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Sameto Kyuuto's Skill List

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Sameto Kyuuto's Skill List

Post by Kisuke on August 21st 2008, 5:31 pm

Name: Rage of The Shark
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: Sameto will go berserk. slashing mostly anything in his way with intense speed. Generally used as a way to clear his path of obstacles, he also uses this skill as an attempt to kill his enemy or enemies although it doesn't although work since he isn't using any true swordsmanship, but is actually just cutting things blindly. He has been known to hurt anyone nearby because of his berserk mindset.

Name: Focus of the Feline
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Ninja
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Description: Sameto concentrates his mind for a split second and allows his feline instincts to take over, allowing him and causing him to behave and act like a feline. While like this, he usually evades his foes rather than attack them, although if he does attack, he uses his claws instead of his butcher sword and he becomes more rabid. When using this skill, Sameto's eyes begin to look more like a cat. His vision and hearing increases slightly while this technique is in use.

Name: Dive Bomb
Range: Far
Warrior affinity: Ninja/Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: Lightning
Description: Sameto will charge lightning energy into his feet and launch himself into the air at a fast pace and to a high altitude. While up there, he will position himself for attack and cover his body in electricity while diving at the opponent with intense speed. He will also use his butcher's knife to slash the opponent as he heads towards him in case they attempt to move out of the way.

Name: Lightning Claws
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Ninja
Elemental Affinity: Lightning
Description: Sameto will charge his hands in lightning energy and place them between him and an incoming attack. For the moment, his claws will be able to nullify most attacks, allowing him to defend himself against attacks that approach him. This is his sole means for defense. While using this, electricity sparks from his hands and they turn a glowing yellow color.


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