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FAQs List 3

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FAQs List 3

Post by Jisenki on May 10th 2008, 1:12 am

I have 3 characters and I'm in a battle with all 3 at the same time. How will I keep track of their HP amounts?

If you go to your profile and look at your profile and click the tab labeled as The Battlefield, you'll notice that all of your information is listed below. You'll see on your left your main and first character's Character Information and Health Point(HP) count. On the right, you'll see your dice inventory for the first character followed by the second character you have (if you have one)'s Dice Inventory, then their HP, followed by the third character's dice inventory, and so on. With these three indicators here, you can see and subtract or add each individual character's HP amount as required. Remember, you can only have up to 3 characters total so choose your characters carefully.

What happens if I roll an attack dice and my opponent rolls an evade or defense dice with the same amount?

This very rare occurence is known as a Dead Roll. A Dead Roll is a roll in which the attacker rolls an attack dice or a special dice with the purpose of attacking and the opponent's defense, evade, counterattack, or special dice with defense purpose comes out to be the eact same number. In this situation, both the attacker and the defender will lose that dice that they used, or die if more than one is rolled and comes out to be the same. In battle, the attacker will have to respond accordingly and can state that they hit the opponent but it did no damage or that their attack simply missed or was ineffective. This situation does not count as Godmodding or Auto-Hitting because it is an effect caused by the randomized number value from the dice not by the individual in any way.

How do you regain your HP and/or Tsukara without an effect or special move?

As you most likely know by now, Tsukara is the energy force that runs through warriors and HP is the life energy itself that runs through warriors. As you battle, both of these go down, and it would be diffult to regain one without losing the other. There are few ways to regain lost HP or Tsukara, but some ways could involve the use of items, weapons that give you Tsukara or HP when you attack, or armor that replenishes Tsukara or HP. Abilities can also recover HP or Tsukara.

How does one become a member of Tsurabi?

In order to a person to become a member of tsurabi, they will have needed to first complete the template for a higher rank. If approved, they will then need to get their techniques, armor, and creatures approved as well as get anything else that they may need for their characters approved and equipped. Once this is all done, they will have an RP against one of the more experienced members of Tsurabi. Finally, the Tsurabi members will have a vote to decide whether or not to accept the new recruit. If the person receives a total vote that keeps him from being in a Tsurabi, but he has done well on the battle and RP, he may still be approved by the Head Warrior. Other than that, the Head Warrior generally won't intervene.

What would count as an ability and how would it work?

An ability is a skill or trait that your character has which is special to them or their clan/family/tribe. Abilities are made in order to help your character in battle and they may range from doing simple things like enhancing weapons to allowing control over creatures that your opponent controls.

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Re: FAQs List 3

Post by Vivian on December 17th 2008, 9:06 pm

I was wondering how you regained your dice, HP, and Tsubara without an effect or special move.
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