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Phantom's Techniques[support]

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Phantom's Techniques[support]

Post by Jisenki on August 4th 2008, 8:43 pm

Name: Invisibility
Range: Close, Mid-Ranged, Far
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: Like most ghosts are believed to do, Phantom can
become invisible at will and make certain things invisible. With the
help of his psychic powers, he can turn things invisible as well. This usually lasts for a decent amount of time since Phantom has had plenty of time to master this skill. For the most part, Phantom uses this whenever he wishes to and even toys with his opponents by doing so since most can't hit what they can't see. He also does this to escape from some place if he ever needs to.

Name: Intangibility
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: With this power, Phantom can move through things
like walls, or ceilings. This attack can be used against physical
attacks, but not against elemental attacks or spells. This is another skill Phantom inherited after gaining his ghost powers and becoming an ecto-sapien. This ability is easily and freely used by Phantom when he wants to use it. When he moves through objects, his body doesn't physically change shape, but he simply moves through the object and at that moment his body appears transparent and anyone can look straight through him.

Name: Levitation
Range: Close, Mid-ranged, and Far
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: Because of his ghost powers, Phantom can
levitate. He is using this move all of the time because it takes
no energy. His levitation doesn't enable him to fly or glide but he can
levitate up and move forward slowly. He can also move swiftly to dodge
single attacks.
Phantom has mastered this move to a point where he no longer needs to walk ever but simply float around and move in the air. Besides moving himself, he also has the ability to lift other objects, but what he can lift is determined by the weight of the object. He can lift anything lighter than a human and in multiple quantities.

Name: Slashing of Horrific Slashing
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Energy/Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: After stabbing someone in an arm or leg, Phantom
can cause an opponent to view horrific visions based on what he knows
is their biggest fear. Alternatively, the visions could be visions of
Phantom killing many people that may involve the affected person or his
family. The slash that causes this illusion will not hurt the opponent physically, but could lead to extreme mental or emotional pain that could turn out to be lethal.

Name: Darkness Mirror
Range: (How far does the technique reach? Close, Mid-ranged, Far?)
Warrior affinity: (What warrior type does this technique correspond to?)
Elemental Affinity: (What element is this technique?)
Description: A simple illusionary technique which causes a
person to go blind. This is activated if Phantom cuts a person even
slightly. The effects of this blindness are not seen as a usual
blindness but instead as the person seeing a mirrored copy of themself.
Although it is a copy, the copy does not use any means of attacks that
could involve elements, which would allow the person to know that
they're in an illusion. Once used, the image of Phatom himself will
shift into the cloned person and Phantom himself will penetrate the opponent's mind to learn their fighting style and personality so that he can use it against them. The opponent may not realize what is going on and others nearby will only see Phantom and not the clone since it is an illusion seen only by the affected.

Name: Ghoul Recreation
Range: Close, Mid-Ranged, Far
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: With this technique, Phantom can transform into a skeletal and decaying tiger or a human sized skeletal dinosaur at will. This techniques have many reason for their usage but the most commom use is when Phantom does choose to help someone and his humanoid form may not get the job done when it comes to speed or power. He never uses this form to physically fight anyone although he may bite someone in either of those forms for his own reason.

Name: Frozen Summons
Range: Far
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Ice, Psychic
Description: When Phantom appears to someone, or is nearby, the air and conditions of the land around the person began to shift to cold and icy regardless of where they are at. This is a complete indicator that Phantom is nearby although he may not show himself. This technique is used by Phantom whether he wants to or not and he cannot make it warmer. When this is being used, the air will return to normal once Phantom leaves and no trails of ice will be seen, as though he were never there. Phantom is unaffected by his own ice but the smoke from his breath is still seen.

Name: Mind Shatter
Range: Close, Mid-Ranged
Warrior affinity: Swordsman, Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: This may be one of Phantom's creepiest and wierdest techniques since it confuses the opponent and distorts reality to make it into an illusion. Phantom will simply stare at his opponent and lick his blade. As he licks his blade, the screams of his parents who he slayed can be heard and blood from his tongue will be smeared onto the surface of the sword. The technique allows Phantom to manipulate some key factors of the opponent's reality such as who he's with and what he is holding. He can make the opponent believe that Phantom has taken their weapon and has eaten it or whatever he desires. He can also force the opponent to hear some things that Phantom wants them to hear. He can control the reaction time of the affected as well, causing them to think Phantom is moving fast when is really slowing down their reactions. This technique inflicts torture but doesn't physically harm the opponent. It can only hurt them mentally.

Name: Fear
Range: Close
Warrior affinity: Energy
Elemental Affinity: Psychic
Description: A technique made by Phantom after using his Mind Shatter technique. If the opponent does fall victim to it, he can dive into their mind while they are confused and disoriented in order to learn valuable information about them such as fears, lies, and family pasts. He could even learn the true indentity of some people and perhaps uncover some hidden intentions.

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Re: Phantom's Techniques[support]

Post by Kisuke on August 4th 2008, 9:00 pm

You didn't finish Darkness Mirror. Everything else looks fine though.


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