carries his weapon, a black spellbook bound with gold trappings at all times, and can usually be seen reading from it.

Ranking: Yellow Ranked Warrior

Personality: Because his upbring at the Magus Academy, Raven acts a certain way at all times. First of all, he has been taught to treat everyone he meets with courtesy and in a gentlemanly way. This has resulted in two distinct personality traits, the first being a tendency to be polite and good-natured towards almost everyone he meets, the second being that he can not stand to see others be mean or discourteous to others, particularly in the case of a man treating a woman badly. Furthermore, Raven has been brought up to respect nature and the power that it commands; because of this, he has a sort of environmentalist attitude, disliking it when people do not respect nature. (Ex: Littering, unnecessary destruction, etc.) He also respects the arcane arts and so those who disrespect casters of spells upset him. Despite the uniform aspects of his personality, Raven is actually quite a fun person. He is very social, greatly enjoying spending time with his friends and just hanging out whenever possible. He is a very dedicated studier of the magical arts, and so can often be seen reading his spell book or lost in study during much of the time that he is not with friends or in class. During battle he is intense and focused, completely and totally dedicated to defeating his opponent or opponenents. Being a magician, it is absolutely crucial that he remain concentrated and level-headed in battle, and so he not only uses those skills to gain the upper hand in battle, he has incorperated them into his everyday life and studies. He enjoys practicing his magic, eating ramen, hanging out with friends and reading a good book.

Type of Warrior: Spellcaster/Ninja

Elemental Affinity: Water

History/Character's Background Story: Ferrus Arden Mundael was born in the mainland of The Mystique inside one of the large, well protected cities by the name of Rem. Ferrus is and was born to a pure-blooded family of the Magus race by the name of Mundael, meaning "World" in the common tongue. They were not rich or particularly powerful, but they were well enough off to take care of themselves and, being Magus, were the possessors of the ancient and powerful arcane arts, granted to the Magus race by the goddess Shir'Kal. The humans of Mistique hated the Magus for recieving the arcane gift, and so growing up he was put under a lot of maltreatment by humans, which provided him with the base of his hatred for bad treatment of others. It was quickly discovered that Ferrus had the gift of the arcane, as he well should have, and at that, possessed a rare element being that of water. He made many friends growing up, being a very charismatic person, although most of his friends were not human. He was very adventerous from a very young age, often wandering off into the Shadowlands to explore and worrying his parents to death. At the age of 10 it was decided that he would be sent to the Magus Academy, where he would be taught to wield the power granted him by Shir'Kal with expertise. He quickly grasped the classes, having a natural affinity for the art of magic. During his time in the Academy he also acrued many rivals, most of whom he ignored, who were jealous of his talent. He graduated at the age of 15, having mastered his element to an acceptable degree. For a year or so after he extensively explored the Shadowlands, soon becoming restless, and trying to find a way to cross the mountains and explore the outside world. After several months of searching, he finally discovered, unbeknownst to anyone else, a secret passage which led to a tunnel that would take him underneath the mountains and out on the other side. Knowing that his family and friends would either try to stop him or come with him, which would put them in danger, he quickly gathered a multitude of supplies and left, without saying a word to anyone. After a year of travelling through the world, he finally the reached the Academy of Sentou Gakuin, where he decided that he would settle for a while. He quickly enrolled as a student, taking the name Raven and has been staying and training there ever since. He does however often think back on his home, wondering, almost hoping that one day someone else will discover the passage and be able to venture out into the wide world.

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Re: Ferrus Arden Mundael "Raven"

Post by Jisenki on August 27th 2008, 11:19 pm


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