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Post by Jisenki on July 7th 2008, 8:17 pm


Name: Ferrel Mundare(No one knows his true name). He goes by Phantom

Gender: Male

Race: Ecto-Sapien

Alliance: Wanderer

Age: Phantom, because of the mutation, has became an ageless being but his age prior to the mutation was that of a 16 year old. Phantom has been alive for a long time though so it is unknown what his true age is.

Homeland: Phantom is from the Ziale Country in a place that is now known as Land X. The reason for the "X" is that the X represents the unknown of the town's origins. The truth is, while Phantom lived there, the land was actually known as Grahod Dhaet. This place was once a beautiful place although it was a far travel from Nemes. Grahod Dhaet was a place of beauty and some tranquility and the creatures that lived there were at peace with humans and even helped them out at times. This place was an industrialized and modernized land although it still wasn't as industrialized as Nyukyoto. Once Ferrel became the Phantom on that single day, the land that was once beautiful became a place of despair and darkness where nothing could grow and nothing lived. After he left from that place, the land that was once Grahod Dhaet became known as Land X.


Since the day he transformed, Ferrel Mundare has had many changes in his appearance. Before his tranformation, he was more of a sheltered bookworm that studied endlessly. He wore casual clothes and clothes that included a tie with neat shoes and a tucked in shirt. His black hair was always combed back and tidy. After his mutation, his black hair became mixed with white and it grew at the front. It became unkempt and the strands became individually long. Besides that, everything else changed more drastically. Ferrel, now Phantom's, clothing became more dark until were nearly black. They became torn and stitched as well and the sleeves grew more as though they were beginning to fall off of him. Phantom's clothing overall looks very ghostly and most of the time, it is moving regardless of weather conditions. At night time, Phantom's eyes glow a bright red color and his blood red tongue creeps even the strongest warriors out as he sometimes stains his sword with blood by licking it. Phantom has armor on his arms that are a dark red color that provides no true defense. It has black straps on it and looks tattered, but it too holds some secrets. The armor on his arms act as a limiter to his powers and unleashes his Bloodthirst form, which is the form he first appeared as when he initially mutated into Phantom.

Ryoushi Wanderer

Phantom's personality is the absolute definition of enigmaticif nothing else. He is one of few words if any and usually communicates only through his mind and sometimes through his actions. Because of what some call the massacre of Land X, many people assume that Phantom is merely a murderer with no remorse, sorrow, or sympathy. Although part of that is true, not all of it is. He has been known to help some people at some times in certain situations depending on that situation. Saying that he has no remorse is also not completely true. It is true that he doesn't regret many things that he has done, but he does take the time to think his actions through and know about the severity of his choices. He is bold to say the least, and he may approach even the strongest of warriors. Many years ago, while even Jisenki was still a student in the academy, Phantom easily made his way into the campus and on another's request, he murdered a few people on the campus that were Elite ranking(3) and approached a blue ranked warrior. Phantom gave the person a choice. The options were to either leave now without hesitation, or die instantly by the bones from his blade. The Blue ranked warrior fled as expected. Some also mark Phantom's personality as cold mostly because of the complete atmospheric change that occurs in which the field becomes cold and anything nearby becomes icy and sometimes even turns into ice depending on the scale of his bloodlust. Phantom never reveals his true intentions and doesn't consider himself as evil.

Type of Warrior:

Elemental Affinity:

History/Character's Background Story: (Give
a background story of your character from their past to present. Why do
they do what they do? Must be at least 18 lines for Elite and Suzaku
Elite, 25 lines for anyone else)

RPing Sample:
(Give a little sample of how you can RP with this character. You do not
need to have a battle with this character. The RP sample must be at
least 20 lines and must include some kind of dialogue)

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Head Warrior

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