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Technique Ideas Using Elements-DNP

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Technique Ideas Using Elements-DNP

Post by Kisuke on July 24th 2008, 6:21 pm

This topic is a continuation from the topic: Technique Ideas Using Warrior Types. This topic, instead of focusing on helping with Warrior Types, will help you with elements. This one will be a bit shorter in a way compared to the first since this is only giving you suggestions. I'll start with the primary elements, then the secondary elements, and finally the tertiary elements. If you have any questions, you may PM me.

I'll start with the Primary Elements:
Primary elements are the basic elements that make other elements. These
elements are difficult to learn and are the most effective. As a whole, the primary elements have no true weakness as they revolve in a balanced chain of power. Fire is weak against water types but Lightning can shock water and do heavy damage. Lightning has almost no effect on Earth types so Earth is strong against it. Wind type attacks may not be able to easily move earth attacks but a strong enough gust can slice through it. Fire can easily burn through wind attacks and nullify their damage. Even though each element has weaknesses, a strong warrior can use their weaknesses and turn them into an offense.

Jisenki wrote:Fire is capable of heating through things and burning things. When combined with other things it can become an explosive element. Without good control of this element fire can spread. It has a major weakness against water but can also evaporate it when concentrated and if given a lot of power.

Fire can be used as a means to long lasting attacks and melting. It is also characterized as having great power, so some techniques one could make with this element are long-lasting effects that hurt over different turns. Other techniques could be one's that eliminate defenses or power up attacks.


Jisenki wrote:Wind type user's would have almost anunbeatable defense. Wind users could easily eliminate basic elementsand some rate. It could be used to quickly shield a single blow. Windusers sometimes can fly and they are agile for the most part. Because of the air around they have attacks that can be used in many places. Afocused attack could break through a wind defense and most importantlya closed off area that lacks air would be a great for keeping wind attacks from being used.

Wind users could make techniques that emphasize on evading or defending themselves or others. Some healing powers can also be used with wind since it is sometimes seen as a gentle substance.


Jisenki wrote:Lightning is great for striking through tough defenses. It can be focused to a single point to break through specific sections. It has great speed so it is hard to dodge by someone that isn't a lightning type. It barely scratches an Earth attack or defense, but if it is extremely powerful it may be able to break through a weak area on the Earth. Most lightning users are pretty fast.

Lightning users could attempt to make techniques that increase their speed or decrease their opponent's. They could also make techniques that have an added ability to strike through counterattacks or even average defenses. Since lightning users are supposed to be fast, giving them techniques to increases chances of escape could work.


Jisenki wrote:Earth type users are usually slow movers but have high attack and defense. It isn't very difficult to defend against most attacks like fire, water, and lightning. Wind attacks are strong because a focused wind attack could slice through stone or lift it if the wind is strong enough. In the same way though, Earth may be too heavy to be lifted.

Obviously, defense and counterattacking would be the best type of Earth techniques to make. Strong attacks would also be pretty good to make as well. Making special techniques to trap the enemy in some way would also be an advantage.


Jisenki wrote:Water is good for flooding things at a rapid pace. It can do many things like rust steel over time or put out fires. Although it may be strong against Fire, it can be
evaporated by it and although it is weak against lightning it can still keep few lightning things from working especially when short circuiting things.

Water has no specific effects that would hurt any dice specifically. The possibilities are pretty endless with water since it could slow down things or provide an obstacle between you and your opponent lowering their attack or special attack. It could lower their evade too and could possibly lower the chance of counterattacking if you're creative enough.

Next are the Secondary Elements:

Secondary Elements are elements that are powerful and stem from the basic elements. Through more training, one can learn how to use secondary elements but they aren't as powerful as Basic Elements. The three secondary elements have no strength or weakness chain to one another.


Jisenki wrote:Wood is a unique skill that allows the user to control plants and wood. This unique control can help the user when they are in a forested area. Wood is extremely weak against fire, wind, and in some cases lightning attacks.

With the control of plants and wood, one could use this element to ensnare their opponent and lower their chances of evading, escaping, or attacking. Plants can also provide a good defense if you have enough plants. In some cases, you could even be able to heal with plants but some creativity may be involved.


Jisenki wrote:Metal is an element that is basically a more refined version of earth. Steel is a bit harder and heavier and makes for an excellent defense. Steel doesn't allow one to move quickly, and concentration is needed to maintain steel more so than Earth. An Earth user can easily train enough to become a steel user. Steel is weak against fire, lightning, and in some cases even water.

Metal is a pure defense and halting element, keeping your opponent from doing almost anything. Steel can also be malleable, but it doesn't always have the same benefits because it isn't as hard or as tough in some malleable states.


