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Zack's Ablities

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Zack's Ablities

Post by Guest on July 17th 2008, 10:34 pm

Name: Rush Assault
Range: Close
Dice Usage: Attack
Attack Power: 65
Warrior affinity: Swordsman
Elemental Affinity: none
Description: Able to strike three enemy at once.This is a 15 attack combo, 7 to the first enemy 7 to the second and 1 hit to the last which includes the other 2. He pulls off a series of punches and kick which follows up with a expolosion to end it.

Name: Apocalypse
Range: Far
Dice Usage: Special
Attack Power: 75
Warrior affinity: Spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: lightning
Benefits: Special
Description: This spell is all thanks to Genisis who corrupted Zack's (DMW). The spell lifts Zack into the air where he says " i will show you the true powwer of SOLIDER" And suddenly a pentagram appear disabling the oppenent so they can't move. Finally dark and red lightning bolts strike them, when finish Zack lands on the ground.

Name: Angeal's Wings
Range: none
Dice Usage: Evade
Attack Power: none
Warrior affinity: Spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: none
Description: Zack learns this spell when he defeated Angeal. When Angeal gave him the Bustersword it came with a spell names Angeal's Wings which gives him wings like Angeal, when Zack casts the spell hel is able to fly adn has increased his speed for the as long as he wants. Having wings also give him a bit more upper body strenght to lift heavy objects.

Name: Tri-Blade
Range: Close
Dice Usage: Attck
Attack Power: 70
Warrior affinity: Swordsman and Spellcaster
Elemental Affinity: Fire, ice, lightning
Description: Zack first jumps into the air and rubs his sword while saying Firaga. The blade is engulf by fire and burns the enemy on touch. Second blade requires Zack to blow on his blade which freezes it, it also freezes the person it hits. The last blade is jammed in a rock then Zack says thunderaga. The lighhtning strikes the blade destorying the rock and falls into Zack's hand with the blade having a electric shock on it. When Zack is finish with a blade he will swing it, which will either throw fireball, giant ice, or three lightning bolts at the enemy.

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Re: Zack's Ablities

Post by Nejisuke on August 1st 2008, 7:14 pm

approved, nice job

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