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S-B(Shift Blade)- Re-Done

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S-B(Shift Blade)- Re-Done

Post by Jisenki on July 31st 2008, 2:00 pm

Name: No True Name. Known as The Shift Blade

Appearance: The Shift Blade has three different forms, meaning three different appearances, one for each form. The appearance of each form is a determining factor of what it does in each form. In form one the sword looks like an average katana with minor differences. Form one of the Shift Blade has a blue pommel with flame shapes on it. Besides that, it is fairly longer than an average katana, being 6 feet in length which gives it more range as wel. In form two the sword has no handguard or grip. It is a silver blade with a red glare on it. It also has eyes on both sides of the pommel, which has been flattened slightly in this form. The blade overall in the second form resembles a dragon. In the final form the pommel has reformed again and has taken a bright fire red color. The blade itself is a red-blue color and is very sharp. The third form has a chain connecting an average katana to a curved blade. The chains are made of lightning and are light blue and can make the reach of the weapon longer as well. Energy emits from the sword constantly, keeping it from being broken.


Form 1 Ability- In this form, the Shift Blade doesn't have any major abilities. Due to its long reach, this blade has a high percentage of hitting the opponent. When attacking, the Special Dice or Attack Dice used for an attack that is of swordsman warrior type will have an increased value of 3.

Form 2 Ability- In this form, the Shift Blade focuses on defensive abilities rather than attacking like a katana would usually be used for. The wide and short appearance of the second form makes it hard to penetrate. When a Defense Dice or Special Dice is used for defending, that technique's die will have an increased value of 3. A Counterattack die's value that is a swordsman warrior type will have an increased value of 2.

Form 3 Ability- In this form, the Shift Blade focuses on all-around techniques which include attacking, defending, evading, and countering. While using this weapon, all of Jisenki's dice amounts will be increased by 1. In order to go into Form 3, Jisenki must give up 2 Special Dice from his inventory.

Blade Shift- This ability allows Jisenki to use his energy to shift the form of his Shift Blade. Using this ability takes a small amount of energy out of Jisenki but its worth it. In order to go into Form 1 or 2, a Special Dice is needed. In order to go into Form 3, 2 Special Die are needed.

Attack Power:
-Form 1: 200
-Form 2: 60
-Form 3: 500

Dice usage:
-Form 1 Ability: Special
-Form 2 Ability: Special
-Form 3 Ability: Special(2)

-Form 1 Ability: Supplementary
-Form 2 Ability: Supplementary
-Form 3 Ability: Supplementary

History: This weapon known as the Shift Blade, was a weapon that Jisenki found
as a little child a little while after his father was killed. It was
actually because of this sword that his father was killed since his
father had stolen this sword for his own purposes but was not able to
activate its special abilities to defend himself. Only a truly skilled
swordsman is able to use this sword to the full extent and each form is
activated only when a certain condition is met. As Jisenki grew with this sword, he unlocked the forms of this blade and learned some of its hidden talents. The history behind the
sword itself is not yet known to Jisenki, but what is known to hm is that the sword is a
living being itself and is capable of communicating with Jisenki with
the sword's own psychic abilities. This sword was actually formed from a great dragon known as Ragnarok Arcane. This dragon was defeated in battle only once and as condition to his defeat, he was cursed and turned into the sword. Legend has it that one day, a person will be able to control the power of Ragnarok as both a dragon and a beast. The dragon still has consciousness, which is seen when it communicates with Jisenki in its second form.

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Head Warrior

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