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Some Updates

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Some Updates

Post by Jisenki on July 2nd 2008, 6:06 pm

Here are a few updates that have taken place this week. Take some time to look at them as there will be information on future things too.

  • The Gallery has been updates so that now it appears on the left of the forum. This is handy for those of you that want to share pictures with the rest of the forum. Also, you now have the ability to comment and rate the pictures. You can also use the Gallery as a type of Forum Hosting as it provides an Image Code allowing you to add pictures into a post.
  • The side panel also includes a Last Topics menu that allows you to view the previous 10 forum topics that were last posted in. This is helpful as you can now see what's active and click directly on it instead of using too much time to scroll down the Forum Homepage to see what's new. Also, because of this you can reply in messages that you may have forgotten were new.
  • A Search Box is also located on the left side in order to help you find certain threads or posts if you can't find them from the forum.
  • The Shop location has been updated and is now located in the Resort Area although more new items have yet to be posted. You may still purchase old items but remember to fill out the template rather than PM me.
  • The Newsletter for the week as of June 30th has been updated too. See it for more information on new features.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The account of Militis has been deleted, meaning that a new Energy Teacher and Uramichi Leader will be needed. Also, the character for the Human version of Silver The Hedgehog is still up for grabs for anyone that may want it.

Soon To Come:

  • A technique section in the Sports Dome will be added so that others may finally RP in the sports section using customized techniques for their characters.
  • The rankings may be updates, although as of now, the only one that needs changing is Master/Trainer just to make it easier for the other members.

.....More Updates may be coming soon so keep an open eye on the forum

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Re: Some Updates

Post by Riko on July 3rd 2008, 3:21 pm

The gallery and side panel look cool.
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