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Jisenki "Henjou" Minato

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Jisenki "Henjou" Minato

Post by Jisenki on March 28th 2011, 6:42 pm

Name: Jisenki Minato
~Nickname: Henjou/ The Black Knight
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Breed: Human
Alliance: Neither
Ranking: Independent
Warrior Class: Swordsman/ Ninja
~Sub-Class: Samurai/Assassin
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Psychic


Jisenki comes from the land of Corte Pais. A large town that in the past, may have been a remarkable place, is now a place of pain and misery during Jisenki's time. Jisenki grew here for some of his life and never truly experienced the horrors of it although from what he did experience, he would never return ever. He and one of his lifelong friends, Haganeki, left this place before they came to the school. Generally, this land holds many people that are known simply as streetfighters. Some have swords, some have guns, and some have other various tools made for hurting the opponent although very few have the discipline or the sheer willpower to go beyond and become a true swordsman, gunner, or whatever they could possibly be. The air in Corte Pais is thick, making it hard to breathe and causing many children to not even be born. Others that do survive must grow up fighting, trying to defend their lives from the other citizens of this town that wish to cause them harm. Some had reasons to support their families while others had reasons to support themselves and hurt others for their own greedy purposes. Wilted flowers and grass, filthy water, and gray skies. This was the last place anyone would want to live.

Physical Description:

Although an occurrence of this is rare nowadays, if seen without his Aura Steel Armor, Jisenki will appear entirely different than his younger, much slimmer self although after thirty-five years this understandable. Jisenki's hair has grown much longer and is a darker shade of blue than it used to be. Facially, Jisenki is much more rugged and serious than he used to while also appearing much more stern and, of course, much older. A long scar diagonally cuts his face between the eyes. He also has plenty of facial hair in order to keep others from recognizing him. In the past, Jisenki used to be slimmer while still toned. This is no longer the case as his travels have made him much more muscular and has given a=him more of a "warrior's physique".

While wearing his Aura Steel Armor, which is nearly ninety-ninety percent of the time, he seems a bit taller and a bit more slender because of the design of the suit. The armor itself uses a white and gray color scheme and reflects heavily on an ancient samurai style. A very sturdy helmet completely protects his face to a degree that makes seeing unbelievable to others in his presence. What was once believed to be hair is actually the armor. This little detail helps keep his identity secret.



RP Sample:

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

Number of posts : 1722
Age : 25
Location : Down the path of life
Occupation : The guy with the sword
Interests : Martial Arts, Kung-fu, Swordsmanship

The BattleField
Health Points:
6400/6400  (6400/6400)
Tsukara-Skill Points:
4400/4400  (4400/4400)
Experience Points :
63/100  (63/100)

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