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Technique Ideas Using Warrior Types-DNP

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Technique Ideas Using Warrior Types-DNP

Post by Kisuke on July 19th 2008, 2:58 pm

This little topic will be about the Warrior Types and how to use the warrior types to your advantage by making special techniques and knowing how they can truly benefit you in a battle. Up until now, many of you probably just chose Warrior Types that you thought was cool or fitting for you character. I've asked Jisenki about these Warrior Types and if there are some benefits to each of them other than namesake. Most benefits have to do with chances of approval so keep that in mind (meaning that you may use these only if they are acceptable and in the end, approved). I'll start with Warrior Types and explain them and then I'll go on to talk about the elements in another thread and how some of you guys can use them to your advantage (when it comes to posts and weakening the opponent). I'll also throw in a few other tips that can help anyone in general.

*Extra abilities must be Special/Supplementary when you use them to create techniques. Also, anything said below are possible effects. You must still make the techniques and get them approved before you can use them.*


Jisenki wrote:A swordsman can be simply defined as a person that uses a sword in battle. Using a sword effectively in battle is much different than using a dagger or a kunai knife. Only one that is properly trained is known as a swordsman. Swordsman have a range of abilities based on their element and/or secondary warrior type. Based on the length of the sword that the swordsman uses, their range is extended or decreased. Speed is determined on the user and the weight of their blade. A swordsman is expected to have high stamina.

Alright, as you can see from what Jisenki wrote, Swordsman are basically fast so long as their sword is easily wielded by them. They can also attack from a distance which is a plus. Now, when it comes to making swordsman type techniques, you can make techniques that allow your Evade Dice to increase by a small amount such as 1, 2, or 3. Obviously, this is very helpful in avoiding attacks and Swordsman Type Characters should make techniques that boost the roll of their evades.


Jisenki wrote:Energy users can be both dangerous and helpful. An energy user may be able to fire projectile weapons by focusing their energy. An energy user's attacks can vary greatly based on element. For example, an air user may be able to have long distance attacks by concentrating his energy through a weapon and turning it into wind energy. A fire user may be able to perform powerful strikes from up close by channeling their fire energy somewhere like their hands or feet. Energy users can also heal others at the cost of their own energy. Energy users have fairly good stamina and endurance.

Energy users are more versatile than other warriors because they can focus on their health while increasing their attack power as well. Energy users are able to their energy to heal themselves but they have limits on how much of their health they can recover. Unlike Spellcasters, they can't recover massive amounts of damage at a time but amounts based on their maximum health. As for power, they can increase the attack power of specific elemental attacks or weapon attacks. Increasing attack power that builds up after many turns can be a powerful combination. Just focus on patience.

You are allowed to use abilities that take multiple turns to fully activate or be used. For example, you can make an attack like the following: This technique allows Kisuke to increase the attack power of his next attack by 100 for each Attack or Special Attack that his opponent uses until he makes an attack. Once he attacks, he must roll another Special Dice to activate this technique again and the added attack power must be regained again.


Jisenki wrote:A ninja is also capable of healing. Usually, a ninja can specialize in multiple elements and is great in both close quarters combat or distance fighting. Ninjas are very fast and move quickly. More commonly, a ninja will fight using techniques. These techniques may be secret techniques unique only to members of the ninja family or even unique to the ninja team. Whenever techniques are used, a small percentage of stamina is taken. Ninja have the highest stamina and endurance normally.

Ninja are like swordsman with slight differences. They can also increase an evade by a small amount, but their maximum increase amount is 1. However, they are resourceful and can increase their Special/Offensive Dice amounts by an amount up to 2. Their escape dice amount can also be increased by an amount up to one. They can also heal, although they have the most restrictions and can heal up to 150 HP for their techniques (excluding weapon effects).


Jisenki wrote:Alchemists have unique abilities. They have the sole ability to change an object from one material to another based on it's properties. An example of this would be changing clay into brick as a basic move. An alchemist has an extended arsenal of attacks depending on the person because the possibilities of what can be changed are endless. The stamina of an alchemist will vary based on their attacks and skills.

Alchemists are truly unique as the description by Jisenki says. They have the ability to manipulate the Dice Inventory of anyone in the battle although what they do must be equal. They can also partially strengthen other defenses by making the amounts of their rolls increase. The key to an alchemists power is conversion with equal loss and equal gain. Alchemists aren't good healers.


Jisenki wrote:Gunners are perfect as a long distance attacker. They are naturally good at shooting and strategies. They perform well when using espionage as they are able to sneak and take aim on their opponents easily. A creative gunner could make a gun that gives that an edge at close range or at a distance. Elements are not a necessity with gunners although it greatly modifies their already great power. It's best to position your gunner at a far off location where they can easily see their target.
Just like an alchemist, a gunner's stamina can vary based on the person.

Gunners are special but their skills are not always noticed. They can do a bit more than some because they can focus on offense and defense at the exact same time. They are able to increase their technique's attack powers by a great deal. They are also able to escape and evade much easier. A Gunner's Escape dice can be increased by a value of 4 maximum, making their chances of escape much higher than any other warrior type. Also, they can evade easily and their evade dice can be increased by a maximum amount of 3 making them one of the most efficient evaders. Use their skills to your advantage.


Jisenki wrote:Spellcasters are good for attacking from a distance. They can also specialize as healers. Spellcasters don't use much energy/stamina and can effectively isolate their opponent as well as defend a selected target. Spellcasters can learn
elements much easier than average people because of their great wisdom and knowledge. Spellcasters are even better when combined with a physical type of person as they can have extended range and many attacks to keep your enemies on their toes. A staff or wand is not always needed as spellcasters can even use puppets, books, or their own two hands. Spellcaster usually have fair stamina although it is rarely too high.

Spellcasters, like Gunners, aren't used as much as they should be. They are capable of healing massive amounts of damage from themselves or their allies. At the most, they can completely heal all of their Health Points using a single special ability. Spellcasters are also great at defense and counterattacks since they can block elements easier. Their counterattacks and defensive techniques [both Special and Normal] can be increased by a maximum amount of 3. Use the skills and strength of a Spellcaster in a fight against elemental opponents.


Jisenki wrote: Puppeteers can store many unseen items within their puppets in order to attack secretly. It is best to use a puppet at a distance while being able to secretly record your opponent's attacks. The reason for this is because puppets take little to no damage whatsoever. Also, a sturdy puppet won't be easily destroyed. Puppeteers don't usually engage in hand to hand combat but instead use trickery and special tactics while formulating strategies and remaining hidden. Puppeteers usually have low physical stamina/energy, but can fight for extended amounts of time.

Puppeteers are by far one of the most tricky to fight while still themost strategical next to a Gunner and a Ninja. The Puppeteers can do a good amount of things using a combination of elements and all of the Dice Types. They can increase dice amounts for Attack[Normal] by a maximum amount of 2, Defense[Normal] by a maximum amount of 3, Evade by a maximum amount of 2, Escape by a maximum amount of 2, and a Counterattack by a maximum amount of 1. They can also attack in different ways by using techniques that can only be evaded or either defended making them harder to defeat.

~Permission To Make This Post Was Given To Me By Jisenki-Admin


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