Jisenki wrote:Sound attacks are a newly discovered element. Sound attacks can be used as an offense or defense based on the user. If one can make sound physically, then they can put their sound attacks to better use. Sound attacks usually deal with high pitched sounds that can disrupt, disturb, and alarm others.

Sound can be used as a way to strike at the opponent without revealing yourself to them. You could use this to attack them from distances and increase the roll of your attack dice. You could also use this as a counterattack or even as a way to lower your opponent's Special Dice.

Finally are the Tertiary Elements:
The tertiary elements are the third and also final group of elements in
Sentou Gakuin. The Tertiary elements are elements that take the most
amount of time and training to master. These elements contain original
elements that don't necessarily spawn from the Basic or Secondary
Elements. The tertiary elements have no true strengths or weaknesses against
any other elements (with the exception of Ice being weak against fire).
These elements can be considered powerful if used wisely but if they are used foolishly they could be dangerous to the user as well as everyone around them.


Jisenki wrote:Ice is the one different
tertiary element compared to the others. Usually, all tertiary elements have no
true weakness, but Ice is weak against the Basic Element Fire. Ice is a
skill that many warriors are incapable of utilizing. Ice allows the
user to go beyond water control and control the mass and density of a
liquid until it is a solid--ice. Ice is powerful and is capable of
piercing defenses and moving swiftly as projectile weapons.

Ice is unique as it can allow the user to form defenses from its hard surface or use swift attacks and increase the chances of hitting. It can also slow down the opponent and decrease their chances of evading.


Jisenki wrote:An element usually associated
with evil. This element is mysterious and difficult to master as it
allows the user to manipulate the surrounding area's shadows and turn
them into a physical being. Not much is known about the darkness/shadow
element except it is able to do many things outside of the range of
ordinary elements.

Shadow/Darkness has no true benefits or downsides. It has no true physical form so it can shield or attack while also becoming the image of other things. The opposite of light, it can damage with multiple turns. It can also blind the opponent in darkness.


Jisenki wrote:Another mysterious element. Like
Darkness/Shadow, this element is difficult to master and can also turn
into a physical being. Light attacks is usually associated with healing
and the power to unveil things that were once hiddden. Skillful mastery
is needed to learn the uses and secrets of this element.

Like Shadow/Darkness, Light has no true benefits or downsides. It also has no physical form so it can shield or attack while also becoming the image of other things. The opposite of Shadow/Darkness, it can heal others with multiple turns. It can also blind the opponent in light.


Jisenki wrote:Gravity is an element that takes
a smart user in order to use to its full potential. The gravity element
allows the user to take control of the gravity around them, either
making things heavier or lighter upon their command. Gravity could
change the tide of battle between a swift person and a slow person by
simply making them light or heavy.

Gravity can be used to speed up a person or weigh them down. This could influence both the user's and the opponent's evade dice or attack dice since the speed of both are a big determining factor.


Jisenki wrote:The ability to control things
using their mind. The Psychic element is an all around element as it
can provide an offensive, defensive, or suppplementary weapon to one.
As a bonus, many techniques that are of the psychic affinity are unseen
and represent itself in strange ways such as an illusionary technique
or an unnatural controlling of something. A psychic user could also
glide using their sheer will if they were skilled enough.

Psychic users can call upon a range of skills that can include mental defenses made physical or ranged attacks to attack with. They can also counter much easier and raise their chances of countering as well as lower their opponent's chances.


Jisenki wrote:Venom is an element that takes
creativity to master. Usually seen with traps and medicines, this
element is similar to poison or acid as it can taint certain objects or
burn through them. Unlike flames though, venom melts them as it burns
instead of causing it to catch fire. Many things can be melted with
venom, including stones, steel, ice, or wood. This could either be your
best or worst element in your inventory.

Venom can be simply classified as an element that causes turns of pain. I think the best ways to use this element would be to have it heal a certain amount each turn, and/or hurt the opponent a certain amount each turn. Also, one could use it to increase the attack of their weapons.


Jisenki wrote:Sand is an element similar to
stone yet a bit faster, agile, and maleable to most extents. Sand is
capable of crushing foes under multitudes or even blinding them upon
contact with the opponent's eyes. Most users that have spent time in
deserts or have mastered the Earth element are capable of mastering
sand although this isn't always the case.

Sand is good for restraining the opponent and hurting them each turn like venom. Defenses are also good although counterattacks don't seem to be as likely of a defense as an average defense. Increasing in power over time is also something that can occur with sand.

~Permission to make this was given by Jisenki-Admin
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