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Current Plot Breakdown

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Current Plot Breakdown

Post by Jisenki on March 18th 2011, 9:17 pm

Post Timeskip
-Takes place 35 after previous plot

Characters Important to The Plot (excluding deceased characters):
-Goshiki (NPC)

Important Items (Includes Creatures)
-Destruction Emerald Red
-Destruction Emerald Yellow
-Destruction Emerald Purple
-Destruction Emerald Cyan
-Destruction Emerald Green
-Destruction Emerald Gray
-Destruction Emerald Blue
-Eterna Beast Capsule Power
-Eterna Beast Capsule Longevity
-Eterna Beast Capsule Eternity
-Eterna Beast Capsule Beauty
-Eterna Beast Capsule Dream
-Eterna Beast Capsule Moon
-Eterna Beast Capsule Zero
-Eterna Beast Mask Power
-Eterna Beast Mask Longevity
-Eterna Beast Mask Eternity
-Eterna Beast Mask Beauty
-Eterna Beast Mask Dream
-Eterna Beast Mask Moon
-Eterna Beast Cloak Power
-Eterna Beast Cloak Longevity
-Eterna Beast Cloak Eternity
-Eterna Beast Cloak Beauty
-Eterna Beast Cloak Dream
-Eterna Beast Cloak Moon
-Eterna Beast Cloak Zero
-Eterna Beast Chain Power
-Eterna Beast Chain Longevity
-Eterna Beast Chain Eternity
-Eterna Beast Chain Beauty
-Eterna Beast Chain Dream
-Eterna Beast Chain Moon
-Eterna Beast Chain Zero
-Eterna Beast Power
-Eterna Beast Longevity
-Eterna Beast Eternity
-Eterna Beast Beauty
-Eterna Beast Dream
-Eterna Beast Moon
-Eterna Beast Zero

Important Skills/Techniques/Knowledge
-Eterna Beast Great Ritual Summoning (Method to summon Eterna Beasts)
-Creature Containment Field (Method to capture and place them in capsules)


-Shows which character(s) are in possession of what

Xexame--Sentou Gakuin East
-Eterna Beast Capsule: Beauty
-Eterna Beast: Beauty

Sentou Gakuin West
-Eterna Beast: Power
-Eterna Beast Chain: Power
-Eterna Beast Mask: Power
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Power

-Eterna Beast: Longevity
-Eterna Beast Chain: Longevity
-Eterna Beast Mask: Longevity
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Longevity
-Destruction Emerald: Red

-Eterna Beast Capsule: Power
-Eterna Beast Chain: Beauty
-Eterna Beast Mask: Beauty
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Beauty
-Eterna Beast: Beauty
-Eterna Beast Chain: Power
-Eterna Beast Mask: Power
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Power
-Eterna Beast Great Ritual Summoning
-Creature Containment Field

Goshiki (Dytrol)
-Eterna Beast: Zero
-Eterna Beast Chain: Zero
-Eterna Beast Mask: Zero
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Zero
-Eterna Beast Chain: Dream
-Eterna Beast Mask: Dream
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Dream
-Eterna Beast Capsule: Eternity

-Eterna Beast: Dream
-Eterna Beast: Moon
-Eterna Beast Chain: Moon
-Eterna Beast Mask: Moon
-Eterna Beast Cloak: Moon

-Eterna Beast: Eternity

-Destruction Emerald Blue

-Destruction Emerald Green

Undiscovered Items:
-Eterna Beast Eternity: Chain
-Eterna Beast Eternity: Cloak
-Eterna Beast Eternity: Mask
-Destruction Emerald: Gray
-Destruction Emerald: Purple
-Destruction Emerald: Yellow
-Destruction Emerald: Cyan

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